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23 DIY Sewing Projects for Beginners – Family-Friendly Sewing Ideas – The Saw Guy

23 DIY Sewing Projects for Beginners – Family-Friendly Sewing Ideas – The Saw Guy



Elena Rose Brown enjoys sewing gathered skirts in her spare time, and she does a fine job of walking you through step-by-step in how to make one of these beauties. This skirt can be made quickly and in many colors. Click here to learn more.​


#2 iPad Case

Source: OhSoLovely Steph and Erin were bored and saw that their iPad was sitting around with nothing to cover it, so they decided to make this adorable case for it. This method can be used for other things as well if you don’t have an iPad – a phone or other devices. Check out OhSoLovelyVintage for the full tutorial.​ #3 30-Minute Drawstring Fabric Backpack

Anna Patty gets the credit for this brilliant idea.

Anna Patty Anna is the mom and founder of Mamoo Kids, a line of awe-inspiring bags for adventurous kids with stuff to do and places to go. Mamoo Kids all natural cotton bags are made in San Francisco, CA. Anna is thrilled to be sharing easy kids bag DIY’s and simple sewing tutorials for kids with us. Mamoo Kids

In her tutorial, she provides every piece of information with great images to make this amazingly easy and fun project. #4 Kid’s Bean Bag Chair in 30 minutes

According to Hayley, the “creative genius behind Gray House Harbor”, every kid needs a cozy spot to read a book or watch a movie. This bean bag chair is a piece of cake to make and you’ll be the favorite parent in no time after you make this for your kids! The cool thing about making your own, rather than buying one in the store, is that you can customize it to be unique for your one-of-a-kind kid. ​ #5 Easy Oven Mitt

Gingercake was given a box of old material from her mother-in-law, and decided to take a crack at this DIY oven mitt. She says it will take only 30 minutes, but if you’d like to be more elaborate with some quilting enhancements, it could take up to an hour of time. What’s one hour when you can make an amazing oven mitt like this? Her easy-to-follow instructions can be located here.​ #6 Grocery Bag Holder

How annoyed do you get trying to grab cleaners from under the kitchen sink only to find hundreds of plastic grocery bags wadded up under there? It’s so hard to keep those things organized, but you know you’re going to use them for something, right? So, you don’t want to just pitch them. Phat Quarter has such a quick solution for storing all of those annoying plastic grocery bags in your home. They say you’ll be glad you spent 30 minutes making your life a bit more organized. #7 DIY Headbands

Keeping unwanted hair our of your face while you’re running, playing a sport, or cleaning around the house is a must! These headbands look adorable for the little girls in your life, but are also practical for women who need to keep hair out of their face. ​ Alice and Lois, who post for Craft Snob, have come up with this easy, DIY headband that you make in minutes. The step-by-step instructions can be located here. #8 DIY Carseat Cover/Nursing Cover

This is a no-brainer for moms! The car seat cover is a must for all parents, but then to have it double as a nursing cover? Genius! The Do it Yourself Divas – Meg and Steph- have knocked one out of the park on this one. These lovely ladies did all of the hard work so that they could provide quick, easy instructions for you to follow. If you’re expecting a baby in the near future, or know someone who is, this would be a priceless asset to the baby “toolbox”.​ #9 DIY Sweater Socks

Becky has the tutorial for this, and what a cool idea! Taking an old sweater that you don’t wear anymore, and have a ball making your very own boot socks! Becky shows many ways to add a fancy edge or cuff to the top of the socks. She even shows you how to make Halloween socks! What a creative idea. It’s cheap and obviously can be customized based on the design of the shirt. ​ #10 DIY Large Hot Pad

Sometimes, it would be nice not to have to use my pot holders as hot pads when I have company over. This nice hot pad is simple to make, and makes your meal looks even more lovely. Emily, from Auntie Em’s Crafts, shows just how simple making this hot pad is.​ These would make great teacher gifts or Christmas gifts for family and friends. #11 DIY Sunbathing Companion Beach Towel

This is such a great project for you to make and take with you to the pool or to the beach this summer. It’s everything packed into one: a beach bag, pillow and beach towel. This cool bag will hold you magazines, goggles and sunscreen. The Golden Adventures of a Dark Horse shows you step-by-step how to do this, but thinks you might just be able to look at the pictures and do it yourself.​ #12 DIY Tortilla Warmer

When you make soft tacos or burritos for your family meal, you typically have to wet paper towels and put your tortillas between them on a plate. Look no further. This seriously cool idea not only warms tortillas of any size, but looks cute too! According to Ashley, from “Make it and Love it”, this should be a piece of cake. You only have to make this once, because it’s big enough to fit all sizes of tortillas. Pop this sucker into the microwave, and voila! You’ll have warm tortillas in no time. #13 DIY Reversible Table Runner

Jackie, from “Teal & Lime” says this is an easy beginner DIY sewing project. Her easy-to-follow instructions can be found here. This table runner will allow you to select two sides so that you can swap out once you get bored or get a little stain that you want to hide from company. This DIY project is one that will change the entire look of your kitchen or dining room. #14 DIY Easy Casserole Carrier

Why in the world purchase a Pyrex or Pampered Chef casserole carrier, when you can make your own as simply as Kerri King does on “How Does She”? This will adjust to meet many different sizes of casserole dishes, and you’ll enter the family gathering or party looking trendy too. ​ #15 DIY Reusable Swiffer Refills

No one enjoys spending money that you literally throw in the trash. That’s what people do when they continue to purchase Swiffer refills at their local store. Waste money no more! Make your own Swiffer refills that are reusable by checking out this posting on “A Few Shortcuts”​ Pop them in the washer when you’re done wiping up the messes or dusting the floors, and use them again tomorrow. No more wasting money. For more inspiration, check out our entire list of DIY projects. ​ #16 DIY Crafty Sewing Letters

These DIY letters from Twin Talk Blog are super simple to make, and they look amazing. Love how you can customize them and get a totally different look by changing out the fabric. Click here to see the full tutorial.​ 16. DIY Tote Bag

Jenn from Sweet Makes Three shows these adorable DIY tote bags and gives an easy-to-follow patter on how to make them yourself. See her full tutorial here.​ 17. DIY 10-minute Dish Towel Apron

Virginia is able to show us how to whip up these adorable aprons in just 10 minutes! Check out the tutorial here. 18. DIY Throw Pillows

Megan loves enhancing the look of any room in her home with these adorable throw pillows. She gives tips on how to do this cheaply and quickly in her full tutorial. 19. DIY Basic Zipper Pouch

Kate blogs about how to do these simple zipper pouches- these would be great for school supplies, snacks, make-up, anything that you can think of. Check out her easy, full tutorial here.​ 20. DIY Mesh Laundry Bag

Ren explains how to make this mesh laundry bag – what a practical idea- on her blog “The Inspired Ren”. See her tutorial here.​ 21. DIY Crayon Roll

Jamie and Jacinda show an old favorite. One of these ladies whipped up one of these during nap time for a birthday gift. Pair it with a coloring book, and your’e all set with a one-of-a-kind favorite gift that can be taken on the next road trip. Check out their full tutorial here.​ 22. DIY Baby Blocks

Wren Handmade shows us a great gift idea for a mom-to-be who you know. This would be a gift that no one else would give, and it’s a thoughtful, unique idea for baby. Check out her full tutorial.​ 23. DIY Knit Receiving Blankets

Our list of 23 DIY sewing projects for beginners will mean fun for the whole family. These are simple sewing project ideas to get you started.




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