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29 Flower Tire Planter Ideas for Your Yard (and Home)

29 Flower Tire Planter Ideas for Your Yard (and Home)



Fun and creative collection of 29 flower tire planter ideas for your yard, patio or walkway. Splash some color in your yard with these creative ideas.

Did you know that 303,200,000 tires were scrapped in 2007? Yes, that’s 300 MILLION tires. [1]

They aren’t easy to dispose of because they’re large, heavy. Fortunately with a big push in recycling, most tires are recycled.

However, just because there is tire recycling doesn’t mean you can recycle your own tires in your yard by using tires for flower planters or creating tire gardens.

You can start small with your first batch of two or four used tires and build up from there.

It couldn’t be easier. You can paint the tires or leave them as-is. Our tire planter gallery below showcases many ways to use tires for creating flower planters or even tire gardens.

You can use them as stand-alone planters, stack them into cascading planter gardens, build up a huge vegetable garden, hang them on a wall or fence and/or do the scattered tire garden style.

The tires can be lying down flat or used upright.

Personally I like them painted because colorful tires look better than black tires.

It adds more color to your yard and becomes not just a functional gardening item but also contributes aesthetically to your yard.

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Can tire flower planters they be used indoors?

Sure. While we don’t have any examples, there’s no reason you can’t see what a tire planter looks like inside.

You might opt for using a pot as well for watering purposes, but in the right kind of interior design, tire planters could look pretty cool inside as they do outside.

Enjoy our creative tire planter gallery.

3 rows of colorfully painted tires stacked on top of one another to create a multi-level tire planter garden set in among plants.

A huge tire tractor tire turned into pumpkin and flower garden set in a large field.

Close-up of painted tires stacked on top of one another to create a flower garden.

Interesting pile of tires with what appears to be a series of small herb gardens. It’s a bit messy for my liking but it shows you generally what a large pile of tires with plants can look like.

Different types of tires scattered on the grass with flowers planted in them creating a small garden.

I love this tire planter painted white and hung on white wall holding large bunch of flowers. The color is striking against the white. You can call this a tire wreath.

A great example of a tire garden using 6 tires stacked into a pyramid design.

Another pyramid tire planter garden with pink, orange, green and light blue tires. The flower colors match the tires.

Painted tires lined up against a retaining wall in a line ready to serve as planters.

Tire planter bursting with large bouquet of yellow daffodils. Looks very natural. I love this look. Several of these would look amazing in a large grassy field.

2tires stacked on top of one another to create an elevated tire planter.

A series of painted tire planters stacked 2 and 3 high creating a lovely colorful garden.

A stacked, long set of orange tires serving as planters for long grasses.

This is a fantastic example of a large scale tire planter vegetable garden operation.

Not the prettiest use of tire planters but it illustrates how to created a scattered garden effect with tires.

Close up of a pretty tire planter garden with nicely painted tires holding a beautiful array of flowers.

Wow, now that’s a tire garden. It’s a huge tire retaining wall stacked 12 tires high filled with plants. It’s a stunning display. Check out the house sitting precipitously on top. Yikes.

One of my favorite uses of tire planters is hanging them on walls and doors. This is a lovely example of tire wreath planters on a large door.

Here’s a clever use of tire planters lining a walkway. I really like this.

Another view of tires lining a walkway. Tire planters could look great lining a patio too.

Striking blue tire planter on a bed of hay.

Isn’t that cool? I love this particular tire planter with flowers pouring out of it hanging on a door.

Alarge tire with flower pot inserted to hold the flowers. Not a bad idea but doesn’t look that great.

The beginnings of a colorful tire garden with a series of painted tires stacked on top of on another in a staggered formation.

A massive tire planter field with painted tires scattered throughout a large field. This certainly grabs attention. I’m not sure whey they’re elevated on mounds of dirt. That detracts from the appearance IMHO.

2 large tractor tires sitting on wood stumps serving as mini-gardens.

Example (not a great one) of a tire planter situated upright. This tire needs to be painted.

Here’s a great tire planter on a patio. I love this use of tire planters as they can be placed in the corners and/or along the edges of patios.

I love this blue with the light green. Very appetizing tire planter garden.


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[1] Miller, C. Scrap Tires. Waste 360.

Fun and creative collection of 29 flower tire planter ideas for your yard, patio or walkway. Splash some color in your yard with these creative ideas.




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