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Best Halloween Coloring Books for Adults

Best Halloween Coloring Books for Adults



Get in the Halloween spirit with some seasonal coloring!

Coloring books for adults have been all the rage as of late, and what’s not to love? The activity gives you a chance to unplug, indulge in your creativity, immerse yourself in any topic you can find a coloring book for, and at the end you get a piece of art out of it!

Halloween is nearly here, and it’s one of my absolute favorite holidays — the crisp autumn air, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and the abundance of pumpkin flavored everything lining the store shelves. I love this time of year!

There are a lot of coloring books out there, let’s be honest. Since this trend exploded, tons of retailers have tried to jump on the bandwagon — some better than others. You could spend hours poring over Amazon, trying to find something good — believe me, there’s a lot of crap out there to sort though, I had to do it to write this article — OR you could check out the great collection of books below! I’ve got sample images for all of them, so you can see what kinds of images you’ll be coloring. Where possible, I have provided information you might need to know before you buy, such as the weight of the paper and whether images are printed on both sides. I want you to love the coloring books you get, no matter what medium you want to color with!

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The trial lasts for 30 days, and there is no minimum order price in order to get the free shipping (without Prime, you generally need to hit $35 to get the free shipping)! Get those books ASAP by signing up for the free trial (click here!), and if you don’t want to keep the Prime benefits, just cancel before your 30 days are up. You might end up loving Prime, too — I know we do! With the amount we order from Amazon, I’m sure our Prime membership has paid for itself many times over in free shipping.

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Get your orange pencils ready — here are the best Halloween coloring books for adults!

Last Updated: September 10, 2017

The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book

This was the #1 New Release for its category of coloring book on Amazon before it was even released. And who could question that, with a preview video like this?!

According to the author, this creepy coloring book channels “The Walking Dead meets The Secret Garden,” with intricately detailed pen and ink drawings of gorey scenes that border on beautiful. Inside, you’ll discover monsters, zombies, deadly weapons, skeletons, dark city streets, and more. The book features almost 80 illustrations printed on both sides of the page.

The Beauty of Horror 2: Ghouliana’s Creepatorium: Another GOREgeous Coloring Book

Of course the smash hit above had to get a ghoulish sequel! According to the description, Ghouliana, the undead girl from the previous book, has sprinkled clues and ingredients throughout the book. She is trying to trick budding colorists into unleashing a deadly spell! Find the secret to stopping her in these pages.

This book is currently available for pre-order with Amazon’s pre-order guarantee: if the price goes down before the book is released, all pre-orderers will receive the lowest price.

Edgar Allan Poe: An Adult Coloring Book

Explore the macabre universe of Edgar Allen Poe’s dark and mysterious stories with this brand new Halloween adult coloring book illustrated by Odessa Begay. Inside you will find quotes and references to Poe’s tales alongside ravens, cats, skulls, candles, howling wolves, roses, quills and ink, and more.

The book is a square format, nearly 10 inches wide, and the illustrations are printed right to the edge on both sides of the page. While the book is printed on both sides, the paper is pretty thick, so test your markers on the title page and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that some markers do not bleed through.

Get in the spirit of the season, or just indulge in your love of the stories of Edgar Allen Poe. Grab this coloring book today by clicking the images above.

Vampires: A Vampire Coloring Book

This popular adult coloring book by Jade Summer contains, according to the Amazon description, “seductive vampire women, mysterious vampire hunters, gothic romance scenes, majestic fantasy animals, and haunting midnight landscapes.” There are 20 unique images to color, each printed twice in the book, so you have a copy to practice with or share.

The reverse of the page is printed black to prevent bleed-through to another image, but if you use markers or gel pens I suggest protecting the next page with a few sheets of paper.

Everyday Horror: An Adult Coloring Book

Another coloring book by Jade Summer, this book diverges a little from the Halloween theme and brings horror imagery to otherwise benign, everyday scenes. In this book you’ll find a woman grocery shopping for disembodied heads, children in a toystore full of gory toys, and a tattooed hairdresser giving a zombie a trim. I love the detail in the images and the level of quirkiness!

This book contains 15 unique coloring pages, each printed twice in the book. The reverse side of the page is printed black to prevent bleed-through.

Color Your Own Graphic Novel: DRACULA (Dover Classic Stories Coloring Book)

So much of the time, coloring is such a one-off activity: each page is its own piece of art, unique and entirely separate from the pages throughout the rest of the book. They are united by their binding, typically a common theme, and sometimes (but not always) the same illustrator.

