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35+ Super Creative Painted Flower Pots For 2020

35+ Super Creative Painted Flower Pots For 2020



If you want to add some vibrant colors to your garden or you need a simple DIY project for the weekend, these painted flower pots will give you some inspiration to show off your creativity! I found a variety of different styles with everything from the perfect boho vibe for your succulents to a simple design you can recreate in less than an hour. So I’m sure you’ll find some ideas here that will help you make your flower pots look amazing!

Here are the ones I found:

Rainbow Painted Flower Pot

Photo credit: Pot Head Planters on Instagram

Find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Or even better – make one on your own! This rainbow flower pot is all you need to bring some magic in your home. And, color, of course… since there’s nothing more vivid than this color pallet

Painted Aloe Pot Inspiration

Photo credit: Brittney Walters on Instagram

Feeling sick and tired of the old monotonous flower pots? Many people are, that’s why many of them paint them. Seriously, with a few colors, a brush, and some imagination, you can turn your old pots into art. Take a look at this flower pot – it looks so amazing and would make the perfect desktop plant!

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Donut Themed Terra Cotta Pot

Photo credit: Happy Pots on Instagram

Donut lovers, rejoice because this one’s for you! When you are looking to add more color to your home garden, there’s nothing simpler than painting your flower pots. And, there’s nothing cuter and more eye-catching than giving your old pot a new donut design!

Blue Berry Painted Clay Pot

Photo credit: Amanda Nikki on Instagram

Like the classic look of a clay pot but want to add some cute decoration!? This blueberry themed one is the perfect example of just that. You can do the same for the other pots by painting the plant you are growing on the pot itself and let the image speak for itself!

Sleepy Face Painted Clay Pot

Photo credit: Tipi’s Trash on Instagram

Growing Aloe Vera? We got the perfect flower pot painting idea for you. This sleeping beauty makes your plant look alive. It looks like it’s growing out of her head, just like a hair. Imagine how that’s gonna look when the Aloe grows bigger! This is super cute and would go perfectly in a small indoor garden

Poured Paint Potted Plant Design

Photo credit: Cheryls Art Designs on Instagram

Are you looking to add some color to your home garden? There’s no better way than painting your flower pots. If you aren’t really into specific designs or don’t want to spend hours of painting details, you can make this rainbow pour design!

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Mini Ombre Herb Pots

Source: A Crafted Passion

If you are looking for an easy-peasy idea on how to paint your flower pots, this one’s for you! You don’t need much time or artistic skills to create these mini-ombre pots. Just 2 colors, a bit of mixing to make new shades, and voila – your new pots are here. It can’t get easier than that!

Indoor Painted Clay Pots

Photo credit: Hooked & Hung Studio on Instagram

Here’s a painter flower pot idea for all those looking for simple designs that don’t require too much detail. This may actually be the easiest of them all because all you have to do tape off your abstract shapes and then paint over the entire pot. It’s minimalistic, yet looks so cute, especially with a succulent or cactus inside!

Flower Clay Pot Design

Photo credit: Morgan Habe on Instagram

Growing flowers at home is rewarding. You see them bloom and turn your home into a botanical garden. But, those brown pots look outdated and stick out of all that color. So, why not use their brown base as a canvas to paint beautiful pastel flowers on it, like these ones. It looks so natural and gives your pots a completely new look!

Abstract Painted Flower Pot Design

Photo credit: Trin on Instagram

Got that retro blue in these modern times? You can bring it back to life by creating a retro patterned flower pot like this one. It’s super-easy, fun to do it, and will give a playful look to your pots!

Hand Painted Succulent Pot

Photo credit: Ximena Crafting on Instagram

Artist in soul and gardener for life? Why not combine both passions to create masterpiece flower pots like these ones? Using several acrylic paints and your imagination, you can create a one-of-a-kind flower pot design. It not only gives your pots a new look but also turns them into the best home or desk decor!

Feminie Painted Clay Pot

Photo credit: Sharlie Designs on Instagram

Staying at home for the weekend or have some spare time? If you have nothing to do or want to add another task on your list, you can paint your flower pots. You don’t have to actually paint them in lots of colors, rather turn them into a piece of art. Even something as simple as this girl/flower painting will work the magic!

