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25+ Best Sunflower Bullet Journal Spreads For 2020

25+ Best Sunflower Bullet Journal Spreads For 2020



Featured Image Credit: Martha

If you’re anything like me… changing your theme is a difficult task. I love looking for new theme inspiration so I thought I’d put together a collection of the best sunflower bullet journal spreads to get ideas from!

Before we jump into the spreads, here are a few of the bullet journal supplies I use. I keep things pretty simple when it comes to the actual “tools” I use…

I use the Leuchtturm 1917 currently in black but I like to switch up the colors every time I run out of room. There are cheaper options out there but I just haven’t tried them… if you have let me know what you think of them!

For the markers, I use these Zebra Pen Mildliners or these Tombow Dual Brush Markers for my colors. From time to time I’ll also pick up a sticker pack from Etsy to add some cute doodles without having to spend a lot of time decorating my spread. If you’ve found other stuff that works for you, drop me a comment and let me know what you use!

Here are the ones I love:

Sunflower Monthly Spread

Photo credit: Bujo Abby on Instagram

If you’re looking for a weekly spread that is as bright as one of those majestic summertime sunflower fields, you will love this colorful design! I love the simple layout paired with the vibrant yellow colors…. perfect theme for the summer months

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Weekly Spread With Sunflower

Photo credit: Martha on Instagram

I am loving these tiny little detailed sunflowers that represent each day of the week in this spread! Minimal, optimal, while still being colorful…. What more could you want?

Sunflower Themed Bujo

Photo credit: Bullet With E on Instagram

“Despite knowing they won’t be here for long, they still choose to live their brightest lives — sunflowers” ― Rupi Kaur. I am obsessed with that quote that I can relate so much too, just as much as I am with this elegant weekly spread. I love how the week is taken up by both pages, and how everything looks bright, dainty, and organized. This is gorgeous!

Weekly Log With Sunflower Doodle

Photo credit: So Journal on Instagram

This design takes some serious talent, for real! I love how she hand draws all of her icons in the weekly spread to show all of the different activities she’s doing and the beautiful sunflower artwork on the bottom of the page!

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Sunflower Sleep Tracker

Photo credit: Blossom Bujo on Instagram

Green, yellow, orange, and sunflower yellow all combined to make a beautiful and colorful sleep log tracker inside this bujo! Let’s all get our sleep and track our z’s this month!

August Monthly Spread

Photo credit: Bujo & Cookies on Instagram

Every flower blooms at a different pace, and in this case, it takes a month! I love this boxy sunflower themed monthly spread, and how it’s basically just a giant colorful floral calendar. Minimal yet useful and full of good vibes!

Pastel Sunflower Bullet Journal

Photo credit: Dani on Instagram

Ever seen a psychedelic sunflower before! Well feast on your eyes on these magical majestic balls of sun, you will love this weekly spread! The sunflowers drawn are filled in very brown, very bold, and full of ambiance. I love this design!

Sunflower Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Bujo & Cookies on Instagram

Omg… This mood tracker is going to turn out so colorful, and it’s so easy to draw a sunflower in this way. I love how each day of the week represents a different portion of the sunflower, and how much customization could be used here for mood tracking. Hard to feel down at your feet when you’re staring at this type of SUN all month long!

Flower Weekly Spread

Photo credit: Bujo Abby on Instagram

These sunflowers will have you FALLing in love, literally. I love how this yellow weekly spread is centered by falling sunflowers throughout the page, and how it could give off either a summer or fall vibe. So much color and so many falling flowers for one week!

Circle Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Diana’s on Instagram

I am obsessed with wheel themed trackers, they are my absolute favorite. And not only is this big and bright filling the page, but the little sunflower drawings on the bottom add such a fun and bright pop to the spread!

Yellow Habit Tracker

Photo credit: Martha on Instagram

A mini calendar themed habit tracker paired with a unique and stunning mood tracker? I think this is exactly what I’ve been looking to for inspiration! I love it how it looks as if the wind is blowing, and the different petals represent different days of the week. So pretty!

