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Secret Garden Parties

A secret garden of found treasures for my child

A secret garden of found treasures for my child



Here’s what you’ll need for this project


3 curtains (these are sheer)

8 old windows

twinkly plug-in lights


lots of mason jars

plenty of branches and logs/stumps

cups and saucers



reclaimed wood (for signs and bench top)




reciprocating saw (or something similar to cut down branches)


Depending on where you would like to put your tea party will ultimately depend on how much work it will take to create. I first had to clear out a section of our woods since I wanted it to be tucked away. This particular cleanup took an entire Saturday to complete, but it was totally worth it!

Once the section of woods was cleared, the very first thing that I had to figure out was an entrance. I used two existing trees, screwed a branch to either side and added a few mason jars (twine was used to hang them). Next, I tossed a few logs in a pile on either side of the entrance to also give it a more prominent look since it’s too cold to use flowers right now.

A secret garden of found treasures | Habitat ReStore




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