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5 Garden Photo Ideas to Steal From the Pros

5 Garden Photo Ideas to Steal From the Pros



When I first took up garden photography, and

for that matter…I knew absolutely nothing about the process. I still have MUCH to learn, but I did pick up a few tips and tricks about

from the professional photographers and magazine editors I’ve worked with over time.

#1. Try not to C ut Things Off …

in the scene you are capturing

like the arbor post on the left hand side of the image above,


or the cut-in-half terracotta, heart-shaped plaque on the gate of the potager. It can be displeasing to the eye…making the image look truncated and somehow incomplete. These issues could have been addressed by cropping after the fact, but would have made a more pleasing image at the outset…

had I included or excluded the gate and its plaque entirely.

It was the same photographer,

Ralph Anderson, (with SOUTHERN LIVING at the time), who suggested.

(we both had the AHA! moment )

to paint the back bench in the same hue as the Goldsturm Rudebeckia and coreopsis blooming at the time.

as in the above composition,


#2. Just Catch the Edges of Things

as in the container ensemble above or the garden bench here…

or the gate and Japanese Maple branch below.

#3. Look at the Garden from Unique Vantage Points

Take a picture from the OPPOSITE end of the view that is usually seen. Step into the bed if you must…and look from back to front for a change.

Or get up high…

or down low. Finally,

#5. Look for the Story. Tell the Story.

Create Visual Poetry

Storyline: Summer Romance

Storyline: Purity

Storyline: Just beyond… and Out of View

…and a favorite image and storyline of my friend Color Girl…

The Empty Nest.

Tell me a story please…

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