5 IDEAS to REMODEL YOUR BATHROOM easily – Small and modern – Bitcoin Value

5 IDEAS to REMODEL YOUR BATHROOM easily – Small and modern

5 IDEAS to REMODEL YOUR BATHROOM easily – Small and modern



Do you think your bathroom needs an I don’t know what? Maybe you’re right and want to give it a cat’s hand. But if you don’t know where to start, then stay for us to show you 5 IDEAS TO EASILY REMODEL YOUR BATHROOM. Tips that you can implement today and others that you will have to invest a little, but that the result will be great. Join me to see them.

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You’ve probably been telling yourself this for a long time, but no matter how hard you do, you don’t see a significant change in the look of your bathroom. Perhaps this is because you must implement several changes, even if they are small, so that they add up and are noticed in a big change.

When you make changes in your life like a remodel, no matter how small, the vibes of the space change and the feeling is incredibly different. It is also very good to renew and feel an air of freshness, even in a little corner of our house.

Remodeling your bathroom is not difficult at all. Of course, if you are thinking of changing the furniture or the floor, the change will be bigger and more significant. You can be inspired by the ideas we have for you today. But if you are thinking about tiny changes it is also worth it and it will be very cool with the following tips that I have to recommend you. Let’s see them.


How good that you think about remodeling! Here are some ideas and inspiration for small bathroom remodel.


The shelves should be your best friends in all the spaces of your house. In the bathroom they are no exception, so you should put them on any smooth wall you see. Having shelves allows you to play with the volume and textures of a space, providing a feeling of order and exquisite modernism.

They are used a lot above the toilet cabinet, since that space is hardly used and is wasted. Check out these ideas for your shelves.


Mirrors are an important part of your bathroom. You can buy one with geometric shapes to continue with your bathroom change. Currently, large mirrors are being a trend, since if your bathroom is small, the mirror will provide a feeling of spaciousness in the space with the reflection.

You can also use them as decoration, since some look super cool when you hang them with strings to give a vintage-modern air.


If you are thinking of changing the color of the walls, I highly suggest you think of cold colors, always combined with white. This is because the bathroom, being a humid area, needs an air of freshness so that it is reflected in the space. It uses ranges between white, white, gray, blue and even green combined with white.

Ha ha ha Yes, the bench is important because in addition to freshness, this range of colors will increase the sense of cleanliness, and how beautiful it is when you enter an extra clean bathroom, right?


The decoration will always give a punch to any space. You can put any type of decoration that you like the most. For example: cute soap dishes, a ladder if you don’t have shelves (it looks super good), change the pots for new ones and above all, put plants inside. The atmosphere changes COMPLETELY.

It’s important to say that you don’t need to invest a lot at this point. There are millions of handmade accessories tutorials with things that you have at home that look super cool. Test your imagination.


If your budget goes beyond that, then I 100% recommend that you make the change of floor. Doing so will give an incredible touch to your bathroom and the space will change completely. The trend now is to use vintage / boho / handmade designs that will contrast impressively with the white color of point 3. You are going to go crazy!

You can combine the colors that you have used on the walls or you can go crazy and make it a totally different color. Both options are valid. Just remember not to go out of the range and not to use more than 3 colors. Less is more.


If you are thinking of making a new bathroom or remodeling it completely, here is an image with furniture distributions that will make your space look bigger and work in the best way. In addition, doing this will help you save material for the hydraulic and sanitary installation.

Check out these ideas and tell us which one best suits the space you have in your bathroom at the moment.


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