Dover breaks that mold with their “Color Your Own Graphic Novel” series. The entire book, front to back, is a cohesive story that brings classic tales to a new medium: the comic book format!

This fascinating vampire story is one you’ll really want to sink your teeth into (sorry). The graphic novel format means you can color as much as you want in one sitting — or just get a panel in here or there when you have a few minutes of spare time. The book’s 46 pages of illustrations will keep you coloring for a while!

Dover books are printed on both sides of the page, so you will want to keep that in mind — this book is probably better for your colored pencils than your pens or markers. Alternatively, scan the pages and print on the paper of your choice (for your use only).

Overall, I think it’s a really great format for a coloring book and I think you’ll love it! And if you liked this book, I bet you’ll like their other “Color Your Own Graphic Novel” books, too: Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Color Your Own Graphic Novel: FRANKENSTEIN

Speaking of Frankenstein, if you love Mary Shelley’s classic science fiction novel, you’ll love this color your own graphic novel version by illustrator John Green and Dover Publications.

Like the book above, this coloring book features over 40 pages to color, printed on both sides of medium weight paper. This is probably one best saved for your colored pencils.

Grab your copy today by clicking the images above!

Great Scenes from Horror Stories (Dover Classic Stories Coloring Book)

Big horror fan? Then you’ll love this Dover coloring book, featuring the highlights from beloved horror stories by Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Charles Dickens, and Rudyard Kipling. The well-known characters in the book include Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the Headless Horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This is a great book to color while you watch your favorite classic horror movies — that is, if you can tear your eyes from the screen for long enough.

Like all Dover coloring books, the pages are printed on both sides, which is something you will want to keep in mind — this is not a book to color with markers, unless you copy the pages onto thicker paper. There are thirty illustrations.

Another thing that reviewers note is that each page features a box with a selection of text from the horror story featured. While you may find this exciting — all the highlights of the story are right there on the page! — some reviewers were frustrated that this took away from the area you could color.

Overall, this book is a fun and quirky adult coloring book perfect for getting in the Halloween mood or starting conversations at your local coloring club.

P.S. — If you like this book, I bet you’ll also enjoy Dover’s Sea Monsters Coloring Book!

Dracula: A Coloring Classic

Readers who love the classic story of Dracula will love this coloring book rendition. Nearly 80 pages of illustrations take colorists through Bram Stoker’s full tale.

The book is nearly 10 inches square, and the designs are printed right to the edge of the page on both sides. The paper is a reasonably heavy weight that water-based markers have a good chance of not leaking through to the other side, but test your markers first on the title page to be certain.

Don’t wait — read more about the book or snag your own copy by clicking the images above!

Pretty Dreadful Halloween Coloring Page Set

I am in love with Kat Kissick’s delightfully creepy Halloween coloring pages in this pack of five pages to color, sold through Etsy. Unlike many Etsy listings for coloring books, this is a physical product — the five pages will be professionally printed on archival 65lb cardstock and shipped in a sturdy, flat envelope. The size and quality of the cardstock makes these pages perfect for framing.

The five images are all highly detailed and hand-drawn. The images depict a Victorian skeleton maiden, a raven, a creepy goblin, dancing skeleton lovers, and a haunted house.

Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book Different Seasons

This book follows up on Zenescope Entertainment’s popular Grimm Fairy Tales adult coloring book with a Halloween themed sequel. There are 45 pages to color, mostly featuring sexy, scantily clad women from Zenescope Entertainment’s comic series.

Colour My Sketchbook: Darker

Bennett Klein has become known for his popular Colour My Sketchbook series featuring grayscale images from his sketchbook. This book is a twist on others, featuring dark, patterned backgrounds behind the main subjects. There are 30 illustrations to color, ranging from dragons to animals to intricate portraits.

Vampires Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Books)

Love Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or other vampire stories? Then you’ll love this coloring book entirely devoted to them.

If you’ve seen some of my other coloring book lists, you probably know that I am a huge fan of Marty Noble’s illustrations for Dover. This book is no exception. Her linework is crisp and elegant, easy to color but also easy to take to another level with shading and coloring techniques. Her artwork is free from the cold, computer generated feel that many more modern coloring books suffer from.

You’ll love losing yourself in these vampire scenes. Many of the illustrations also feature highly-decorative borders, which are fun to color in, too.

Like the last two books, this is a Dover coloring book, so the images are printed on both sides of the page. The pages are reasonably thin, so pencils are best here unless you copy the illustrations onto their own pages. There are thirty illustrations total.

