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50 Cool Sewing Projects to Make and Sell

50 Cool Sewing Projects to Make and Sell



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Nothing sells quite as well as one-of-a-kind handmade goods. Thanks to the days of the internet, it’s easy for people to buy and sell all types of handmade goods right from the comfort of home.

For those who can sew, there is no shortage of opportunity to create some projects that people will actually want to buy online. We were able to find 50 ideas for every level of crafter.

Go for gold or take it slow, but make sure you take really good pictures to post and then watch the sales roll in.

Super Easy:

1. Scrunchies

How to Sew Scrunchies Tutorial (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

These adorable accessories are as much about style as they are a useful tool to have on hand. They’re easy to make in various colors, so you can appeal to anyone looking to buy a handmade scrunchie online!

2. Baby Bibs

Free Bandana Bib Sewing Pattern (via Sweet Red Poppy)

Gone are the days of generic, boring baby bibs. Making these adorable bandana-style baby bib and your baby will be a style icon in the family.

3. Electronic Cord Organizers

Tutorial: DIY Cord Keeper From Fabric Scraps (via Leafy Treetop’s)

Say goodbye to the tangled mess of chargers. These easy-to-make cord charger organizers are an undeniable accessory for anyone’s gift list. They’re a sure-fire sell so long as you make one to match every personality.

4. Kitchen Hot Pad

Large Hot Pad Tutorial (via Auntie Ems Crafts)

The hot pad is two very important things at one: very easy to make and very useful to anyone. They add a useful bit of color to any kitchen, making an excellent project to focus on if you’re looking for a sewing project that will sell.

5. Quilted Coaster

Fair and Square Quilted Coasters (via Fave Quilts)

Like the hotpad, what home doesn’t need coasters? Handmade quilted coasters are fantastic gifts for a house warming, birthday, or holiday. Add them to your online shop and you’re sure to get some happy customers.

6. Envelope Pillow Covers

Diy 10-minute Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial (via The Crafting Nook)

With such a fancy name, it may seem that this should fall into a more difficult category. In truth, you may very well be able to make one of these in 10 minutes. Selling a handmade pillow cover is a great way for customers to revitalize a throw pillow, or inspire them to buy another!

7. Fabric Keychains

DIY Keychain Tutorial: Fabric Wristlet (via Darice)

A keychain as a wristlet just makes things easy. Luckily, sewing them yourself at home is also very easy. They’re so quick that you can make a few, but also open up your shop to the opportunity of customized orders. That way, you’ll sew as you go and won’t have anything wasted.

8. Laptop Sleeve

Make An Envelope Laptop Sleeve (via By Brittany Goldwyn)

Like the pillow envelope, the laptop sleeve is both highly useful and incredibly easy to make. You may have to make a few different sizes depending on a computer model, but this is another easy sewing project that you can make to order in hardly any time at all.

9. Reusable Snack Packs

Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial (via Cassie Wholefully)

Reusable snack packs are kid friendly and planet-friendly. They’re so easy to make you’ll want one in every color and then, any of them that are left over, you can sell online for a eco-conscious mom.

10. Placemats

Reversible Placemat Tutorial (via Gluesticks Blog)

Some may argue that anything’s a placemat. If you want to step it up a notch and make something that will impress your guests, try making out some easy double-layered placemats. Who says they have to match?

11. Table Runner

Skinny Blue Batik Tablerunner Tutorial (via Connie Kresin)

Like the placemats, the hardest thing about making a table runner is deciding the theme you want to go with. You can make it a long stretch of the same fabric or a patchwork design. Customers will undoubtedly go for either!

12. Swiffer Rag

Washable Reusable Swiffer Wet Jet Refill Pads (via Bargain Hound)

Having a Swiffer in the home makes things easy, but what happens when you run out of the pads? Making swiffer rags ensure they’re always available when a spill happens, and they can be easily machine washed. A very useful and unique gift!

13. Plastic Bag Holder

Easy Bag Holder Sewing Pattern (via Little House Living)

A plastic bag holder can take on many creative forms. Some might opt to just look for the streamlined tube design, but you can get creative with the fabric to really make a one of a kind item to sell online.

14. Hanging Organizer

Stylish Storage: Hanging Organizer (via The Graphics Fairy)

Like the plastic bag organizers, these hanging items can take on many forms and take care of many messes. People can organize utensils, makeup brushes, or anything they can think of on these cool one-of-a-kind organizers.


