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24 Easy DIY Garden Trellis Ideas & Plant Structures

24 Easy DIY Garden Trellis Ideas & Plant Structures



24 best DIY garden trellis ideas & designs: build easy cucumber trellis, bean teepee, beautiful vine pergola, plant screen, & vegetable garden structures!

As a garden designer and plant lover, one of my favorite garden elements is the garden trellis. A plant trellis can add so much charm and functionality .

It offers supports for beautiful flowering or fruiting vines ( such as rose or cucumber trellis ), adds more growing area for small gardens, and helps to create attractive outdoor spaces such as tunnels, gates, privacy screens, and beautiful walls and fences.

I hope these 21 DIY-friendly garden trellis ideas and vertical growing structure projects will inspire you and I to explore all the creative possibilities of an abundant and beautiful garden!

( Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. )

1. Magical DIY bamboo bean teepees garden trellis

A teepee is a very easy to build garden structure. This easy DIY bean teepee is made of bamboo stakes and garden twine. ( Source: Artful Parent )

2. Build a garden teepee cucumber trellis with branches

A garden teepee made of branches is a delightful retreat for all ages! You can also use it as a cucumber trellis. ( Source: Serendipity Life )

3. Tomato trellis works better than tomato cages

This simple DIY tomato trellis made it possible for us to grow over 100 lbs of tomatoes in just 20 square feet. Tutorial and building plan here.

4. Enchanting arched trellis ideas

A tunnel adds so much charm to a garden. It invites us to walk through and explore the garden with childlike wonder. This attractive squash arch trellis is made of branches and garden wires. Choose softer branches such as willow branches that are easy to bend .

5. How to build arched garden trellis

You can make trellis arch from many materials, such as branches, or PVC pipes.

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6. How to build bamboo garden trellis

Bamboo poles are strong yet light weight, which makes them easy to work with. You can create vertical garden structures and tie plants to the poles as they grow. ( Source: Elmueble )

7. Easy DIY bamboo trellis with strings

This type of bamboo garden trellis is great for growing tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, etc. ( Source: Fine Gardening )

8. Simple and sturdy A-frame wood trellis panels

Two wood framed panels joined together with hinges, these garden trellis panels can be stored flat when not in use. ( Source: 8 | Gardeners )

9. DIY A-frame garden trellis ideas

There are lots of creative variations for an A frame trellis, such as using hardware panel on the tomato trellis, or strings on the cucumber trellis. ( Source: Amazon | An Oregon Cottage )

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11. Easy cucumber trellis

The simple fold-able trellis design is great for a cucumber trellis. ( Source: Amazon )

12. Painted wood trellis

A painted wooden trellis adds so much color and charm to a garden! ( Source lost. Please let me know if you find it!)

13. Raised planter trellis for vegetables

A free standing wood or metal garden trellis planter is an effective way to create a screen or dress up a blank wall. ( Source: Seattle Urban Farm )

14. Wall trellis ideas

Wall trellis is a great feature to decorate a blank garden wall with flowers and vines. ( Source: Homes to Love )

15. Arched plant trellis ideas

You can also make an arch plant trellis from branches and short rebars or wood dowels. Beans and gourds are great plants for an arched trellis! ( Source: This Old House )

16. Beautiful plant trellis for vegetable gardens

Runner Beans trained over metal arbor leading to focal point of large classic earthenware jar. Via Garden Design

17. Garden gate pergola

A tunnel type arched trellis is amazing, especially when there are delicious fruits, veggies and pretty flowers hanging from it. ( Source: Sunset )

18. DIY Squash arch

This DIY squash arch can be a beautiful focal point in a vegetable garden.

19. Obelisk style wood garden trellis

An obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top. It is a classic type of garden structure that adds elegance to a garden. ( Source: 16

20. Farmhouse country style wood trellis ideas

You can make really beautiful free standing obelisk style trellises from 1x2s and 2x2s. Tutorial at She Holds Dearly.

21. Vertical planter trellis

Love this Strawberry wood trellis planter by Elle Ogden .

22. Traditional kitchen garden trellis ideas

Before people had power tools, they made incredibly beautiful garden trellises like these using flexible branches from Willow or other native trees. ( Source: Tim Gainey )

23. Timeless inspirations: willow garden trellis and bench

This gorgeous woven bench and trellis is so magical. ( Source: Charlotte Moss )

There are so much you could create with plants! Here are 12 amazing LIVING structures to create!

24. Ladder plant trellis ideas

In small space gardens, we can grow herbs and vegetables with planters attached to a sturdy frame that leans on any vertical surface. ( Source: BHG )

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Oh, I almost forgot this one! A DIY grape arbor / pergola with free building plan and lots of details!

Happy growing! See you next week!

24 best DIY garden trellis ideas & designs: build easy cucumber trellis, bean teepee, beautiful vine pergola, plant screen, & vegetable garden structures!




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