With more than 50 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon, this vampire coloring book is sure to please!

Llewellyn’s Witch’s Coloring Book

Llewellyn is one of the oldest independent publishers still around today of spiritual books and other resources related to paganism, magic, astrology, and the paranormal. This pagan coloring book brings together the work of six of their most popular artists.

Due to the number of different artists, there is a wide range of styles represented, from old-timey illustration, to woodblock prints, to more traditional fantasy coloring book illustration. Many of the pages are quite heavy on the black ink, and can almost be treated like grayscale coloring books, but more dramatic. The two sample pages above, shared by Ashley Bland in an Amazon review, show some of the pages in that woodblock style.

There are over 60 illustrations to color, printed on just one side of medium weight, perforated paper. The pages are easy to remove and just the right size for framing.

If you like the style of the sample pages above, click them to head over to Amazon to learn more and grab your own copy!

Wondrous Wizards (Dover Coloring Books)

Maybe this Halloween you’re not in the mood for vampires — maybe wizards are more your thing. That’s okay — Dover has just the book for you, also illustrated by Marty Noble!

A great variety of male and female wizards are represented here. You’ll love shading their long, flowing robes, lengthy beards, and flying dragons.

The book features about 30 pages to color. Illustrations are printed back to back, like other Dover coloring books, so you will need to copy the pages to new paper if you want to use anything heavier than colored pencils.

Who knows — maybe the wizards in this coloring book will inspire your costume!

Creative Haven Steampunk Fashions Coloring Book (Creative Haven Coloring Books)

Okay, maybe it’s not STRICTLY Halloween-themed, but many people have created elaborate steampunk style costumes. Are you one of them? This beautiful book, illustrated by Marty Noble like the last two, features 31 original Victorian-styled illustrations with clocks and gears, goggles, umbrellas, and other mechanical accessories.

In addition to a figure, every page has an ornate background, and often, a prop or two. I adore Noble’s delicately intricate borders.

Unlike the last two books, this one is published by Dover’s Creative Haven line — meaning the pages are higher-quality, printed on one side only, and perforated for easy removal. Color your heart out in any medium, be it colored pencils, markers, pens, gel pens, or brush pens.

This book was released in August 2015 and already has over 30 customer reviews and a whopping 5 stars on Amazon. If you like the steampunk style, I know you’ll love this coloring book!

HalloweenScapes (Dover Holiday Coloring Book)

This book just is Halloween for me. Jessica Mazurkiewicz’s “Scapes” series for Dover explores themes by creating patterns of that theme’s biggest motifs. In HalloweenScapes, you’ll find pages filled with autumn leaves, gourds, spiders, witches on broomsticks, haunted houses, ghosts with rattling chains, scarecrows, costumed people, ears of corn, owls, vampires, cauldrons full of candy… the list goes on and on.

These patterns are high quality, and while they repeat, the repetition is more subtle than you might expect, as the illustrator draws several versions of each item pictured. Each page has a matching detailed border. There are 30 illustrations in the book, running the gamut of Halloween imagery.

Like all Dover coloring books, the pages are printed on both sides, so copy them if you want to use markers.

I’m sure you’ll love this collection of Halloween patterns to color. And if you’re looking for more seasonal patterns for the rest of the year, check out ChristmasScapes and WinterScapes.

Monstrous Mandalas Coloring Book

If you love all the classic Halloween movie monsters, you’re going to love this book! This 8.25 inch square format coloring book features 20 hand-drawn mandalas by artist Cristina McAllister. Here are the monsters you will find inside: the Great Old Ones, Vampire, Daikaiju, Balrog, Witch, Wyrm, Medusa, Bigfoot, Mummy, Wendigo, Slenderman, Leviathan, Minotaur, Jorogumo, Zombies, the Grim Reaper, Werewolf, Chupacabra, T-Rex and Alien.

Come on, a Slenderman coloring book?! You got me hooked.

What I really love about this coloring book (and you can see it just from the sample pages above) is how well the mandalas weave together. There are a lot of cheapo computer generated mandala coloring books out there that you need to avoid, because some person out to make a quick buck has slapped some image into a program that automatically tiles it around a center point six or eight times. Not so in this coloring book — the creatures are woven together in a way that makes it really fun to sort out what parts of the illustration go with which monster. You can see this especially in the last colored sample.