15. Reusable Tote

How to Make a Reusable Bag for the Market in Under 1 Hour! (via Spoon Flower)

A reusable tote has a place in any household. It can be used as a bag, a purse, or tucked away for a backup, all without relying on disposable bags.

16. Bento Bag/market Tote

Bento Bag Free Sewing Pattern…with Handles (via Sew In Love)

Like the tote, the bento bag is a new spin on a classic design. It’s a look that will be sure to score sales on the online community looking for a way to make their grocery trips more sustainable and fashionable.

17. Pencil Pouch

Diy Box Pencil Case (via Gathered Threads)

Another must-have option that would be easy if it didn’t require a zipper. Still, this pencil pouch is good for back to school or as a purse insert. Let online shoppers decide.

18. Car Trash Pouch

Easy Diy Car Trash Bag (via Sew Very Crafty)

Now this is a sewing project that has an audience far and wide. This reusable bin can hang in your car to mask the ugly look of a plastic trash bag.

19. Passport Holder

How to sew a Passport Wallet. Cover. Case (via My Crafts)

Losing your passport can be a nightmare. Making a one-of-a-kind passport cover is a great gift for travelers and an eye-pleasing way to keep track of your most important document.

20. Chair Cushion

Tutorial: Junk in the Trunk Chair Cushions (via Sew Sweetness)

Chair cusions are an easy looked-over item in the house hold, and not just because they’re sat on. Some seasonal prints can be a good way for someone to spice up their space. It’s an easy sewing project bound to sell.

21. Homemade Heating Pad

How to Sew Your Own Microwave Heating Pad (via Craft Picnic)

In the spirit of comfort, the homemade heating pad only requires a bit of fabric, sewing, and rice. It’s an instant spa treatment and a wonderful gift to make and sell.

22. Homemade Hand Warmers

Simple Hand Warmers Tutorial (via Simple Simon And Co)

Like the heating pad, hand warmers can be great for people who love going to sports games or just enjoying the great outdoors. Make them in sports’ team colors during the season and you’re sure to make some money off it!

23. Sofa Caddy

Make You Own Sofa Sewing Caddy (via Overdale Fabrics)

Your remote, glasses, phone, and anything else you might need to have a good long TV binge is waiting in a hand-sewed sofa caddy. These can be useful for any living room and are a great option to sew and sell online.

24. Toiler Paper Holder

Toiler Paper Holder (via Pinterest)

Finding a place to stow your fresh rolls of toilet paper just got easier. This holder is a way to beautify the bathroom necessities and makes a great gift for anyone who would appreciate doing the same to their own bathroom.

25. Bread Warmer

Fabric Napkin Bread Warmer (via Tried And True)

Guests are always impressed by things handmade. Whether it’s the bread or the bread warmer, this adorable little towel can keep your warmed bread in perfect shape for laying on the table.

26. Pot Holder

How to Make Round Quilted Potholders (via Polka Dot Chair)

Every good kitchen needs a goot pair of pot holders. This project can be personalized to order or just made in the best culinary patterns you can think of.

27. Earbud Pouch

Create Your Own Earbud Pouch (via TheBlueOstrich1)

Earbuds, whether they have a string or not, are more useful when they’re neatly stowed away. These earbud pouches are a great hand-sewn item to use for yourself and sell to share the wealth.

28. Sleep mask

Eye Mask – Free Pattern & Tutorial (via The Red Kitchen)

Sleep masks are a go-to gift for the traveler in your life. Imagine how many other people think it will be just as thoughtful? These are a worthwhile project to make and customize to sell online.

29. Beer Coozie

Diy Insulated Beverage Holders (Koozies) (via Positively Splendid)

Nothing like waking up from a good nap to a cold beer. A hand-sewn beer coozie is a cozy way to enjoy a crisp beer. They’re a definite gift on anyone’s gift list.

30. Hand Sanitizer Jacket

Spin the Pins – Kayarna’s Hand Sanitizer Holder (via Nannycraft4u)

Keeping hand sanitizer handy is made easy with this sewn jacket. It can hang off your purse it’s always in reach when things get ugly!

31. Hot handle holder

Skillet Handle Cover Tutorial (via Crazy Little Projects)

Cooking with cast iron seems to be all the rage. When things are popular the next step is to accessorize. A hot handle holder is a great item to make to sell online – just make sure you have a sturdy enough material to withstand the heat!

