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Garden Ideas

50 ideas for DIY garden decorations and creative garden design

50 ideas for DIY garden decorations and creative garden design



A colorful garden suggests original DIY garden decorations and creative garden design with bright colors that simply bring joy. In addition to the flowers, there are numerous variants with which you can beautify, liven up and decorate your garden in an interesting way. The garden is the area where you can fully release your creativity and create an original DIY wardrobe and creative garden design using all kinds of objects that you already have at home.

Make the garden colorful – garden stairs as a color accent in the garden design

When it comes to DIY garden decorations, there are no restrictions, just maybe a few unusable things that we hastily thrown away before the summer handicrafts. Nevertheless old and unusable things can always be found. You have probably already left something at home such as old furniture that you can’t just throw away in the garbage room. Do not leave these out of sight, as they are perfect for an authentic and creative garden design in combination with various flowers and plants. The pallets are also a valuable building and decor element for the garden. What you can do with the empty bottles, cans and various vessels is another inspiration for your colorful garden, just like simple or like animals painted stones, with which many other creative decoration ideas can be created.


cool ideas for DIY garden decorations and creative garden design with painted stones

DIY garden decoration with creatively painted stones

The stones belong to every garden. They simply lie in the garden as a natural part of it or are eagerly arranged as a lawn border or alpine. In many garden designs, the paths are made up of stones or shaken gravel. When it comes to a rock garden, or just a decoration with stones, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be colored. And since the stones are in shades of gray, all other colors are perfectly in the limelight. In this way, the garden path defined with gravel or a place in the garden can be playfully designed with scattered, brightly painted stones in red, yellow, blue or other bright colors. Another cool idea for creative garden design is the transformation of stones into different animals, which you can place between the plants as an original garden decoration and to create your own zoo. In addition, painting stones becomes the perfect handicraft project for children.

cool craft idea for garden decorations with DIY cactus made of stones

Landscaping with water

What will make a garden even more lively is the water or the use of water wells or pond basins. Such decorative elements are also not particularly difficult to make yourself. Let’s take a mini DIY pond as an example. What you basically need is a bucket or other vessel, PVC sealing, dechlorination, decoration made of glass or stone and water plants. The space for your DIY pond is also very important. Find a place in the garden that is exposed to the sun for at least four hours a day and preferably from the morning sun. Don’t forget to fertilize the aquatic plants from April to August, remove the yellow and dried leaves and dechlorinate the water regularly.


the small pond as a DIY garden decoration and creative garden design

liven up the rock garden with colorful snails

wonderful craft and decoration idea with spiders made of stones and wire

Craft idea for DIY bee as a garden decoration

A bit of yellow in the garden will definitely refresh the garden look. Here is a great and easy craft idea for bee garden decorations. You only need a ball with black and yellow stripes and four small flat sieves that you attach as wings on top. You can use wire and two balls or round stones to build the bee antennas.

colorful and creative garden design with animals

Original garden lighting

The lighting in the garden is an inseparable part of the garden design. Here, too, you could be more creative and decorate hedges and tree tops with brightly colored flowers or birds. During the day these solar lights will be a wonderful decoration and at night they will be a playful light accent. As an example, we would like to introduce you to the bindweed solar lights from Gardener’s Supply Company and the Vogel LED lights from the Ikea series ‘‘ SOLVINDEN ‘‘.

Garden decorations and garden lighting with blue bindweed solar lights

decorative colored birds for tree decoration during the day and creative garden lighting at night

Bird houses

Anyone who has a garden also enjoys the existence of butterflies and various beautiful singing birds, for which you can design a special place in the garden. One or even more bird houses are always a great accent, as is a fantastic garden decorating idea.

Bird houses as a colored decoration in the garden

Poppy garden decorations in bright colors for a happy mood in the garden

Cool recycling garden decorations and DIY decorations with cookware

What everyone has determined at home is a collection of empty plastic bottles waiting to be returned. The PET bottles are, however, ideal for making all sorts of striking things and decorations for indoor and outdoor use. You can even use the caps of the plastic bottles creatively, as in this example with a bird garden decoration made of blue plastic caps.

Recycle PET sealing lids creatively

The recycling of old cookware is just as creative. In the following example, some old metal bowls are simply dyed red, then decorated with white dots and attached to different heights of logs, so that they form a beautiful group of large decorative mushrooms and give a great accent to the garden.

Inspiration for a natural garden decoration with DIY mushrooms made from branches and round bowls

colorful garden design with a fancy garden path made of concrete stepping stones

a tree made of bottles can also bring mood in the garden

Hanging decoration in the garden

If you want your garden to look even more attractive, then a hanging garden decoration must be included. The ideas and solutions for this are limitless. For example, you can hang up plant containers, wind chimes or lanterns that you have made yourself beforehand. In this case, the empty bottles and cans are the perfect craft material for these three decoration ideas. Another and lately very popular hanging garden decoration is the transformation of a chandelier into a flower pot frame. Other creative inspirations for hanging plant containers show the use of old car tires and cookware for unique DIY garden decorations and creative garden design.

more ideas for bottle decorations in the garden

Ideas for wind chimes or hanging decorations for the garden to do yourself

Paint empty cans brightly and use them for planting

Wind lights are always suitable for lighting and decorating garden stairs and paths

Make white Kufel solar light colorful with watercolors

the chandelier as a hanging flower bed

Convert old car tires into beautiful flower beds in the garden

colorful accents in the garden and a cool idea for unusual hanging flower pots made from vintage sieves

Garden shoes as flower beds – great idea for cool and colorful garden design

paint a palette brightly and decorate flowers

colored garden design with hand materials

Colorful garden decorations with creative plant containers

Not only the plants make a nice impression in the garden. The flower pots, containers and beds also contribute to the colorful garden design, especially if they are not the typical vessels for planting. There is simply no limit to the items that can be used, such as colorful shoes, old umbrellas, all sorts of cups and etc.

Porcelain tea set for elegant garden decorations

If you have pumps that are uncomfortable to wear, let them parade in the garden!

bright colors like pink shine even more in a combination with white or gray

the white flower pots provide the perfect scene for colorful flowers on the windowsill

fantastic garden decoration idea with a waterfall of flowers

Planting old furniture – great decoration for a dream garden with a rustic character

Flowers to decorate old furniture

the colorful vertical garden made of colored flower pots – idea for garden wall decoration

Color design of the wooden garden wall using a colorfully painted wooden box

fresh color accents and garden decorations with decorative flowers

create a play of sunlight through glass balls inserted in the wooden fence

such a natural garden decoration with driftwood and stones painted as ladybugs

colored stones in the garden – garden decoration craft idea for children and adults

Wall design in the garden with flowers and wooden shutters painted in purple

the table in the garden can also take part in the color scheme

Anyone who wants to create a colorful garden design also needs textiles and garden furniture in bright colors


colorful garden furniture as garden decoration and creative garden design with color

Garden furniture from Pier1

A colorful garden suggests original DIY garden decorations and creative garden design with bright colors …



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