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30 great sewing ideas for your scraps of fabric

30 great sewing ideas for your scraps of fabric



In this post, I’ll show you 30 great DIY and sewing ideas what you can do with your scraps of fabric. From small gifts to practical things for home to trendy jewelry. There are many great ways to creatively use scraps of fabric. Christmas is coming soon and maybe you are looking for quickly sewn or handcrafted little things that can be sold in a bazaar, for example.


I hope you like my selection. I’ve picked out a few “classics” to give a good overview, but there are also some surprising DIYs included. There are ideas for jersey scraps and normal woven fabrics, so there should really be something for everyone! Incidentally, the instructions are all free and some even come with a free pattern to download. I would be happy if you share this post and save one or the other idea, e.g. on Pinterest. And now I wish you a lot of fun while browsing!

1. Keyring

Many different types of key fobs can be made from very small scraps of fabric. Here is a round variant that can also be nicely decorated.

Photo and instructions from www.craftinessisnotoptional.com

2. Sleep mask

A sleeping mask or mask is a cute and easy-to-implement gift idea. There is even a free pattern to download for this one.

Photo and instructions from www.ellisandhiggs.com

3. Mini pouch

You hardly need any fabric for these pyramid bags. Whether for small bits and bobs or as a pacifier pouch, this shape definitely looks great!

Photo and instructions from www.aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com

4. Hand-twisted cord

A great idea! Make a cord yourself from various scraps of fabric.

Photo and instructions from www.mypoppet.com.au

5. Bloomers for babies

These cute little trousers are representative of all the baby and children’s clothing that can be sewn from jersey scraps. Of course, sewing projects such as hats, bibs, etc. are also suitable. A free pattern is available for download for these bloomers.

Photo and instructions from www.littlebee.at

6. Make-up removal pads

A nice idea for more sustainability in your own home. Sew your own “cotton pads” or make-up removal pads. In no time at all and washable again and again.

Photo and instructions from www.edalindgren.de

7. Applications

Even with very small remnants of fabric, you can still apply great patterns. There are no limits to creativity at all! A nice idea, for example, is this flower made from different sheets of fabric.

Photo and instructions from www.kreativprojekte.wordpress.com

8. Cable holder

Simple cable holders, for example for headphones, are super quick. Scraps of leather, SnapPap or cork fabric are particularly suitable for this DIY.

Photo and instructions from www.luziapimpinella.com

9. Woven armbands

Who does not know that? Even very small remnants of your favorite fabrics are kept. A nice idea is to wear it around your arm. Maybe even to match a garment you sew yourself from the same fabric?

Photo and instructions from www.lbg-studio.com

10. Wild patchwork

This is by far my favorite idea for scraps of fabric. With this type of patchwork, you can use every scrap of fabric exactly as it is and no matter what you make of it, no two parts will be the same!

Photo and instructions from www.pepperaenn.de

11. Jersey turban headband

These simple hairbands made of jersey fabric scraps are a wonderful gift idea. With detailed video instructions from me! 😛

Photo and instructions from www.diymode.de

12. Lavender sachets

Funny! Instead of simple little bags, you can sew these tea bags from scraps of cotton and fill them with lavender.

Photo and instructions from www.kleefalter.blogspot.com

13. Running belt

Practical for everyone who likes to go jogging. A tight-fitting belt or a belt pouch sewn from a narrow strip of Lycra.

Photo and instructions from www.mesewcrazy.com

14. Sewing weights

Well we can all use that right? If you no longer want to use candlesticks, milk cartons or cups to weigh down patterns, you can make these great sewing weights yourself from your scraps of fabric.

Photo and instructions from www.das-mach-ich-nachts.com

15. Pennant chain

The pennant chain is probably one of the classics of ideas for recycling waste. The shape and size can actually be designed very individually. There is a free pattern for this one.

Photo and instructions from www.anybell.de

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In this post, I’ll show you 30 great DIY instructions for your scraps of fabric. From small gift ideas for sewing, to practical things for home, to trendy homemade jewelry. There are ideas for jersey scraps and normal woven fabrics. The instructions are all free of charge and some even come with a free pattern to download.




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