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Garden Decor Ideas

40 pottery ideas for the garden and as a unique gift

40 pottery ideas for the garden and as a unique gift



Nowadays more and more handicraft traditions are getting a trendy status. In one of the previous articles, we drew your attention to various embroidery techniques. Today we think it is fitting to share some pottery ideas with you as the gardening season is blossoming.

Pottery has now become a collective term that encompasses the entire manufacture of ceramic goods. In garden design there is a lot that you can add to and embellish with homemade ceramics. If you have no experience in pottery, we can reassure you, because your creative project counts first.

Simple and also without jaws – at the beginning there is the idea

We have attached 40 inspirational examples for you that are relatively easy to implement. Many of our DIY projects contain many upcycling ideas that you can use in abundance. Handmade is always best, but refining flower pots or painting stones can also be exciting topics for you when designing your garden.

If you are determined to work with clay, you do not necessarily need prior experience with a pottery wheel. Unfortunately, using a suitable oven to bake the clay works in it cannot be avoided.

Painting and glazing cups requires a bit of specialist knowledge

Decorate clay works and creatively design the garden

In specialist shops for artists and handicraft supplies such as idee or Bössner you can buy ready-baked forms and suitable paint for clay painting.

Depending on what atmosphere you want to create in your garden, you can use various shapes to create no fantasy worlds. Aim to appeal to the senses and play with natural elements such as water or fire.

Play with the elements of nature and the senses

You can design a small garden pond made of glazed ceramic with moss and fill it with colorful glass stones. The interaction of sunlight and water with elements that additionally reflect the light gives more than satisfactory results.

Wind chimes enchant with their sound, which depends on the material

Rest and relaxation in your own garden

Lying in a hammock between trees and bushes can be fantastic and relaxing for everyone. But if you add the sound of wind chimes or the calming splashing of the water to this picture, the garden picture becomes even more beautiful and relaxing.

Decorating vessels is an art in itself that should be learned separately

Pottery ideas as a gift

Giving away something handmade is very laudable, but you have to know something about your craft. Ceramic plates or vases can be suitable tasks for beginners in the field of pottery.

You can order a decorative plate in a pottery and design it yourself as a gift. Find out in advance how exactly you will be processing the glaze. If in doubt, attend a pottery workshop and then approach your task with a lot more experience and affinity.

A small lantern brings big changes with it

Design clay works with mosaic stones and create true beauty

You can quickly grasp simple shapes with your hands

Ceramic formations for the zen garden

Ceramic garden plugs are great gift ideas

Fantasy worlds are more than adequate especially in the garden

The more experience you have, the more precisely you can handle sound

“Where there is the will, there is also a way!”

Beauty never has to do with perfection

Experience and skills

The old and enchanting craft cannot be learned in a few hours, but every further experience and new skills will help you to feel more confident in the implementation of the next creative project.

With this in mind, we wish you a successful pottery and you’d better start with something simple that shouldn’t have a specific shape. Your hands should get used to processing the clay and developing a feeling for it.

Today we think it is appropriate for the blossoming of the gardening season to give you some potters’ ideas. Pottery is now a collective term that ..



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