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Vertical Gardening

Amazing Vertical Gardening Ideas

Amazing Vertical Gardening Ideas



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Don’t you just love the sight of flowers and food growing upwards?

After sharing with you ‘5 Gorgeous Vertical Gardening Beds‘ last year I wanted to offer you some more vertical gardening inspiration.

Why is vertical gardening so great?

For one it adds beauty and architecture to your garden. By adding height and layers your garden has that extra ‘oomph’ of beauty and function. Because you’re making use of space upwards, you’re also maximizing your garden space and gaining increased yields.

As we’re planning on our new homestead I’m really trying to visualize the future and I love imagining pergolas or archways full of berries, flowers and wine grapes.

Some vertical gardening means you’re building temporary structures to grow upwards for the season like pole beans tunnels or teepees. Other times vertical gardening is building permanent structures like a metal trellis, pergola or cattle pannel archways.

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Here’s some vertical gardening inspiration for you!


Choosing plants for arches and pergolas from HGTV

Weed em and Reap has step by step instructions on how to build this trellis

An Oregon Cottage shows you how to build a cucumber trellis

David Camp build this amazing trellis from pvc pipes!

Gardenista shows you how to build a bean tunnel

Gorgeous and sturdy trellis from Learning and Yearning

Wouldn’t kids love this pole bean house?

The website from this photo is no longer live (please let me know otherwise!)

A Piece of the Rainbow shows you how to build a DIY arbor

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful vertical gardening ideas and it inspired you to create your own.

A vertical garden makes excellent use of garden space. So, read on these amazing vertical gardening ideas to help you grow upwards in style. Find it here!




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