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7 Amazing Knitting Projects For Beginners

7 Amazing Knitting Projects For Beginners



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Knitting for beginners

Knitting is a great way to create, de-stress, invest in you and the people you care about. I am amazed at the knitting projects I have seen people make hats, scarfs, blankets and sweaters. Discover amazing tips and trick plus some great knitting projects for beginners.

knitting handmade

Knitting is a great way to create something for yourself and others. Handmade items are always better than store bought and they generally last longer. I still have hats my Grandmother knitted over 20+ years ago.

Frugal DIY

If you are looking for a frugal do it yourself project to pass the time while you wait at dance lessons, soccer practice or simply while you watch television knitting is about as frugal as it comes.

knitting patterns

You will require knitting needles, yarn and patterns. All of which are very cheap to purchase. You can even get yarn on discount at most craft stores and thrift shops. I have also seen knitting supplies available at dollar stores.

how to knit

Learning how to knit is relatively easy and it is something you can do while watching television, during your kids soccer practice or while you wait in the school pick up line. Below you will find 7 great beginner knitting patterns that include a hat, booties, a scarf and more.

Knitting for others

Knitting projects depending on your skill level. Some projects can be completed relatively quickly. You might be able to knit a scarf in a day or a hat over a couple of days.

knitting to make money

Locally we have knitting groups and people who knit for a living. Making hats, scarfs, blankets and so much more to earn an income to support their families.

knitting crafts

These items are sold locally, but you could sell them on crafting sites as well to make additional income. Knitting patterns are another great way to make a great income online.

7 Amazing Knitting patterns For Beginners:

1. Knitted Beanie Hat – All Free Knitting

You will need:

size 9 – 16″ circular knitting needles

1 skein of bulky weight 5 yarn

2. Arm Knit Blanket – Flax & Twine

You will need:

3. Confetti Scarf – Purl Soho

You will need:

#15 knitting needles

7 skeins of light weight merino

4. Chunky Leg Warmers or Boot Toppers – All Free Knitting

You will need:

size 11 circular knitting needles

super bulky/ super chunky yarn

5. Easy Baby Booties – Gina Michelle

You will need:

medium weight yarn

size 8 straight needles

6. Knitted Dish Cloths – All Free Knitting

You will need:

size 8 straight needles

1 skein sugar and cream cotton

7. Bow Headbands – Green Bird

You will need:

size 4 straight needles

merino yarn

⭐best knitting tools

DIY gifting

If you are looking to gift your knitting projects or create an income for yourself. Some of the most practical of items are the best ideas. Such as knitted dish cloths, headbands, blankets, scarfs and hats.

knitting to make money

An arm knitted blanket makes a great gift and can also be sold for $75-$125 depending on the size and design. Hats make great gifts for the millennial on your gift list. Baby booties and blankets make great shower gifts or crafting shop income ideas.

related diy ideas:

Updated October 5, 2020

7 Amazing Knitting Projects For Beginners

7 amazing knitting projects for beginners. Blankets, hats, dishcloths, headbands, baby slippers and more. Learn how to knit. Including beginner knitting patterns.




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