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32 Beautiful & Easy DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

32 Beautiful & Easy DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas



32 beautiful DIY outdoor shower ideas: creative designs & plans on how to build easy garden shower enclosures with best budget friendly kits & fixtures!

How to live summer to the fullest? Add a shower outside!

Today I am super excited to share with you 32 of my favorite DIY outdoor shower ideas!

( Some of the helpful resources below are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

A garden shower is not only incredibly fun, it is also great for our planet! When we use bio-degradable soaps like these to shower, we can let all the water soak into the garden. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap is one of my favorite!

Let’s start with the most simple outdoor showers that you can create in less than 1 hour!

1. Easy instant garden shower

An old tree and a hose as shower fixtures, and a tower ladder, life is perfect. (Source: 1 )

2. Hula Hoop DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

If you want a simple outdoor shower enclosure, take a large hula hoop like these 36″ ones, and attach a shower curtain to it! ( Original source lost, please let us know if you find it )

3. Creative Outdoor Shower Fixtures

We will look at lots of shower fixtures, let’s first start with some very creative ideas! You can make a shower head from a soda can or beer can: extra cool for the summer backyard! (Source: 3 )

4. Designs inspired by Solar & Camping Showers

Outdoor camping showers offer lots of simple and practical design ideas we can use to build super easy outdoor showers in our backyard.

Create a garden shower using a watering can or a bucket with tiny holes drilled through the bottom. They can be mounted on a wall or fence using a large L-shaped shelf bracket . ( Source: 4 and DIY solar shower video tutorial above.)

5. Smart Portable Outdoor Shower Kit

The fun portable shower with rechargeable pump (find them here ) that plugs into car adapter or computer via usb, can transforms a bucket of water into instant shower stream!

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6. Easy Outdoor Shower Building Plan

Corrugated galvanized metal panels are inexpensive, and rust resistant. Bolted to wood frames, they make great looking shower enclosures. There is also a great detailed tutorial on simple plumbing! ( Source )

7. Wood Shower Enclosure Ideas

A garden shower next to a house should have good drainage. Here‘s a tutorial on how to build a wood platform for a garden shower.

8. Wood slats DIY Outdoor Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure can be as simple as a wooden panel. Pallets are great options! ( Source: 8 )

If you are wondering where to find pallets, or how to take them apart, here’s an info-packed article all about pallets!

9. One Panel Outdoor Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure can be as simple as a wooden panel. Pallets are great options! ( Source: 9 )

10. Farmhouse Outdoor Shower

If you love farmhouse style, consider using black fixtures with weathered wood and white walls. (Source: 10 )

11. Modern Garden Sower

Don’t forget the area outside a garden shower. Greenery and stepping stones can add so much style! ( Source: 11 )

12. Attractive garden shower designs

Take inspirations from spa designs and add accessories such as plants and towel hangers to make your garden shower a little sanctuary. ( Source: 12 )

13 & 14. Shower Curtain enclosures

Let’s get artistic! Shower curtains or outdoor fabrics come in all kinds of colors and patterns. Use with a Bendable or Half Oval Shower Curtain Rod or a bendable metal rod to wrap around as a simple outdoor shower enclosure. ( Source: 13 | 14 )

15 & 16. Free Standing Outdoor Shower Kits

These outdoor solar showers with base can save a lot work if you can’t wait to enjoy a hot shower outside 🙂 Find them here!

17. Repurposed Outdoor Shower Fixtures

Longing for the beach? A gorgeous mosaic surfboard shower can help! Reclaimed old door or garden gate also makes a great backdrop. ( Source: 17 )

18 & 19. Beautifully Designed Shower Enclosures

When built with love and attention to detail, a DIY outdoor shower enclosure can be an attractive addition to your backyard. ( Source: 18 )

( Source: 19 )

A trellis structure can make it really easy to mount the shower fixtures. Here’s a DIY pergola / arbor with free building plans!

20 & 21. Build an Outdoor Shower with Natural Materials

What kind of local building materials are available in abundance? How can we use them creatively? In these two examples, logs and bamboo poles are beautiful materials and easy to work with. ( Source: 20 | 21 )

22. Outdoor Shower Kit

These were made by a company whose website oborain.com is no longer active. I really want to share these inspiring photos because it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to build your own version!

23. Stylish black garden shower

The dark charcoal stain color creates a gorgeous modern industrial style. ( Source: 23 )

24. Coastal style white shutter outdoor shower enclosure

The painted white shutters are so coastal and charming! ( Source: 23 | 24 )

25 & 26. DIY Pallet Outdoor Shower Ideas

Pallets and reclaimed wood are great materials for building outdoor showers.( Source: 25 | 26 )

27. Wood cabin shower

This wood shower enclosure looks great outside a craftsman style cabin. ( Source: 27 )

28. One panel Outdoor Showers

These great looking outdoor shower structures are made from just one panel of corrugated galvanized metal or horizontal wood slats.

29 & 30. Attractive and functional built-in shelves

Great ideas on how to build showers with built-in shelves for towels and soaps! Don’t forget to use bio-degradable soaps like these to shower! ( Source: 29 | 30 )

31. Stone garden shower

This shower is not easy to DIY, but I love the idea of creating a window at eye level to enjoy the view out. ( Source: 31 )

32. Mirror on the wall

Use a mirror to make the shower space feel larger. ( Source: 32 )

( This post is a complete update from an earlier post. )

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Happy splashing!! 🙂

32 beautiful DIY outdoor shower ideas: creative designs & plans on how to build easy garden shower enclosures with best budget friendly kits & fixtures!




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