Step By Step Sunflower Doodles

Photo credit: Anna on Instagram

I’m always “rooting’ for a tutorial that makes drawing something so easy, like this sunflower tutorial! Learn to draw your very own in just 5 steps, and watch your sunflower bloom!

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Sunflower Bullet Journal Tracker

Photo credit: Plinth on Instagram

This is the PERFECT sunflower themed mood tracker… Some serious expertise in this piece, for sure. Each day of the week is represented with a sunflower, so they are essentially surrounding the page. Bad moods tend to aim towards brown coloring, while happy is a bright yellow. The end product will be full of color!

Creative Sunflower Bujo Spread

Photo credit: Tamina on Instagram

Here comes the sun, DOODOODOODOO. In a field full of sunflowers, be the prettiest tracker in town! Seriously, I am obsessed with the sunflower field print out (on the left side), and how the days of the week are numbered inside a sunflower too. So FUNFLOWER!

August Weekly Spread

Photo credit: Bujo & Cookies on Instagram

“Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.” ― Kahlil Gibran. I love the way she sets up this weekly spread, scattering the sunflower drawings and stretching her days of the week across two pages. Optimally beautiful!

Flower Themed Habit Tracker

Photo credit: Alex on Instagram

Feeling fall? This vibrant mood tracker will have you FALLing in love with the season, and all of its vibrant brown and orange colors. Plus, who doesn’t love a cirle layout tracker?

Sunflower Instagram Tracker

Photo credit: Michelle on Instagram

Simple yet stunning, this social media overview and expense tracker will keep you motivated for sure! Who knew a little pile of sunflowers could bring optimal coloring to something so minimal?

November Weekly Spread

Photo credit: Lafondari on Instagram

I absolutely love the coloring and unique design of this weekly spread. How she has the days of the week look like they are fading into the page, the motivating quote, and the gorgeous sunflowers combined make for the sunniest and most perfect spread for any season!

Full Page Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Study Bujo Inspo on Instagram

This mood tracker is EVERYTHING. A giant sunflower covered in grass with every day of the week representing a giant piece of the flower has never looked so stunning, and the end product will be something out of this world. I love it!

Black & White Flower Spread

Photo credit: Inga on Instagram

Wow, what a gorgeous black and white spread. I love how minimal it is, and how the theme is boxxy, neat, and clean. I’m loving this one!

Craft Paper Weekly Spread

Photo credit: Jade Studies on Instagram

If you like the collage / scrapbook look for your bujo spreads, then this one is for you! I love how the daily headers are each a different shade of yellow and the brown craft paper on each corner provides the perfect amount of contrast. This is a great summertime weekly spread!

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Minimalist Sunflower Weekly Log

Photo credit: Allie on Instagram

Here’s a great weekly spread layout if you’re going with a minimalist vibe this month. The headers also serve as dividers for the daily tasks which is such a good idea. You could easily switch out the sunflower doodles for something that fits your theme and use this style layout for any month!

June Cover Spread With Sunflowers

Photo credit: Cam Bujo on Instagram

What better way to start your summer theme than a boutique full of sunflowers?! This June cover spread is gorgeous! My favorite part has to be the way she drew the header across the clear jar. Perfect!

Scrapbook Sunflower Journal Spread

Photo credit: Hanv Bujo on Instagram

Whether you’re going with a sunflower theme or want to go with an overall yellow theme, this spread is GOALS! The way she incorporates the pictures into the layout, along with the yellow highlights behind the headers… everything just works together. If you don’t like doodling then this style might give you some ideas!

June Monthly Srpead

Photo credit: Lolas Craft Journal on Instagram

Sunflowers, clouds, and some little stars… what more do you need in a summer monthly spread!? This definitely has that summer night vibe and I’m loving it. If you need a single page monthly overview to just keep track of a few important dates, this layout will definitely come in handy!

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If you want to change your theme for the month, you need to check out these colorful sunflower bullet journal spreads for inspiration!




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