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Have you had trouble figuring out what to sell on eBay to make money? There are many factors involved and the competition is fierce, but with a little knowledge of what is selling you will have the best tools for success. If you want a guaranteed sale, check out the following top 10 items for sale on eBay.

1. Consumer branded technology

You can sell anything related to Apple, Sony, or Samsung and instantly become a popular seller on eBay. This can be in the form of props and other useful items related to technology.

2. Trendy fashion items

Some famous brands to consider would be Topshop and ASOS. Many customers on eBay are looking for new clothes and jewelry to complement their wardrobe.

3. Watches

You can make a lot of money selling watches like SEIKO, Casio, and Swatch. Keep up to date with the latest models and designs, and you can create a steady income.

4. Vintage items

Instead of listing your items as “used” on eBay, why not label them as “vintage”? Many other people will likely buy a vintage item rather than an item simply labeled “used”. or “second-hand”. It’s a smart tactic to attract customers.

5. Lego

This classic children’s toy has a timeless appeal to many people. Lego are collector’s items for some and of the past for others. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your child busy. People are searching all over the internet for rare Lego products.

6. Dresser

One of the most sought after items on eBay is a dresser. They tend to fall into an ideal situation, as they are offered at an affordable price, while also giving your home a newer and fresher look. They are great decorations and additions to rooms.

7. Garden furniture

Outdoor furniture and equipment are highly sought after items on eBay, including armchairs, lawn chairs, and umbrellas. Customers are always looking for ways to enhance their outdoor space and their appeal to the yard. During the fall, garden furniture sales increased. Sports furniture is also very popular during this period.

8. Bikes

Bikes and clothing can be found in many models and brands. Some very popular bikes include: Raleigh, Apollo, and Shimano. It is a great source of profit and continuous sales.


Some of the more popular shoe searches include: New Look, Clarks, and SpotOn, many of which can only be found on the internet.

10. curtains

Finally, curtains are always in great demand as they wear out over time and sometimes do not come to new homes. You can buy these products in bulk cheaply and make big profits on eBay.



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