Pages are printed on just one side of light to medium weight paper. You can read more about the book, or snag your own copy, by clicking on the images above and heading over to Amazon!

Haunted Horror Pre-Code Cover Coloring Book

Don’t you love those cheesy old horror movie and comic covers? If so, then you’ll love this coloring book, which is those same covers, ready for you to provide your own colors. Illustrations come from the likes of Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, Matt Baker, Lee Elias, Basil Wolverton, Don Heck, Jack Cole, and more. The “pre-code” part of the title means that these comics were published before the Comics Code Authority was created in 1954, to ensure that comics were safe for young readers.

There are 31 pages to color, printed on just one side of perforated, medium weight pages. You’ll love lending color to these classic 50s era covers — grab your copy today!

Night Magic: Gothic and Halloween Coloring Book (Fantasy Coloring by Selina)

Celebrated fantasy artist Selina Fenech is back with her tenth fantasy-themed adult coloring book, Night Magic. This brand new release features 25 original works of art, each printed twice in the book for a total of 50 pages to color. The images are printed on one side only of medium-weight, letter size paper.

Just a parental warning: if you haven’t noticed from the images above, there is some slight artistic nudity or near nudity in this book. In my opinion, it’s pretty tasteful and suits the “gothic” look to the images.

If you love the sample images above, click them to head over and see more sample pages on Amazon!

Gothic: Dark Fantasy Coloring Book (Fantasy Art Coloring by Selina)

Selina Fenech’s gothic-themed coloring book is also well-suited for Halloween! Color 25 pages of darkly magical women, dragons, witches, and dark angels. There are two copies of every image, so you have a page to test with or to give a friend a copy.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Halloween Coloring Book: A Spine-Tingling Fantasy Art Adventure

Jasmine Becket-Griffith is another popular fantasy painter with a unique, brooding style. You can see some examples of her paintings in the sample images above, which are laid over the artwork in her coloring book.

This book features 46 pages to color, printed on one side of heavy paper. Most pages have a border around the illustration, and feature at least one full character in addition to the scenery around her.

This is a great book for trying out fun shading techniques — you can look up her paintings and try to follow them, or use your own color palette. Grab a copy today!

Halloween: Color Your Fright – Artist Edition Adult Coloring Book

This upcoming coloring book by Mardel Rubio and Phoenix Amulet will features 30 single-sided pages of illustrations, spiral binding, and perforated pages for ease of removal for coloring and display. Three posters are also included as a bonus.

Alice’s Nightmare – Adventures in Wonderland – Adult Coloring Book

This haunting horror themed coloring book takes colorists through the story of Alice in Wonderland… with a spooky twist. The book features 40 original illustrations by Julia Rivers. Illustrations are printed on only one side of the page. Right now they are advertising an introductory offer and the book is nearly half off!

Just Add Color: Day of the Dead: 30 Original Illustrations To Color, Customize, and Hang

You’ll love these beautifully hand-rendered and light-hearted illustrations by artist Sarah Walsh themed around the Day of the Dead. Inside, you’ll find skulls, animals, flowers, sombreros, antlers, pinecones, skeletons, and abstract shapes that are just begging you to start coloring them.

The reason I love books in the Just Add Color series is that the paper is so high-quality. They were clearly created with colorists in mind, on bright white, thick, very lightly textured paper. The design is printed on only one side, and the inner edge is perforated so you can easily tear it from the book. These images are ideal for removing from the book and hanging on the wall. Color them with your coloring medium of choice — colored pencils, markers, brush pens, you name it!

This book features 30 different illustrations in total. Get it now, if you are interested in the Day of the Dead or traditional Mexican culture, you’ll love it!

Dia De Los Muertos: Day of the Dead and Sugar Skull Coloring Book

Maybe you enjoy Day of the Dead imagery, but you are most interested in coloring sugar skulls (or calaveras). This is the coloring book for you — with 25 different patterns to color, all inspired by sugar skulls and traditional celebratory costumes. All you need to worry about are choosing colors you like!

As typical of this holiday, the images in the book are both joyful and “grotesque,” as one reviewer put it. The illustrations are printed on just one side of the page, and the pages are thick enough to stand up to markers (so long as you protect the next page with a few sheets of paper behind the one you’re working on).

Skull Coloring Book for Adults

How cool are these skull illustrations? This book features 36 different illustrations of skulls in a variety of styles, both simple and complex. The images are printed on just one side of the page to prevent any bleed-through damaging the reverse side if you use markers.

