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19 Patio DIY Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

19 Patio DIY Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space



Looking for a few fun summer projects? Tackle one or more of these diy patio ideas! Most of these projects can be completed in just a few hours (or a day, easily), so they’re not too overwhelming for diy beginners. Time to grab the power tools and get started sprucing up your patio!

Add a wire basket side table to your patio to hold plants, drinks or anything else you need. This DIY is quick and easy, taking only about 30 minutes of your time. No power tools required!

Great lighting can really set the mood in an outdoor space. Consider adding some rope lighting to the walkway or around the perimeter of your patio to achieve a gorgeous glowing atmosphere at night.

Can you believe these rope ottomans are made out of old tires? Not only do they add visual interest to your outdoor space, but you can use them for extra seating or tabletop space when needed, too.

A terraced herb garden not only adds some greenery to your patio, but you’ll enjoy being able to walk out your door to pick fresh herbs anytime you need them, too.

Another fun lighting option for the patio (especially when you’re having parties) is a wine bottle tiki torch. These are best attached to a fence or brick/rock wall… don’t put them too close to vinyl siding.

Set up some light poles around the patio for even more lighting. It’ll make your outdoor space look magical at night.

Bug off mason jars can save your sanity during summer. They’ll keep those pesky biting insects away so you can enjoy your time outside.

A wire-hung canopy can provide some much-needed shade from the blazing summer sun. I know I personally prefer to be in the shade when outdoors until the late evening, so this is a gorgeous option that doesn’t need to cover your entire patio.

Cinderblocks, lumber and a comfy cushion are all you need to make some easy DIY outdoor seating.

The water hose on the side of our house is so unsightly! A hose holder with a built-in planter is a great way to disguise it yet still keep it handy whenever you need it.

Make a pretty ladder shelf for displaying potted plants on your patio. Love the gorgeous blue color!

Talk about GENIUS… this patio table with built-in ice boxes is such a clever piece. You can keep your stash of drinks cold while entertaining without going back and forth inside to fetch or them or using a cooler. Love this idea!

A terracotta pot table not only offers space to sit your drinks, but you can store things underneath, too. You can never have too much storage!

Can you believe this DIY pergola cost less than $200 to build? Add curtains (use an outdoor fabric!) to the sides to soften up the look and give you some privacy when needed.

Try your hand at macrame with this DIY hammock. It looks simple enough, and you don’t need any crochet tools… just your fingers will do!

An outdoor storage box is a must for the patio. When it gets really windy, for example, you can put your outdoor cushions away. We have really high winds on our street! Plus, the box can double as extra seating when you need it.

Freestanding potted torches can be moved anywhere you need some extra light while entertaining.

This grill and bar cart certainly makes entertaining on the patio easier, too. It offers a cooler, plenty of shelf/storage and even a prep surface for cutting/chopping foods for the grill. Brilliant!

How about a fun little patio pool to take a dip in when the weather is just too hot? How fun it would be to relax with the kids (or with a glass of wine, no judging) after a long day.

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Upgrade your outdoor space with these fun and totally doable patio diy ideas. Beginners to advanced diyers will find a great project here!




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