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20 Adorable April Mood Tracker Ideas For Your Bujo

20 Adorable April Mood Tracker Ideas For Your Bujo



Featured Image Credit: Nicole Josephine

Coming up with ideas a new page in your bullet journal can be tough… I know when I’m setting up a new mood tracker, I always struggle a bit coming up with the layout. I usually end up scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest to find something I like. That’s why I put together this list of super cute April mood trackers to get inspiration from! Whether you’re looking for something that’s black and white or more on the artsy side, you’ll find something you like

Here are the ones I like:

Blooming Flowers

Photo credit: Ilham’s bullet journal on Instagram

Wow… this mood tracker is gorgeous! I love how it’s very free flowing and at first glance, it just looks like a nice drawing instead of an analytical spread (if you know what I mean). This is a great springtime tracker and the way it’s laid out with the flowers in a complete circle, is such a great idea. Even if you aren’t artistically gifted, this layout with a simple doodle for each day would look great! Spring is time for new beginnings so start off a new month with this adorable tracker!

Constellation Emotion Tracker

Photo credit: Honey Bliss Journals on Instagram

Speaking of simple doodles, this spread utilizes just that but makes it looks awesome! These constellations made up of these cute little stars are going to look amazing at the end of the month. This spread would be great if you’re going with a space theme but don’t want the typical moons and planets… OR if you’re just starting out and some something simple but with some personality! Reach for the stars and track those moons… or moods!

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Coffee Cup Mood Page

Photo credit: Svenja on Instagram

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… there is NOTHING better than coffee and bullet journals! I’m sure if you’re a caffeine addict, like myself, you can definitely agree lol. This mood tracker is the perfect blend and maybe a good time to update the tracker is right after your morning cup?! just sayin… I love how she uses different cups and mugs for each day while updating them with perfect colors. My favorite one has to be the to-go cup with a blend of two different colors… I can definitely relate. Brew yourself a cup and update your mood tracker!

Spring Time Theme

Photo credit: Nicole Josephine on Instagram

I don’t know if you can get more “springtime” than this adorable spread lol… The idea of a super simple plant drawing and filling in the leaves with your moods is perfect! Plus, the stickers and washi tape she uses for adds the perfect amount of decoration to balance out the simple illustration. If you’re a bullet journal beginner looking for some cute ideas, this spread will surely help! Don’t forget to water your flowers this spring!

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Whale Shark Spread

Photo credit: Victoria Yuka on Instagram

Looking for something a little different than the typical springtime spread?! How about this creative whale shark mood tracker? I love this idea and how everything is laid out… The only trouble I would have would be actually drawing the shark. I think I could handle the little fish though lol! This would be a great spread if you have an ocean or underwater theme and is relativity easy to setup. Take inspiration from this underwater giant!

April Polaroid Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Seed Successful You on Instagram

While you may have seen a mood tracker or even Instagram tracker like this layout before, I still had to include this one! I love how simple the overall concept is but it just looks so good. It’s perfect if you’re just starting out or if you’re on your 6th bullet journal… Plus, at the end of the month, it’s going to look even better. If you need a simple layout that you can quickly set up, this spread is for you. Get a good picture of your emotions for the month with this tracker!

Connect The Dots

Photo credit: Maggie on Instagram

Looking for a minimalist mood tracker this month?! If so, this spread will definitely spark some ideas… I love how it looks pretty complex but it’s actually very simple. The best part about this one is that you can see the fluctuation of your moods very clearly. I know you can do the same with color-coding your days but this layout presents it in such a way that you can see exactly what’s going on with just a simple glance. A black and white mood tracking graph… I don’t think it gets more minimal than that. Keep it simple this month!

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Game Of Thrones

Photo credit: Bujo For Stars on Instagram

If you’re a big Game of Thrones fan, then you’re going to love this one! The drawing and the actual coloring of this mood tracker is amazing… I love how it takes up the full page while the tracking for each day is worked into the wolf seamlessly. While I won’t be drawing something like this anytime soon, I will definitely be taking inspiration from the header text. It’s super simple and goes perfectly with the theme. Go full page with this awesome April mood tracker!

Creative Mood Spread

Photo credit: Aiden on Instagram

If you want to knock out two trackers with one overall spread, then this one is for you. She has her mood tracker on the first half of the two pages and the sleep tracker on the bottom. I love the creativity of the overall layout but I think the best part is the simplicity of the tracking method… She uses a different shade of watercolor for each mood and a super simple line graph to represent her sleep each night. It looks great, it’s direct to the point and displays everything in a very easy to “read” way. Combine your trackers and get back to planning

Pastel Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Julia Kay on Instagram

Similar to the plant spread from above, this tracker is screaming SPRING as well… I love the way she has the doodles filling out the entire page and the colors she chose look so good! I’m always a big fan of pastel since they look good with anything, in my opinion. Plus, you could use any colors you wanted to match your theme for the month! If you’re going with a spring / floral spread, this one will definitely give you some ideas to get started. Don’t pastel this one up!

