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Secret Garden Wedding

35 Excellent Dreamy Secret Garden Wedding Ideas with Invitations

35 Excellent Dreamy Secret Garden Wedding Ideas with Invitations



Just like the childhood tale, romantic and lovely garden wedding theme has stunning magic that everyone loves. The beautiful vibrant wedding dress, the fantastic wedding shoes, the gorgeous wedding invitations, every garden wedding element looks so wonderful and dreamy.

No matter you want to be Alice or White Snow, the secret garden weding will always allow you create your own stylish atmosphere and your guests will be definitely surprised in this whimsical wedding event.

Here we present 35 secret garden wedding ideas with invitations, and get inspirations from those ideas!

1. Slate Blue & Dusty Grey

Neutral wedding color combo is also suiable for rustic garden wedding veune, which has somfortable visual effect and can WOW your guests!

2. Blush Pink & Rose Quartz

Fresh feeling in secret garden wedding you can’t miss this color match! it just brings fantastic sparks with two pink color tone.

3. Green & White

Elegant as this color combo, our wedding experts love this ideas a lot! It is classic and stylish when you choose these two colors in your perfect wedding.

4. Gold & Vibrant Yellow

The night part will be shine and romantic if you pick gold and vibrant yellow in your garden wedding, just amazing visual effect.

In the end

Cant’ wait to have a fairytale garden feast? Take advange of these stunning combination ideas when planning your spring or summer days!

Besides, come and buy these befitting wedding invitations, they are cheap and great!

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