Halloween Coloring Book: by Molly Harrison

If your idea of a great Halloween coloring book involves charming witches, jack-o-lanterns, and cats, you’ll love these illustrations by Molly Harrison.

This Halloween-themed coloring book features a different whimsical witch on every page. The full moon is always in the background, often with other scenery like trees, pumpkins, and creatures of the night. While the designs are simpler than some, they give you a lot of room to put your own spin on them, shading to your heart’s content.

The book’s 25 illustrations are printed on just one side of the page.

Haunted: Scary Halloween Coloring Book

This hand-drawn coloring book by LightBurst Media features 35 original illustrations printed on one side of the page. Featuring zombies, witches, and troubled children, this book is sure to please.

Art of Coloring: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you are a Tim Burton fan and love Jack Skellington and his story, The Nightmare Before Christmas, you are sure to enjoy this coloring book by Art of Coloring. This is an officially licensed product and features 100 pages of characters, macabre artwork, and spooky wallpaper images to color. Pages are printed on both sides of medium weight paper.

Haunted House: An Adult Coloring Book with Gothic Room Designs

Want to color some interior haunted house scenes? This adult coloring book has got you covered. The pages are printed on just one side of the page, and you get two copies of every image in case you want to color it again or need a page to test your colors. With purchase you’ll also receive a free digital copy of the book so you can print your favorite pages as much as you’d like!

Monsters Coloring Book for Grown-Ups

You’ll love these whimsical and stylized monsters by illustrator Nick Snels. There are 40 monsters to color, each printed floating on a white background on just one side of light weight paper.

To see more monsters in this book, click the images above to preview on Amazon!

Bogleech.coms High Octane Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book for Traumatizing Children

This collection of nightmare-inducing images was dreamt up by webcartoonist Jonathan Wojcik of While the style of the illustrations in the book aren’t what I would normally label as a coloring book for adults, the content is. According to the description on Amazon, you’ll find “flesh eating insects, tentacle demons and sadistic science experiments abound in this coloring book for desensitized children with twisted parents.”

Despite the simplistic style of the illustrations, they are pretty funny, and I can see the potential for really dramatic shading and dark color choices turning these into hyper “realistic” scary images!

Complicated Spiders: Anti-Stress Coloring Book (Complicated Coloring)

These spiders are intricately patterned and ready to be filled in with the array of colors of your choosing. Half are presented on a dramatic black background, meaning that your coloring will really pop off the page. The other half are the same spiders duplicated on a gray web background, giving you the chance to color the web and change the background color.

The spiders are all printed on one side of the page only, making it possible to color them with markers. Just make sure you put something behind the page to protect the next page!

These spiders are great to color if you only have a short amount of time but want to finish a page — they are just the right balance of intricate and not overly complex.

Spellbinding Images: A Fantasy Coloring Book of Witches: Extended Edition

This Halloween coloring book, illustrated by Nikki Burnette, is the extended edition of an earlier book by the same author. This version has more detailed images with smaller spaces to color. The extended edition also includes mini versions of each illustration in the book, printed two per page, and a grid drawing section, where you can learn to reproduce her style using a grid technique.

There are 20 full-size illustrations to color in this book, and ten pages of doubled up minis. Everything is printed on just one side of the page, leaving the other side blank. The paper is a light to medium weight paper that some markers do bleed through.

If you are looking for a fun, not too serious coloring book full of whimsical witches, look no further! Click the images above to get it on Amazon.

Enchanted Halloween: A Whimsy Girls Fantasy Coloring Book

This Halloween coloring book full of whimsical witches was illustrated by Hannan Lynn and is marketed as an “all ages” coloring book. There are 30 illustrations to color, and each one is printed twice in the book. The designs are printed on just one side of white, light weight paper, with the reverse left blank.

This coloring book has darker lines and larger spaces than some, making it perfect for any medium from crayons to markers, and a fun seasonal book that colorists of all ages can enjoy. Plus, with the double pages, there are plenty of extras to share. Mother daughter bonding time, maybe? Pick up a copy by clicking the images above!

Kawaii Halloween: A Super Cute Holiday Coloring Book

Just looking for something plain adorable to color for Halloween? Look no further than Kawaii Halloween. From kittens to rainbows to smiling jack-o-lanterns, this book has all the cute you need to block out the creepy.

