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5 Elements to Create a Cozy Patio

5 Elements to Create a Cozy Patio



Summertime is officially here! Can ya feel the heat!? I love spending time on the patio in the summer. I go out on my patio every evening to water my plants and enjoy the outdoors, even though it’s elevently-billion degrees.

There is nothing special about my patio. The flower beds surrounding it are overgrown with weeds, the concrete is cracked and uneven, and honestly it’s a complete mess. But I enjoy the time outside nonetheless. I sit out there and daydream about creating a cozy patio and what it would look like (if only I had more time and money… story of my life). 😉

In my daydreaming, I came up with 5 elements that I’d like to include to create a cozy patio vibe and I wanted to share them with you all today. I’ll also share some photos that I’ve been saving on Pinterest for inspo.

5 Elements to Create a Cozy Patio

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1. Seating

This is likely the most important element. It would be pretty difficult to have a cozy patio with nowhere to sit. Currently, I have a small wrought iron table and a few mismatched chairs on my patio. This current set up doesn’t even have enough space for my entire family to sit, and the comfort is less than desirable. My dream would be to have an outdoor sectional where we could all gather and have conversations. I love this one that I found for less than $1000!

2. Lighting

This creates the ambiance. Illuminating light gives a warm and cozy feel. I love the way market lights look in an outdoor space! They are an easy and inexpensive way to add instant coziness to your patio. You can also add in a few lanterns with candles to add a little extra ambiance. The flickering light and sound of a fire adds instant coziness as well. I love the look of this stone stone firepit. It would be perfect for making s’mores with the family, or keeping warm in those winter months.

3. Greenery

Give me all the greens! But please send help to keep them all alive. Although, my thumb has gotten a little greener with the help of my husband. So far, I’ve managed to keep most things alive. I found this cute herb garden that I would love to add to my patio space. Herbs are great because they are pretty easy to keep alive and they also serve a purpose. I love clipping fresh herbs to cook with. If you struggle with keeping all the things alive, you could always go faux with this beautiful fiddle fig leaf or rosemary topiary.

4. Textiles

You definitely won’t need a throw anytime soon if you are in the south. But they certainly add lots of coziness to a space. And they would be great to have on hand for the fall and winter months. These macrame pillows can also add a cozy patio feel. Oh, and check out these adorable plant pillows I found! They are a steal at 4 for less than $30! Also, don’t forget the outdoor rug to tie your space together. I love the black and white striped rug because it goes with all decor styles and colors. You could even layer a smaller rug on top of this one, if you like the layered rug look. You can check out how I did that here.

5. Accessories

Last, but certainly not least, are the accessories. These are the items that you will use to pull your space together to create a cohesive look. Concrete statues or figurines, such as these cute cement birds are perfect to add a little charm to your space. If you have a potting bench, these metal garden boxes make a great addition and are practical for storing your seeds and garden tools. And don’t forget the planters for all of your greenery. I love adding wood elements to all spaces, so of course I fell in love with this gorgeous wooden box planter.

If you are looking to do a little patio update, I hope this gives you some inspo. I can’t wait to get started on mine (as soon as I find that time and money).

Have a fabulous week friends! xoxo

Do you want to create a cozy outdoor space but don’t know where to start. I’m sharing how to create a cozy patio by adding 5 simple elements.




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