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20 Amazing Pallet Projects

20 Amazing Pallet Projects



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Do you have any pallets laying around or know where you can get some? Pallets bring a rustic charm to a space and can actually change the entire look of it. Recycle the wood and turn it into something amazing. They are inexpensive and easy to DIY. Here are 20 Amazing Pallet Projects to check out. I hope they inspire you to do your own project.

20 Amazing Pallet Projects:

You can pick any saying you like! { Coffee Cup Rack }

Fabulous idea for a reception area, but in the home afterwards to0. { DIY Pallet Collage }

Any little angel NEEDS this! { DIY Pallet Moon Shaped Baby Cradle }

Pallet furniture can be stylish too. { Pallet Table with Hairpin Legs }

If you’re in need of a bed and on a budget, consider this one! { DIY Platform Bed }

Enjoy those cool breezes as you relax. { Porch Swing }

This is a great DIY for an entertaining outdoor space!

{ DIY Pallet Outdoor Bar }

Close up the sandbox when not in use to keep it clean! { DIY Sandbox with Benches }

A great place to put your bathroom towels! { DIY Small Open Shelf }

Gotta have a great place to hang those much used wine glasses. { Wine Rack }

This is an easy DIY and the end result is smart! { Pallet Book Shelf }

I love how you can put decor pieces on this and hang up jackets and bags by the front door.

{ Pallet Coat Rack }

I am all about dual purpose storage pieces!

I can see myself lounging on this- reading and napping all day! { Pallet Bed Swing }

This is such a gorgeous piece! { Pallet Wood Shelf with Cubbys }

Ineed one of these for my office! { Rolling Pallet Storage }

Perfect for organization. { Stackable Pallet Crates }

Is that not the sweetest little bed!? { Toddler Pallet Bed }

This is a great way to grow plants. { Vertical Herb Garden }

Keep those drinks cold during your parties! { Wood Deck Cooler }

Which of these 20 Amazing Pallet Projects do you think you can tackle? I absolutely love them all!

20 Amazing Pallet Projects you should check out if you love recycling and reusing reclaimed wood and pallets! Find inspiration here!




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