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A new wooden terrace in my forest garden

A new wooden terrace in my forest garden



In my garden, everything is beautifully arranged. However, not everything was used, because for some time the large sandbox was forgotten. The children grew up and there was no one to play in it. The liquidation of this space was quite troublesome, because you would have to choose sand again, take it out, replace it with earth and sow grass. On the other hand, we need this space for sun loungers and table football, because they cannot stand on the grass due to automatic watering. I came up with it to transform the sandbox into a wooden terrace and an entertainment space in the garden. I popped into Bricomarché for some materials and rolled up my sleeves. 3 days of work (it was slightly off) and I have it. A wonderful place for sunbathing, swinging and playing table football.

How to make a wooden terrace?

This project is very special because this terrace was not easy to make. The sandbox is irregular in shape, and I wanted to place the terrace in the garden perimeter.


construction timber (square timber and planed board)




miter saw

stain varnish


I started with painting square timber. I did it with the remnants of varnish stain that I had left from various other projects.

When the square timbers were dry, I trimmed them to fit the sandbox.

Irake the sandboxes neatly and evened out as much as possible. I place square timber on this substrate.

I cut the boards and then painted them back to secure them.

Since there are trees in the middle of the sandbox, I started arranging the wood with them. I cut the boards so that their joining would go to the square timber.

I nail the boards.

I adjust the edges to the edges. I cut out shapes with a jigsaw.

I wanted to keep equal distances between the boards and put two thin slats between them.

It took me a long time to break this terrace, but that’s why the view was worth it.

The next step is painting. In my forest, varnish works best. I used the mahogany color to match the wooden deck to the garden edges.

See also the video from the construction of the terrace.

It was so.

This is.

This terrace was worth the job, because the effect exceeded my wildest expectations. The whole thing fits my garden, cottage and how we spend time on the plot. Now you can also do dance evenings, because the dance floor is just right. Now the sun loungers have a fixed place and do not interfere with watering, the table football is perfectly level and the ball does not escape. The tire flowerbed also fits perfectly here and stays here permanently. I am proud of this idea and delighted with it, but I cannot be objective because I made it myself. 🙂

Entry prepared with Bricomarché

How to make a wooden terrace? See how I made a terrace in my garden myself and how beautiful it looks against the background of greenery.




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