32. Pet Leash

DIY Scrappy Pet Leash – free sewing tutorial (via Sew Can She)

Ah, the pet leash, a protective device and the perfect item to accessorize. Get creative enough to match the personalities of furry friends and you’ll have yourself several sales.

Expert Sewing:

33. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Sew a mermaid tail blanket: Sea Snuggler Pattern Release (via Cucicucicoo)

A pretty little fairy tale comes to life for all ages with the mermaid tail blanket. It takes a little more advanced sewing, but the final result is worth it. It’s a guaranteed sell for a beautiful tail!

34. Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring backpack (a free tutorial) (via Sotak Handmade)

Always a staple to have for sports, making drawstring backpacks can get really creative. Make them for any team, school, or casual pattern to create a diverse store of hand made backpacks.

35. Kitchen Apron

Farmhouse Linen Pinafore Apron Pattern And Tutorial (via Sisters What)

It seems someone has to get their first apron somewhere. Getting a hand-sewn apron that’s custom-made is a great gift for anyone and something that anyone can make.

36. Phone Charger Holder

How-To: Travel Cable Cozy (via Makezine)

Keeping cords wrapped up can turn into an art project with a bit of fabric and thread. A great customizable project and gift!

37. Hanging Makeup Roll

Hanging makeup roll (via Found In The Ali)

Makeup rolls are a timeless gift for the ladies in your life. They’re a fun project to experiment with, but takes a lot of skill to keep the lines straight!

38. Handbag Organizer

Colorful Patchwork Bags & Baskets (via Pinterest)

A handbag organizer can do double duty anywhere you need it. Grab it and take it on the go or put it in a larger purse to keep everything in the proper place. A neat freak’s dream!

39. Diaper Bag

DIY Diaper Bag (via Fabric)

Diaper bags have a lot to hold on to, and a good hand-made one can go farther than many others. New moms will go crazy for the best, most unique patterns! Get creative.

40. Baby Booties

Baby Shoe DIY – An Awesome Pattern (via Pixel Pleat)

Something about being exclusive, even as a baby, is very intriguing. Hand-sewn booties are a mom’s dream, and they just take a little bit of sewing, patience, and creativity to create.

41. Reading Pillow

Easy Reading Pillow (via Village Bound Quilts)

And while they’re at it, moms can get a cute new addition to a growing toddler’s room. A cute little pillow will be the perfect place to store bedtime stories.

42. Voodoo Doll

Voodoo doll pattern (via Pinterest)

These cute little creepy dolls can be an adorable little gift for the right person. It’s fun to be able to experiment with different fabrics on a doll like this, making it a truly exciting project and unique gift.

43. Owl Sewing Caddy

The “Owl You Need” Sewing Buddy (via Mybluprint)

For the expert-level sewist, from the expert sewist, the owl sewing is a fun project that will have a welcome, adoring market online.

44. Lunch Tote

DIY Lunch Bag (via Vicky Myers Creations)

For moms on the jobs or kids at school, the lunch tote is a great project to consider for wide audience… and maybe even one for yourself.

45. Hanging Phone Charge Station

DIY Phone Charger (via Pinterest)

Designed to keep the phone close to the charger, this gift is unique in both design and craft. You can make it even more tailored to your style as you, or customers, want it to be.

46. Car Caddy Bag

Car Diddy Bag – Free Sewing Tutorial (via Sew Can She)

We love a good hand-made caddy. Keeping things in the car, like tic-tacs or a lighter, just where you left it is satisfying and possible with a car caddy bag.

47. Stair Bag

The One-Trip-Up the Stairs Basket (via Etsy)

Somehow, this works. It uses a multi-level design to create a streamlined way to keep your bag in place. It fits, and we love it.

48. Bedside Organizer

Bedside Pockets Organizer (via Sew Can She)

Anyone of any age can be glad to have this bedside organizer. No matter what you need, a book, your phone, or a box of tissues, it can be kept in place with this hand-sewn design.

49. Makeup Brush Organizer

DIY: Makeup Brush Holder (via Centsational Style)

Keeping brushes clean is so much easier if they’re all kept together. These sewn makeup organizers stay in place and keep things fresh.

50. Fabric Storage Box

DIY Fabric Bucket (via Dear Handmade Life)

Forget the old cardboard boxes and get crafty making your own. These may need a little reinforcement but, an expert with a needle and thread will be thrilled to complete a whole set of these.

Nothing sells quite as well as one-of-a-kind handmade goods. Thanks to the days of the internet, it’s easy for people…




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