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30 Ways to Incorporate Roses into Your Backyard

30 Ways to Incorporate Roses into Your Backyard



Gallery featuring 30 ways to incorporate roses into your backyard, a guide to the wide world of these beautiful flowers.

Roses are among the most diverse and versatile of all ornamental flowering plants. With approximately 150 recognized species and thousands of varietals, you are bound to find a rose that complements your garden.

These woody-stemmed perennial plants, technically classified as shrubs, have thorns and are most coveted for their fragrant flowers. (Source: Wikipedia)

From perfume bases, to food and even medicine, roses have a wide range of applications outside of the garden as well.

Some alternative uses for roses include rose water and rose hip tea.

Rose water, made from essential oils extracted from rose petals, is a commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine. (Source: Wikipedia) What’s more, rose hips, the fruiting body of the rose, are extremely high in Vitamin C, and are often dried and made into a nutritious tea.

Nonetheless, generally when we think of the roses, we think of the ones found at our local garden center.

These are most often Hybrid Tea roses, however, there are five general categories of rose recognized among the rose gardening community.

The Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society recognizes the following five categories of roses: Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Gradifloras, Miniature, Miniflora, Climbing, and Old Garden. (Source: Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society)

Here are some pros and cons to adding roses to your backyard flora.


Variety – There are a tremendous assortment of rose types, each varying greatly in size, color, growing style, and flower type. Versatility – Roses can be trained to cover fences, walls, arbors, and other structures. They can even be pruned into freestanding trees. Also, low growing types make great borders along pathways. Color – With over 1000 types of roses come innumerable options for color. Looking for a peachy colored flower? Check. What about burgundy? Check. Magenta? Green? Periwinkle? Check, check, and check. Beauty – The world’s love affair with roses is not without reason. They are a simply stunning, and have unlimited potential when it comes to improving your backyard Easy to find – You need not search high and low for a wide selection of roses. Given their popularity you will have little trouble finding a fitting rose for your yard at a manageable price.


Labor – Some roses can be quite labor intensive, and require specific pruning and care schedules. Check with your garden center to help select a rose that fits with your needs. Also, the Santa Clarita Rose Society has published a Minimalist Guide to Rose Care, which provides a schedule of helpful tips for healthy roses. (Source: Santa Clarita Rose Society) Water – Roses require lots of water. They are not drought tolerant plants, and the more arid the climate where you live, the more watering they need. If you are looking to conserve water, then you may want to opt for a different blooming beauty. Thorns – Every rose does indeed have its thorns, some more than others, but you will have to deal with prickles when you are pruning and caring for your roses. Pests and Disease – Roses are fairly prone to pests and disease. Some of the most common plagues to garden roses include aphids, powdery mildew, and spider mites. Preventing or eradicating these infections can be a daunting task. (Source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac)

After weighing the options you may decide that roses are the right choice to spruce up your backyard.

Keep in mind that because roses are so diverse, different roses require different levels sunlight, water, care, and maintenance. Be sure to select a rose that not only satisfies your desired esthetic, but that is compatible with your yard and environment.

When it comes to roses, you can invest as much or as little time as you wish, often it’s simply a matter of selecting the right rose. It’s always helpful to consult your local garden expert on the correct rose for your yard. Important factors to consider when choosing a rose are exposure to sunlight, soil type, drainage, heat, humidity, and what particular function you have in mind for your roses. Do you want them to climb a structure, or fill in among other plants?

Check out our gallery below for some inspiration on how to incorporate roses into your landscaping.

Looking for more ways to improve your yard? Check out these awesome backyard ideas!

Pink roses fill in the planter beds while red and white climbers cascade over the garden wall in the background. A bench provides a lovely vantage point from which to enjoy the garden.

Rose trees in portable pots are a great way to add vertical dimension to your garden. But be sure to maintain the soil in the pots so that it stays packed with nutrients. Source: Zillow Digs™

Repeating rows of pale pinks and bright fuchsia climbing roses trained over arches, creates a very romantic cover over crushed rock this pathway.

Tired of pink? Try out different colors to make your garden more interesting! These peach colored Tea Roses are sure to turn heads in your garden.

Rose petals come in all different shapes. If you are looking for an alternative look consider selecting this floribunda style rose.

Roses come in a multitude of color patterns, including wild stripped patterns. Often times it looks like the petals have been dipped in different colors of paint. Source: Margarette375 / Flickr.

Deep pink roses are trained to climb over a metal arch to add shade and color to this brick walkway. Once this structure fills in with roses, it will create a rose covered tunnel.

If given enough water, roses will thrive in every climate. However, sometimes their delicate petals can burn if it’s too hot and they are too dry. Source: Jonas Sedona / Flickr

Plots of different tea roses are interspersed to add pops of color to this large lawn area. Think of all the beautiful bouquets you could make from this garden!

In this stunning photo geometric rose beds surround a modern centerpiece. For a similar look, line rose beds with hedges to give your garden a sculpturesque quality. Source: Kyle Pearce / Flickr.

Yellow and pink Old Garden roses provide a colorful solution to this hillside landscaping. Consider planting large swaths of roses for a more untamed look.

Planted rose trees are the perfect complement to this diverse English garden style border. Roses pair well with other water loving plants, so you can many different types of flowers when planting a border.

Create depth in your garden by planting different varieties of roses in the same garden. In this photo tea roses blossom in the foreground while climbing roses flourish on the back fencing. Source: Sonya Gencheva / Flickr.

A climbing white rose overtakes a mature tree to add a vintage feeling to this backyard. You can train roses to climb on just about any structure.

We love the contrast between the stone exterior of this country home and delicate pink climbing roses. Roses can be used to add a touch of femininity to a home.

Use roses to line the driveway to give the ultimate welcome home view. These red and pink roses help to soften the otherwise plain garage. Source: Zillow Digs™

A bright blue gate gives way to pink and red roses. Roses line the stone pathway as you enter and continue all the way up to the second story balcony. Source: Ronald Saunders / Flickr.

Use trained roses to create a romantic getaway in the privacy of your own backyard. Source: Zillow Digs™

Tunnel of climbing roses leads to a serene garden pond surrounded by sunburst orange roses in this etherial garden landscape. Source: ukgardenphotos / Flickr.

Use bold colored roses, like these deep red beauties, to contrast architectural features like fences and trellises in your yard.

Using a similar concept as the previous photo. These red roses look stunning against white trellis and siding. Source: Keith Davenport / Flickr.

Roses are an excellent way to transform a small patio into a private oasis, perfect for afternoon tea or evening cocktails. Source: Zillow Digs™

Lavender and purple roses encircle this craftsman style gazebo and serve as a fragrant substitute for walls. Source: UKgardenphotos / Flickr.

If you are limited on space and don’t have a large yard for a rose garden, consider these mini potted roses.

Be bold! Choose wild nontraditional colors to give your rose garden the variety it craves. This garden combines purple, red, pink, white, and yellow to create a veritable rainbow of roses.

Perhaps explore growing wild roses and harvesting rose hips. These fruity morsels are great for making jam, and are packed with Vitamin C!

Roses have the power to transform any space. Deep pink roses turn this austere stonework exterior in to a sweetly romantic facade. Source: JR P / Flickr.

Sprays of yellow climbing roses frame this stone doorway beautifully. Another great example of contrasting the elegance of roses against masculine stone. Source: Zillow Digs™

Looking for a way to increase your privacy? Try growing roses along your fence to fill in empty space.

Grow roses in pots so that they can be easily moved around the yard. You can also reinvent your garden by simply moving the pots.

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Use trained roses to create a romantic getaway in the privacy of your own backyard.




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