90’s Theme Painted Flower Pot

Photo credit: The Nostalgic Pot on Instagram

Feeling nostalgic for the 90s? Turn your feelings into a playful flower pot design like this one. Colorful, unique, and simple to make – it’s the perfect flower pot painting idea for those who want a retro flashback into their life without much hassle!

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Painted Boho Clay Pot

Photo credit: The Artful Grimmer on Instagram

If you’re looking to add a unique desin to your clay pots then sometimes, simple shapes and a few colors can do the magic! This 3-colored pattern with half-circles is a must-have boho flower pot design. The best part of it? It’s relatively simple to make!

Avocado Painted Mini Flower Pot

Photo credit: Elle’s Balcony Garden on Instagram

Obsessed with avocados? Then, this is the perfect painted flower pot idea for you! This simplistic “avo” pot design is the perfect choice for all avo-holics out there. You can reflect your love for your favorite fruit by painting them. It looks awesome and you can look at it the whole day, every day of your life

Painted Clay Pots For Herb Garden

Photo credit: Sarah Howard on Instagram

Do you want to give a new look to your flower pots but don’t have any artistic skills? No problem. I got the perfect pot painting idea for you. These black-and-white flower pots are as simple as they can be, yet look stylish thanks to the cursive lettering! And, yeah, no skills needed – just two acrylic paints and a white pen!

Dot Pattern Painted Planter

Photo credit: Lalanee on Instagram

If you want to create an artwork out of your flower pots, you can’t miss this dot-patterned idea. It’s such a unique design and would definetly stand out in your garden! All those colors matching each other to perfection allow you to create true illusion out of your pots. It’s mesmerizing!

Boho Terracotta Flower Pots

Photo credit: Jemma Twigg on Instagram

Looking for a simple, yet creative flower pot design? Well, this abstract pot painting idea could be the one you’ve been looking for. It’s not too hard to make and brings out the artist in you while making the old pots look impressive. If you have a little indoor garden with a simple boho look, these would work perfectly for you!

Geometric Painted Flower Pots

Photo credit: The Holly Tree on Instagram

Did you know you can turn your flower pots into home décor pieces? With some colors, shapes, and lots of creativity, you can create true art out of the monotonous pots. If you don’t have an idea of what can go with your interior, you can check out this pastel-and-bronze shape patterned pot painting design!

Painted Clay Pot For Cactus

Photo credit: Pao on Instagram

If you are growing cacti at home or in your garden, then this playful cacti design could be the right for you. Draw attention to your plants with some bold pink and dark green for contrast. And, don’t forget the white sparkles for the ultimate shine-bright-like-a-diamond effect!

Hand Painted Gold Hanging Flower Pot

Photo credit: Plantaby on Instagram

If you want to create a bold and eye-catchy pot, you can’t go wrong with this bold planter idea. It looks so stylish, surreal, and decorative that you can use it as a decoration in your living room. Adding extra gold as in the photo will make your pot even more impressive than it already is!

Butterfly Design For Clay Pot

Photo credit: Auggie Pots on Instagram

Turn your ordinary flower pot into a real masterpiece with this idea. Nothing looks more natural nor goes better than a butterfly on a flower. Recreate your flowers’ natural surroundings by painting a couple of butterflies, a bit of grass, and colorful pastel background!

Boho Rainblow Clay Pot

Photo credit: Ash In Wonderland on Instagram

If pink is your color, this pot painting design is perfect for you. Combing your fav color with its shades, a bit of grey and white, and some dots creates a design for the soul. And, the rainbow is the right shape to accommodate your colors. The end result? A playful pink flower pot that perfectly matches the vivid colors of your flowers!

Minimalist Terracotta Painted Pot

Photo credit: Larissa on Instagram

If you want to spend some quality time on your own, you can paint a flower pot. Seriously… painting can have a therapeutic effect and be so rewarding because you get a beautiful pot like this one at the end. Avoid all the hassle of color choosing by going to the basics – white flowers drawn with a pen on a clay pot!

