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Adjust the pattern correctly to your body

Adjust the pattern correctly to your body



If you sew clothes yourself, you have surely come across the limits of given sewing patterns. Even if the cut grading is of course ensured that the cut is as compatible as possible with most body shapes, it unfortunately does not always fit. Because it has of course been adapted to a given body and let’s be honest, (luckily) every body is individual and unique and does not always correspond to this example body.

Do you know this problem? Then definitely read on 😉

Adjust the pattern yourself

I often get questions about adapting the pattern. And I can reassure you, it’s not that difficult 😉

At least if you know the basics of the PATTERN CONSTRUCTION, really MEASURE YOURSELF CORRECTLY and WORK WITH THE PATTERN before sewing.

A long upper body (like mine), a larger breast, a hollow back and and and are no longer a problem at all!

And best of all: you save a lot of time, money and nerves!

You will finally sew your favorite clothes that you will also like to wear!

My online course “Basics of Pattern Adjustment”

For enthusiastic seamstresses like us, I have put together a new course that gives you exactly the information you need to correctly adapt sewing patterns to your individual body measurements!

All of this bundled in one place!

You don’t need to look for the information somehow / somewhere together and you have me who accompanies you step by step through the whole process.

I will start with a free webinar in November, in which I will present the course and the content to you in detail and you can ask your questions.

I promise you it will be worth it!

The course starts on November 18, 2019

The free webinars, in which I present the course content to you again in detail, take place on the following dates:

Information on data protection

If you are interested in the topic of pattern adaptation, simply register without obligation and sniff the course content.

Have I already made you too curious?

Then you have a rough overview here.

All information about the course at a glance

It contains 6 modules that guide you step by step through the basics of pattern adaptation:

Correctly measuring your body. What design elements are there and how do they determine the fit of the pattern? How do you recognize these design elements in the pattern? How do you properly adapt them to your body shape? You will learn what information the body measurement table gives you. You have the option of adapting the Karla pattern included in the course to your body.

Accompanying videos make learning easier for you.

In the additional documents you can read all the information and make notes.

You will also receive specially prepared worksheets in which you can write down your values ​​and record special features.

I personally accompany the course during the live phase.

With your access to life situations, you can later access the course at any time and repeat the modules.

I am available to you in regular question and answer sessions.

All updates and later additions are included in the price.


Is the exclusive group of participants that is already open after receipt of payment. There the participants can get to know, exchange and motivate each other.

My pattern Karla (sizes 34-50) that you can construct on your body during the course

Are you ready for your favorite wardrobe?

With the right pattern adaptation you will save time, nerves and money in the future!

Get the fun of sewing back and sew yourself a wardrobe that makes you happy!

See you (hopefully) in my free webinar, in which you can of course ask me all your questions again.

I am really looking forward to you!

best regards


In my online course you will learn how to adapt patterns to your body. We will go through the large chest, hollow back, long torso and all other individual adjustments together.



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