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7+ Marvelous Garden Lighting Ideas that Liven Up Your Outdoor Area

7+ Marvelous Garden Lighting Ideas that Liven Up Your Outdoor Area



Transfigure your ordinary garden to an extraordinary place with outdoor lighting. Addition of magical garden lighting ideas will create a relaxing and amusing atmosphere in your garden.

Decide which areas you want to light up. Put the right garden lighting in the right position to achieve the appropriate illumination effect. Whether it is fairytale light or solar lantern, the choice should blend with garden materials well.

Also, suit the needs by function. Consider using decorative lighting, path lighting, and wall lights. The decorative lights are able to highlight trees, water features, or shrubs. The pathway lights give a safety while stepping. Generally, the wall lights will illuminate around the house.

Are you interested in brightening your garden? No need to stop enjoying the garden during the nights. Below are some marvelous garden lighting ideas to add a new feature to your outdoor area.

Garden Lighting Ideas B&Q

B&Q garden lights offer various ground lights such as decorative stake lights and solar lights. Solar-powered lights need no installation, simply push them into the flower bed or ground. Decorative lights include led silhouette lights and ornamental lights.

For the wall lights, B&Q offers a variety of designs with a passive infrared sensor. The light will be activated when the sensor detects motion in a certain range. It is available in battery powered and solar energy.

These LED stake lights are made from steel. Your garden pathway and flower bed will be embellished beautifully with the blue light color. They are solar powered lights, so the solar panels can be placed in direct sunlight.

Garden Lighting Ideas Solar

Solar lighting is a sustainable way to light up your garden. This light has many advantages, but is it good enough to substitute your existing electrical light? Understand the pros and cons before you make a decision.


Need no power plugs.

Require simple installation.

Run on without electricity.

Enable to move easily.

Provide a subtle light.


Do not compliment the landscape because the light’s color might be too blue.

Can be flimsy and not lasting.

Need a large battery to operate at night.

Not as bright as electric lights.

Outdoor Garden Lighting Ideas

Homeowners who like spending more evenings in the garden will think about a proper outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights are not only giving a source of light but also spotlighting your special garden features. Choose a light with a soft glow of white light to set a relaxing mood.

Set up a mystical vibe by clustering orbs and spheres on the ground. They can function as light sources and planters. Plant some flowers on them to get a unique illuminated planter in your garden.

The compatible selection of outdoor lighting will present a joyful ambiance, shiny-lit, and safe entrance. The wall lights perform those jobs perfectly. There are some salient points as consideration for outdoor lighting design:

Pick LED garden lights to create a fairytale effect.

Choose lantern that serves stronger light and candlelight effect.

Make your garden shine with indirect lighting.

Place the lights in the entrance doors, house corners, and garage area.

Contemporary Garden Lighting Ideas

Most contemporary garden lighting uses led lights. They assure warm white and cool white lighting with less power consumption. They also come in a wide range of fixtures such as deck lights, recessed spotlights, and industrial-style string lights.

Contemporary lights are preferable since they perfectly fit to surrounding greenery. Place the garden lights under the trees, plants, and flowers. Those lighters make your garden more dramatic.

Adding some stake lights on the grasslands and flower gardens will extend a visual feast. Relish the magic effect during the night.

Small Garden Lighting Ideas

Sometimes it is tricky to achieve the balance of shade and light for a small garden. Here, using led lights will help your small outdoor area to obtain a sparkling atmosphere at night.

Put led recessed lights in decking and paving to highlight the steps. Also, add feature lights under the trees and planters to throw illumination upward. A good combination of some types of lights will maximize the beauty of your small garden.

When contrasted with dark, you can enjoy the best view of this illumination. Light and shadow create a playful effect. Bricks and walls can function as backdrops for shadows to play.

Back Garden Lighting Ideas

The backyard should have a sufficient exterior lighting when you plan for spending the nights outdoor. Choose the fitted type of lighting and decide where to place the fixtures are the ways to actualize ambiance for your backyard.

Back garden lighting needs more than one light source. Integrate task, ambient, and accent lighting to flash on the area. Use hanging lamps for ambient lighting. Deck and pathway lights work as task lighting. Accent lighting can be gained with spotlights and string lights.

Most of all, security becomes a big consideration. Ensure that all entry points get enough lights from outdoor lighting. For addition, you can install recessed lights on the entire brick garden edging, spotlights on the eaves, and wall lanterns at side doors.

Front Garden Lighting Ideas

When it is getting dark, front yard lighting contributes to making the landscape look alive. By sticking some exterior solar lights along the walkway, visitors are directed to the front entry safely.

This front garden has impeccable lighting design. It has accent lighting which highlights the greenery and water features. One led light is placed under each plant and tree. The garden edgings are brightened with a lot of recessed lights.

The decorative lights work best for the water features. The pool glows blue light that makes it look alive. The beauty of this front garden is glowing during the night.


Achieve the best decorative lighting.

Offers a dramatic effect on the plants and trees.

Provide good illumination for outdoor pool activity at night.


Require more types of lighting.

Have no ambient lighting for general illumination.

Need more security lights on the outdoor stairway and paving.

So, which ones of those garden lighting ideas are perfect for your outdoor space? Hopefully, our best compilation of lighting styles has caught your eyes.

Transfigure your ordinary garden to an extraordinary place with outdoor lighting. Addition of magical garden lighting ideas will create a relaxing and amusing atmosphere in your garden.




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