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5 Inspiring Ways to Create a Cottage Style Garden

5 Inspiring Ways to Create a Cottage Style Garden



This summer we’re working more on the outside of our house, which includes painting it … ugh! But I’m also lending a critical eye to our garden spaces. I’ve always wanted a cottage style garden … you know, that riotous floral look with foxgloves stretching high and daisies spilling out of a picket fence. So I searched on Houzz for inspirational cottage garden ideas and came up with 5 ways to achieve this relaxed and sometimes messy look. (Click on photos to be taken to its location on Houzz.)

Cottage Style Garden Landscape

1. Replace Grass with Flowers

My mother would think this landscape is too messy, but I’ve always wanted to replace my front yard with a sea of flowers. I’m just afraid I’ll screw it up and it won’t look pretty … it’ll just look messy.

Farmhouse Landscape by Pipersville Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Dear Garden Associates, Inc.

Maybe I could make that change to the front yard in stages.

I could start with just part of the yard like this home.

A flagstone path breaks up the flowers and creates a somewhat organized feel while retaining cottage charm.

Traditional Landscape by Santa Barbara Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Margie Grace – Grace Design Associates

2. Create a Meandering Garden Path

Straight pathways don’t belong in a cottage style garden.

They need to wind and ramble around, mimicking the flowing flowers.

Traditional Landscape by Kansas City Architects & Building Designers RDM Architecture

A narrow path like this with a simple bird bath is perfect for a side yard.

I love how the plants run and tumble into each other.

Traditional Landscape by Morristown Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers

3. Add a Picket Fence

Pink roses ramble over this pretty white fence while purple sage stretches up to greet them.

This garden has cottage style without being messy since the plantings are orderly, yet full.

Traditional Landscape by Shelburne Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Paintbox Garden

Foxglove, the quintessential cottage flower, frames this home’s picket fence.

One summer my neighbor had a bunch of these in her backyard and it was breathtaking!

Traditional Landscape by Calabasas Interior Designers & Decorators Chelsea Pineda Interiors

4. Include a Romantic Arbor

Nothings screams cottage garden like an old-fashioned arbor!

Train roses to climb up and over its arch to create an architectural statement.

Traditional Landscape by Miami Interior Designers & Decorators Michelle Jacoby, Changing Spaces

In past years I’ve grown roses but without much success.

They always seem to get black spot and never look good past the month of June.

Traditional Landscape by Miami Interior Designers & Decorators Michelle Jacoby, Changing Spaces

5. Plant Overflowing Flower Boxes

Flower boxes are such an easy way to add cottage style and charm to your garden.

I’ve added flower boxes to every house I’ve ever owned.

Cottage Style Porch

A flower box is a great way to bring the flower garden up close to the house.

Or if you don’t have a lot of yard space, it’s a great way to get your flower fix.

To see more cottage style gardens, visit my new Cottage Gardens board on Pinterest!

Cottage style gardens are wildly popular today and tend to be lower maintenance than their formal counterparts. See how easy it is to add cottage style.



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