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30 Beautiful DIY Mosaic Decorations To Spruce Up Your Garden

30 Beautiful DIY Mosaic Decorations To Spruce Up Your Garden



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In ancient times mosaic has been used to decorate the castles and palaces of people from the highest social level. Nowadays, you can make your own unique mosaics and beautify your backyard.

Mosaics serve well as a decorative material so it can be added to the landscaping methods.

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Some spare time, suitable supplies and creativity are the only requirements to making yourself a skilfull mosaic that will surely transform your garden.

We have gathered for you the most beautiful and easy DIY mosaic projects that give illustrations and instructions on the process of creating various mosaics.

Cute Mosaic Ladybug Garden Decorations

These cute ladybugs can be customized in size as the mould for the concrete is a ball. The mosaic effect requires black and red tiles arranged in pattern that details the ladybug features.

via The Owner Builder Network

Daisy Mosaic Garden Planter Pot

An old metal baking tin is turned into a mosaic succulent pot. The flat blue petals are cut from a tile, the white curved ones – from a mug. The empty spaces between the daisies are covered with randomly cut pieces of a blue tile.

via Plushkin Info

DIY Cylindrical Mosaic Garden Planters

These gorgeous plant holders are made of recycled PVC tubes, all kinds of glass, ceramic, plastic pieces, sea shells and tiles glue. They will become your favorite garden plant holers as their unique design will reflect the sunlight in a magical way.

via Szines Otletek

DIY Dragonfly Mosaic Garden Decoration

Scrapped pieces of glass, tiles, gems and beads can be skillfully arranged on a stone or any flat surface to form the image of various beautiful creatures. This dragonfly mosaic deserves a special place on the porch and would even make a great gift.

via Boredpanda

DIY Mosaic and Metal Outdoor Table

The colorful mosaic will help you renovate the old outdoor furniture. Use sea glass, shells, broken pottery to glue on the table board. Such a beautiful table would also be appreciated as a gift.

via Instructables Workshop

DIY Mosaic Back Yard Fire Pit

If you want to make the fire pit in your yard more colorful, there isn’t a better way than making a mosaic on it top edge. Break old tiles and glass bottles and grout them down. Glass and tiles are very suitable for such features as they are resistant to very high temperatures.

via 3 Peppers Recipes

DIY Mosaic Bird House Projects

The adorable bird houses will turn into a lovelier garden decoration with the help of the mosaic technique. All types of scrapped tiles, glass, beads and stones will change their otherwise more ordinary look.

via Over The Big Moon

DIY Mosaic Garden Rock Decorations

These mosaic stones would look awesome in the garden bed or surrounding the flowers. The tiles are glued on grout mixture that covers a rock.

via Running With Sisters

DIY Mosaic Mason Jar Luminaries

This handmade mosaic Mason jar will look fantastic as a ceterpiece of wedding tables, as summer patio decoration or indoor accent. If you don’t have real shells on hand, you can buy faux rock vase filler.

via A Pumpkin and A Princess

DIY Mosaic Top Bird Bath

If you want to invite the wild life to your backyard, you can make yourself a bird bath which is also a great water feature for every yard. An old serving tray covered in broken CD pieces would make a practical and beautiful mosac bird bath.

via Unknown

Easy DIY Garden Gazing Ball

Gazing balls have always been preferred garden decoration. If you want to make the reflecting balls more original, glue on faux gems that will play with the sun light during the day.

via Time With Thea

Easy DIY Garden Stepping Stones

Make your own mosaic stepping stones and enjoy them each time you go to your garden. Decorate plain concrete stepping stones with broken china, seaglass, crystals, marbles in a pattern created by your imagination.

via Midwest Living

Easy DIY Mosaic Step Decorations

You can apply mosaics to almost every material. Why not add more color and shapes to the entrance steps? Use all kind of tile pieces and broken pottery and make mosaic tiles.

via Oh Dear Drea

Floral Mosaic Window Garden Art

Every garden will look more magical with such artistic mosaic window. The stain glass is cut preliminary in small pieces to allow forming of fine flower and leaves images.

via Snapguide

Make Your Own Mosaic Planter

Make a mosaic flower pot with the help of a cookie tin, glass stones and grout. Glue the stones onto the tin using the prepared frout and let dry.

via Home Talk

Make Your Own Mosaic Stepping Stones

Make a couquette stepping-stone walkway in your garden by emboding pieces of porcelin pottery in laid concrete stones. If you are able to use mosaic pieces in the same palette, the end result would be even greater.

via Gardenfuzzgarden

Mosaic Cinder Block Garden Planters

We have seen plain cinder blocks used as planters. But we have never seen mosaic cinder block planters. Create a cheerful image on the block face using the mosaic technique.

via Unknown

Mosaic Clay Outdoor Garden Chair

The basis of this mosaic garden chair is a plain metal chair. It is entirely covered with lots of concrete. After the concrete has dried, you can start with the fun part – making your mosaic. Use all types of supplies- stones, tiles, pottery, shells, seaglass etc.

via Waschbear Designs

Pretty DIY Mosaic House Number

Be different and make yourself a mosaic plate with your house number. Use CD pieces and dimensional fabric paint to cover the clearance between each mosaic piece.

via Make It Easy Crafts

Pretty DIY Outdoor Mosaic Window Frame

The house exterior is a suitable place to do art as it provides wide surface and relatively smooth texture. Transform the boring window facade with an alive mosaic picture following the basic mosaic practices.

via Worth Trying DIY Projects

Repurposed Mosaic Tea Cup Planter

Broken terra cotta and porcelin pottery usualy go straight to the bin. Now that you see how they can be involved in an artistic mosaic panel with planted flowers, you will have second thoughts before throwing them away.

via Balcony Garden Web

River Rock Mosaic Stepping Stones

Building a pebble mosaic stone is time consuming but is so worthy that you would like to give it a try. The variety of pebble colors and sizes is rich and that allows creating interesting patterns and fine details. Read the instructions on the link below as they are quite exhaustive.

via Jeffrey Gardens

Rustic Mosaic Top Log Table

Mosaic can turn every ordinary object into an extraordinary art piece. Old wood logs can become decorative stools only by changing their top surface.

via Recyclart

Simple Mosaic Garden Planter Box

Spruce up your garden with a gorgeous mosaic planter! The plain wood container has been turned into a modern planter with the help of tile sheets and grout.

via Centsational Style

Trendy Glass Mosaic Patio Table

The mosaic decoration of the outdoor furniture is not only interesting but also durable. Especially used for a table countertop, mosaic tiles will protect the wood surface from wear.

via Centsational Style

Upcycled Broken China Planter Pots

The colorful pieces of the China pots will help you turn the terra cotta flower pots into a real work of art. For more information and tips, check the link below.

via Ideas For The Home by Kenarry

Upcycled Car Wheel Mosaic Planter

Old car wheels are big enough to accommodate many flowers in summer. Decorating them with mosaic will give them an unrecognizable look and they will quickly become the focal decoration of your garden.

via Unknown

Mosaics are a unique way to bring color and style to your garden or backyard. You can DIY these mosaic ideas and brighten up your outdoor space.




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