Flintstone Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Bujo Cat on Instagram

How cute is this Flintstone themed tracker!? I would definitely have to cheat and trace something like this out! Okay, I could probably handle the banner and toy blocks but the pebbles drawing… yup, I’m cheating on that one. Even if this doesn’t fit your theme, you could definitely take a lot of inspiration from it! I love the header text and the idea of the simple banner. You could turn that header text into something that would work your you by changing the color and taking out the spots. I think it would look really good in purple and would be a great way to add some FUNK to any spread. Hmmm… maybe a fruity pebbles themed spread?! 🤔

Black & White Theme

Photo credit: J on Instagram

Here is another great black and white mood tracker if the one from above wasn’t really your style. I like how this one is a two page spread and incorporates some flower drawings at the bottom to give it some personality. If you’re going minimal but still want some doodles sprinkled in, I’m sure this spread will help you get started. It’s cropped out in the picture, but she also includes a nice inspirational quote on the right side along with a key for the tracker. The dotted line is tracking her energy level for the idea which is something I should definitely start doing! “Decide every morning that you are in a good mood”

Bird Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Bujo For Laura on Instagram

How about this for a colorful April mood tracker?! Lately, I’ve been getting more into geometrical shapes for my bullet journal and this spread reminds me a lot of the stuff I’ve been taking inspiration from. I think I’ve been leaning more towards this style since it’s relatively simple (this one is definitely on the more complex end) and something about the clean lines is just super satisfying. Color by number with this creative tracker!

Daisy Theme

Photo credit: My Daily Melodie on Instagram

This is the perfect example of what I was trying to explain with the first spread! I love the simple daisy doodles and how they’re laid out in a circle around that cute little lamb! It’s so cute that I might even try to incorporate that into my next sleep tracker. This is definitely something I could do and will be taking inspiration from. Plus, the daisies and little chicks would go great with any springtime theme. Spring is in the air with this mood tracker!

Envelope Theme

Photo credit: Boho Bujo Girl on Instagram

I’ve seen mood trackers like this with the envelopes for each day but… I love the way she uses the four different sections in each one to record her feelings throughout the entire day. This would give you a more accurate representation of things instead of just one color for each day. Not to mention the use of the brown paper and cute border at the bottom. Love it! Use snail mail to track your emotions!

Artsy Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Julietta Bouvier on Instagram

If you want to go with a floral theme this April but don’t want the cartoony doodles… Then this tracker will definitely give you some inspiration! I love how she adds the outline of the women on the left side and leaving the majority of the detail for the flowers. Plus, it’s crazy how she has a different type of flower for each day. This is going to look amazing at the end of the month! Track your moods with a full bouquet!

DNA Theme

Photo credit: Tamina on Instagram

How about this super cool DNA spread for a change? Everything from the 3D banner at the top to the way she has the DNA coming across the page. I love how each day is just simply colored and you could easily see the change from one day to the next. This doesn’t fit any theme I currently have but I will definitely be saving that banner idea for one of my upcoming pages. Track your mood all the way down to the cell level… I’m not even sure if that makes sense lol

Creative Sunflower

Photo credit: Jane on Instagram

If you’re looking for a circle mood tracker for April but don’t want the “harsh” lines of tracing something out… Then this spread will surely give you some inspiration! I love how she adds a cute little face to the sunflower, but my favorite part has to be the way she colors each pedal. She blends each color depending on her moods to fill out the entire area for the day. And as you can see, it turns out amazing at the end of the month. I think this would go great in your bujo if you switch up the colors to match your current theme. Shine bright this month!

Abstract Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Claire on Instagram

If you like the thought of getting away from “harsh” lines, like the example from above, then this one will be right up your alley. I love how fun and creative it is! The mood tracker is pretty simple while looking very abstract and unplanned at the same time. Plus, I’m always a sucker for pastel colors. Switch things up and get crazy with this one!

Red Mood Tracker

Photo credit: So Journal on Instagram

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against harsh lines lol… I’m really getting into geometrical layouts and while this isn’t exactly that, I do really like the super clean lines of the circles to make this tracker. She does a great job of breaking that up with the super cute flowers in the middle too! Like all the trackers here, I’m sure this is going to look great at the end of the month… Plus, keeping everything the same color and just doing different shades is something I’m definitely going to try. I’m in love with this spread!

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