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90 do-it-yourself decoration ideas for a summer mood in the garden

90 do-it-yourself decoration ideas for a summer mood in the garden



Do it yourself decoration ideas – ideas on how to decorate the garden for the summer

Summer is coming! It can’t be that you don’t feel it! Perhaps you want to express your inner joy with a fresh decoration? It seems to us that the decoration outside takes a little more time than it does at home. Nevertheless, one could save time, effort and … of course, some money in this regard as well. This happens when you put on the right decoration. Tinkering the garden decorations yourself also turns out to be an idea that is worthwhile. In today’s article we want to give you some inspiring suggestions on how to make your front yard and back yard more beautiful for the coming summer. But take more time to look at our picture gallery because it contains a huge amount of cool ideas, each one of which is sure to deserve your attention.

Do-it-yourself decoration ideas – decorate the garden fence with summer flowers

Do it yourself decoration ideas – Let plants grow in the tree stump

Chic women’s shoes can turn into excellent flower pots

Make decorations out of old tins and hang up in the garden

Beautiful mushrooms are made from old dishes and wooden poles

Fancy plant containers

In a summer garden, it’s not just the plants themselves that make an impression. Flower pots and other plant containers also play a role in the beautiful garden look. If you plant the garden plants in an object that is not their typical home, you will enjoy beautiful results. In an umbrella or in old shoes, these would look fascinating. The following pictures illustrate this.

Don’t have a suitable container for your plants? The old umbrella could serve this wonderfully!

What to do with the plants To the wheelbarrow!

Dress up the flower pots in shoes!

What are the plants doing in this ladies bag ?!

Does anything in this picture seem unusual to you?

These flowers are dressed in jeans!

Decorate the plant container with garden studs in the shape of mushrooms

Creative garden lighting

The lighting of the garden is an important aspect of the whole garden design. If you use some of your imagination, you will soon see for yourself how charming your garden will appear. Mason jars are perfect for this purpose. Gather a few ideas on how to make this a reality.

Make beautiful garden lights especially for the summer

Make fancy candlesticks out of mason jars

Nice lighting makes the summer evenings more exciting

Rustic elements

Do rustic decorative elements arouse fascination in you? Then a rustic style decoration will look great in your garden. Rustic decorative elements create a summery atmosphere and make your outdoor area appear cozy and fresh at the same time.

Create rustic waterfall in the garden

You could also decorate with dishes

Hang up decoration

The summer decoration of the garden could be done in different ways. What do you think about the idea of ​​hanging the plant containers in the garden? They would appear even more attractive if created from old dishes or mason jars. Wind chimes also bring the summer mood into your garden. And actually not just mood, but also a beautiful, enchanting sound …

Create an extravagant garden decoration so that your garden appears in an interesting way

Hang the plant in a mason jar outdoors

Bring summer magic into the garden with wind chimes

Don’t throw away the old bottles, keep them! It is not impossible that you will ever need these

Make wind chimes out of small flower pots

Decorate the garden with tree stumps

What better way to give the outside area a fresh look than to decorate it with tree stumps? But these should appear in an unusual way. To make the outdoor area look summery and charming, you could plant the tree stumps. In combination with flowers, you catch the eye at once.

Decoration ideas garden with flowers

What a fancy garden decoration idea!

Other garden decoration ideas

The do-it-yourself decorating ideas for summer are really limitless. You have to count with no restrictions when it comes to garden decorations in summer. Unusable things, which are no longer used according to their intended purpose, could serve you wonderfully for making garden decorations. Do you see in the picture below how attractive an old chest of drawers can appear in summer? Old pallets and storage baskets are also suitable for creative DIY ideas. Collect some inspiration from the pictures below and create something original in your garden yourself! We wish you a lot of fun and good luck!

Drawers full of plants …

Use the old palette as a decorative frame

Beautify the old French window with flower pots

Fresh and extravagant at the same time

Convert the storage baskets into flower pots

Decoration ideas with garden accessories

Make cool garden plugs out of bottle caps

Garden decoration from bottles

The earth globe decorated with coins

Create beautiful visual effects

Decorate the house facade in a summery mood

Paint the pallets in color and use them as trellis

Paint stones and create beautiful garden paths

These beautiful flowers flow out of this barrel like water

The combination of flowers and tree stumps gives the garden a rustic but fresh look

You can make wind chimes out of bottles

The do-it-yourself decorating ideas for summer are really limitless. You have to count with no restrictions when it comes to garden decorations in summer ……



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