Creatures of Classic Horror: Guide and Coloring Book

This coloring book takes a close look at the creatures that made classic horror so scary with detailed, hand-drawn portraits. There are just 10 or 11 illustrations to color, but they are each printed twice in the book and the book gives a wealth of other information about classic horror monsters and the books and movies you can find them in. The book is printed on lightweight paper with the reverse left blank in one set and printed with text in the other set.

Gothic Halloween: A Scary Adult Coloring Book

Despite the title of this book, there aren’t many images inside that are really “scary.” There are, however, a great variety of different illustrations inside, printed on one side of the page only.

Most of the images of gothic girls, spiders, skulls, roses, and haunted houses are rendered in a bold, simplistic style with thick outlines; however, some were more delicate repeating patterns or a different style entirely. There are 31 illustrations in total.

Halloween Coloring Book: A Stress Management Coloring Book For Adults

This coloring book is jam packed with Halloween themed imagery, boasting a whopping 60 pages to color, printed on one side only. The illustrations are extremely varied and created by a number of illustrators, varying from busy pages patterned with Halloween objects, to zentangle-styled pumpkins, to stylized images of witches or the Grim Reaper.

There’s something for everyone in this book, though you may not love every page. It has enough variety that every new page you flip through will be a surprise!

Adult Coloring Book: Happy Halloween: for Relaxation and Meditation (Volume 10)

This book features 30 Halloween-themed patterns, doodles, and seasonal illustrations featuring pumpkins, vampires, mummies, castles, gravestrones, cats, and more.

3-D Coloring Book: Happy Halloween (Dover 3-D Coloring Book)

Dover has brought a unique twist to coloring books yet again! This book teaches you how to color in 3D — and even includes a pair of 3D glasses so you can see your designs literally pop off the page!

Many of the designs in this book can also be found in the HalloweenScapes coloring book, listed above. However, the instruction for how to make the images pop and the glasses are unique to this book only!

Features 30 illustrations, printed on both sides of the page.

All About Autumn Coloring Book Double Pack (Volumes 1 & 2)

This coloring book is chock full of illustrations that celebrate the fall season. The designs are not Halloween-specific, making this a book you can enjoy through the Thanksgiving season!

Artistic styles in the book vary from doodles to line art to shaded black and white images. The paper is light weight but pages are single-sided, so you can use markers if you protect the sheet below. There are 60 images to color in this book.

Individual Halloween Coloring Pages

Sometimes, you just want a single page to color, right now. If that’s the case, check out these Etsy sellers who offer free pages to print and color! You can feel good knowing that you are directly supporting the artist, and in just a minute or two you can legally download a coloring page you can print as many times as you want.

Halloween Coloring Page 4-Pack

This $4 pack includes not one, but four hand-drawn Halloween images ready for you to add color! Choose from a witch with funny potion ingredients stirring her witches’ brew; a decked-out haunted house with a witch cat trick or treater; a table set in Halloween finery; and a potrait of a witch with her familiars and long flowing locks. These coloring pages are detailed enough to be fun for adults, while also being simple enough to color with children.

Art Deco Witch Adult Coloring Page

I adore art deco artwork, and this art deco spin on a Halloween coloring page is right up my alley! It features a pretty, 20s era looking witch, with bats, skulls, a pumpkin, and an owl. Art deco style patterns and an intricate border keep things interesting! Download and color right now for just $3.

Happy Halloween Digital Coloring Page

This intricate, hand-drawn coloring page features detailed doodles that twist and swirl together, all with a Halloween theme. I see pumpkins, spider webs, ghosts, skulls, a cat, a cauldron, a calendar turned to the 31st, a bat, haunted houses, candles, and more. Your download also includes a bonus square “Happy Halloween” coloring page. Download this set of Halloween coloring pages right now for just $4.

Halloween Haunted House Adult Coloring Page

By the same artist as the art deco page above, this coloring page features a haunted house with an intricate border, decked out with cats, crows, an owl, and pumpkins. Print and color this page right now for just $3!

Halloween Mandala Coloring Page

I love this owl and Halloween candy themed mandala! If you love it too, you can be coloring it in minutes for just $2!

Day of the Dead Adult Coloring Page by LineArtsy

I’ve been following the talented illustrator LineArtsy for a while now — love her artwork! This Day of the Dead themed image is perfect for getting in the Halloween spirit, and it can be yours for under $3.

Halloween Doodle Mandala Coloring Page

Another Halloween mandala! This one features more abstract, geometric shapes, doodle style skulls and butterfly wings! Get it for just over $1.

Need some suggestions for what supplies to color your Halloween coloring books with? See my ideas at the bottom of this list.

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