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25 Seriously Jaw Dropping Urban Gardens

25 Seriously Jaw Dropping Urban Gardens




Hey guys, I’m on this garden kick and have collected a vast volume of exquisite gardens. (link to last post if you missed it).

There are so many ways a garden can be classified, but today, I’m focusing on the urban garden.

some are on the roof (lucky devils)

some are in a courtyard (if it’s in Manhattan, I hate you.)

some are on balconies

and some are somewhere else

But, they are all urban gardens although some might not appear to be so at first. (you’ll see in a sec)

However, what all of these Urban Gardens have in common is that they are all jaw-droppingly amAzing!

Warning – You might want to go grab something to catch the drool.

***If the image is not attributed, then I could not find the original source. If you see something and happen to know who it belongs to, please leave a comment. If you don’t want it published, please say so.***

via: Cote Maison

Photo Y. Monel

Holy urban garden jungles!

Classic Paris rooftop garden – Pretty sublime if you ask me.

via Cote Maison

This is in Paris too!

Mark D Sikes

This is one of my favorite garden images ever! I wouldn’t change one thing.

Next on our urban garden list are the enviable rooftop gardens

Via: The New York Times and attributed to Mario Buatta and with a pergola, no less. I’ll take it!

Via The Gardenista, The love home of Vanity Fair Art Director Julie Weiss

Anyone? Please raise your hand if you live in a Manhattan Penthouse.

If you do, you are inviting me over STAT, for a barbecue. Okay? ;]

I can think of worse things than being engulfed in luscious hydrangeas!

via Markosun blog – 432 Park Avenue penthouse

Oh just stop it! Really? Do people actually live like this?

Yes, for anyone who doesn’t recognize it. This is Manhattan and that is Central Park

If anyone knows who this is, can you get me an invite? ;]

Next on our bucket list of Urban Gardens are balconies

How pretty is this cozy eating area – via One King’s Lane

Charming, feminine balcony


Paris Balcony Terrace on Ile Saint Louis – vacation apartment rental

I think I’m gonna go throw up.

Doesn’t everyone who goes to Paris decide they can’t possible go back home?

Journey Home Living

Well, this woman did. I definitely would be kicking and screaming. NOOOOOO!!!


This one might be my favorite. Definitely a secret garden.

Urban Gardens also grow ON buildings

UK House and Garden – Joshua Monaghan House

All right. I was seduced by the windows. I admit it.

Auberge de l`Abbaye, Beaumont en Auge Photo by Thomas Schmitz on Flickr

I call this one, Rapunzel. :]

Moving on to courtyards and small Urban Garden Yards

Have you ever seen such perfection?

Wonderful landscape designer A Blade of grass and a lot more images of this wonderful home and property in Brookline, MA (metro Boston area)

Beacon Hill Garden Club – Hidden Gardens Tour

Above and below the wonderful work of landscape designer Sawyer Berson.

This home is in New York City

Photo by John Bessler – a Wonderful townhouse in Brookline, a suburb of Boston via Traditional Home – The inside is pretty spectacular too!

Elizabeth Everdell

I adore the work of this garden and landscape designer. Everything she does is amazing!

This home is in San Francisco.

via: One King’s Lane

Another wonderful New York City Courtyard by garden designer Sawyer Berson. Yes, complete with a basketball hoop. haha. If this had been my garden when I lived with my children, the plants would’ve been pulverized within minutes.

And maybe that’s the case here, too. Except that this is the home of the amazing actress, Julianne Moore. I’m sure that she can afford to replace her plants every month. :]

Jeremyville and Megan Mair via The Design Files – photo by Eve Wilson

No wait. This one might be my favorite. Oh, I can’t decide!

I love the formality juxtaposed with some looseness in this elegant,

but petite Charleston, SC backyard.

And one last one above and below by Elizabeth Everdell again.

That trellis is to die for! In the notes, it’s listed as a “Pocket Garden.” And in looking closer, I’m guessing this means a shared garden? I say that because there is no delineation between the houses. If anyone knows what that means, please educate me.

And there it is… I hope you enjoyed all of these different types of urban gardens.

I think that a lot of them can be adapted to any patio, deck, a porch or small yard.


PS: For anyone living in the New York area, wasn’t it the most sublime day? I finally went to my doctor because I am still not over my “cold” which began a month ago! Yep. Sinus infection. I’m armed now, so it should be gone very soon.


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Hey guys, I’m on this garden kick and have collected a vast volume of exquisite gardens. (link to last post if you missed it).There are so many ways a garden can be classified, but today, I’m focusing on the urban garden. some are on the roof (lucky devils) some are in a courtyard (if…




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