Gold Sunrise Succulent Pot

Photo credit: Briony Wallace on Instagram

Looking for a simple painting idea for your clay pot? Take a look at this afternoon design. It’s a must-do look for your clay pots because nothing goes better with a natural material like clay than earthly colors like these. Plus, you can enjoy the magic of the golden sunset no matter the time of the day or the weather!

Painted Planter With Wooden Stand

Photo credit: Colour Coated on Instagram

When looking for a vivid and bold pot painting idea, you cannot go wrong with this goldfield design. The bold colors draw attention to your pot and the layers add playfulness to the overall look. And, not to forget, it’s fairly easy to make!

Painted Flower Pot Gift Idea

Photo credit: Erica on Instagram

Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Look no further because this is the pefect gift idea for you. This female-themed pot design reflects your gratefulness for your mother, sister, or wife. Plus, it makes a gift for life as they will use it as a flowerpot or maybe a vase or a decorative piece. Either way, it’s the perfect gift for the female(s) in your life!

Daisy Themed Painted Clay Pot

Photo credit: Sabrina on Instagram

When looking for a simple, yet interesting idea for your pots, you cannot go wrong with this adorable simplistic flower pot painting ideas. You can choose the one you like the most or make all of them for each of your pots. All of these designs look cute and are simple to make, so why not take advantage of that to give your pots are brand new look?

Painted Flower Pot With Moon & Sun

Photo credit: Olivia McCarten on Instagram

Bring some magic into your home with this flower pot painting design. While it requires a lot of attention and basic artistic skills, the end result is enchanting. You can use this idea for your own pots or create a unique, handmade gift for a friend or a family member!

Cat Themed Painted Clay Pot

Photo credit: Colorful Pots on Instagram

Shout out to all cat lovers! We got some meow-tastic pot painting design for you. Draw and paint these cute, smiling kittens onto your flower pot and enjoy their company every day. Don’t they look to die for?

You Grow Girl Flower Pot

Photo credit: Jade Plants on Instagram

Want to show your love to your flowers? There’s no better way than writing encouraging messages on their pots. Paint them in a color or two, add a minimal shape (like stars) and write a personal message. Your plants will love it!

Ice Cream Painted Clay Planter

Photo credit: The Rain in Spain on Instagram

There’s nothing more refreshing in the hot summer days than ice cream. So, why not give one to your plants – they need refreshment, too! Painting your flower pots with minimalistic ice cream like this one not only gives them a fresh look but is also super-easy to make and takes less than 30 minutes of your time

Bumblebee Painted Planter

Photo credit: Bluebell Art on Instagram

If you want new pots for your flowers but don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorative ones, you can paint your old ones. Not sure what to paint? Take a look at this simplistic, easy-to-make natural-themed ideas to get inspired

Mini Terracotta Painted Pot

Source: Etsy

You got some small cacti pots at home that need a makeover? Just paint several stripes in different colors and you got yourself adorable colorful pots. Here’s an idea on how to do it!

Black & White Painted Cactus Planter

Source: Etsy

Give your terracotta flower pot a brand new look with this black-and-white design. You can never go wrong with the basic colors and this simplistic design. Place your cacti in it, and enjoy the view!

Terrazzo Concrete Flower Pots

Source: Etsy

Give life to your concrete stone flower pot with this design. By adding lots of earth-toned pebbles to the base, you get a colorful pot. It fits perfectly in your home or your garden!

Hand Painted Mini Flower Pots

Source: Etsy

Would you like to try so simple pot hand painting? Here’s a super-cute idea you can copy. It’s very simple, still gives your flower pots a playful look. So, why not try it out?

Ombre Rainbow Painted Pot

Source: Etsy

Add vibrant colors to your cement flower pot with this rainbow ombre gradient design. It’s impressive and turns your pot into high-end home décor. It may be a bit hard to make it, but it’s worth every trouble and minute spent on it!

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Want to transform those boring old terra cotta pots into artwork for your garden!? Check out these adorable painted flower pots for ideas to get started!




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