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7 Easy Crafts To Make And Sell

7 Easy Crafts To Make And Sell



Easy crafts to make and sell – Do you love to sew and are considering to start selling the items that you make? Here’s a bunch of tried and tested easy sewing projects and ideas you can use to start making money right now!

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Easy Crafts To Sew And Sell

From handy cases and pouches to well-selling baby items and cute home decor – check out what items to make that will sell well – and start making money from your sewing projects!

Well-Selling Category 1: Zipper Pouches

Let’s start with one of the best-seller categories: zipper pouches. Always in season. Whether you choose to make larger ones, like cosmetic cases, or small coin purses, there’s always a buyer for these. These are my three very popular coin purse patterns – they won’t use up more than a few scrap pieces from your fabric stash:

This clever combination of a zipper and a flap will make sure your coins never fall out! (That’s what makes it a popular choice for making kids lunch pouches, too!)

Since the TRIA is my first coin purse pattern, it’s the one that’s been tested out in the market for the longest time. People keep sending me photos with their coin purses made from this pattern, and I feel so blessed to keep getting such amazing response from our sewing community!

Next group of products that sell well: Home Decor

If you dislike sewing with zippers, you’ve still got a lot of choices. Some sellers specialize in baskets, for example. (Not a single zipper here!) Here are two home decor items that would fit in nicely, are easy to make and don’t require a lot of fabric:

Group #3: Things For Babies And New Moms

Babies need new stuff! Not just that, there is no dead season for making baby items, and this is one of the niches with the highest requests for unique handmade gifts. Think bandana bibs (use my free pattern and tutorial – HERE !), burp clothes, baby hats, or – a diaper clutch ( my pattern here ). In fact, this diaper clutch pattern sells all the time, I didn’t even notice any summer slump at all.

this one: And diaper clutches might be even more lucrative as the market is not yet saturated and you can charge more – especially if the pattern enables you to adjust the design to the individual buyer, like

And #4: A Profitable Add-On Item – GIFT BAGS

There are, off course, so many more easy sewing projects that are perfect to make and sell, but it’s best to start with a selection, see what works for you, and then expand. But before you leave the computer and run to undust your sewing machine, one more idea: are you thinking wrapping items? Shops tend to have paper wrapping at hand, but you can sell your customers pretty unique fabric bags (and going green is always in trend!), like these easy gift bags.

Start with one or two sizes, and expand when you see what’s the best selling size in your shop – what size will sell best largely depends on what are the main items you sell in your handmade shop.

Easy crafts to make and sell – Check out the 7 easy sewing projects to sell.




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