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18 Cheap and Easy To Build Raised Garden Beds

18 Cheap and Easy To Build Raised Garden Beds



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Raised garden beds are famous for their advantages in growing different plants, vegetables and herbs among gardening beginners and pros.

Along with the reduction in weeds grow, they provide closed environment for extended planting season as the soil used may not be the native one which allows the roots to grow easier.

Last but not least raised garden beds are waist-friendly and the need to bend over each time is eliminated.

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Gardening may be considered art because of the taken care, arrangment consideration, attention and variety of grown plants.

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The raised bed gardens we are going to give to your attention make the perfect continuance of your yard and are easy to make.

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Apartment-Style Garden Bed

The enthusiastic gardeners always find a way to do gardening, regardless of the place. For those of you who live in an apartment and yet would like to grow herbs or vegetables, there is a way.

Self-watering containers are suitable to grow both vegetables, herbs and flowers from seeds.

It is a 2-compartment planter, the bottom part is the water reservoir which helps you hydrate the plants regularly and with the right amount, the top is filled with soil.

via Tiny Haus

Cinder Block DIY Raised Garden Bed

The link below gives detailed instructions of how to build yourself a raised garden bed with cinder blocks and QuickCrete.

The ground beneath must be prepared by levelling and cleaning of the weeds. Then the blocks are arranged in the desired shape, sealed with the concrete. The final step is to fill with the chosen soil and plant the vegetables.

via Fab Everyday

Corrugated Metal Raised Garden Bed

Industrial material as corrugated metal sheets can be used to make these lovely raised garden beds.

Their surface is galvanized so any environment conditions will not damage them.

The boxes are beautifully decorated with redwood frames at the top and at the bottom to make the beds safer (as the edges of the metal are sharp) and also provide a sitting place.

via My Crazy Good Life

This herb garden is great for small spaces and decks. Its shape makes it also suitable for any corners which are otherwise difficult to utilize.

The cascade raised garden bed is made entirely of cedar boards but you may also consider use a reclaimed wood material in good shape.

via Decor & The Dog

Fence Raised Garden Beds

Cedar is rot resistant wood and makes it suitable for raised garden bed projects.

These boxes are easy to make so are suitable for all beginners. The best of all is that they are separate sections and you can align them in an order consistent with your free yard space.

via The Hand Made Home

Framed Garden Trellis

You know that some vegetables require treilis to grow properly. Instead of stretching the plastic wire sold in shops, you can make something more satisfactory to its function and look.

All you need to build this A-trellis is lumber, screws, and a few basic tools. Eventually you will have a long-lasting and very strong support for your beans or cucumbers.

via Journey With Jill

High-Elevated Garden Planter

This tall planter is perfect for a deck or the yard and is suitable for older people as they won’t bend over it to take care of the planted herbs.

It is big enough to accommodate various herb species and the annoying weeding time will be reduced to a minimum.

via Grandma’s House DIY

How To Build a Raised Planter Box

This raised garden bed is a planter box made of redwood which is additionally supported by legs to make it higher and more comfortable.

Follow the instructions below to make your own redwood raised garden bed.

via Charles and Hudson

Multi-Level Garden Bed

This ladder-like raised garden bed is very suitable for any small spaces as it provides space for planting in vertical direction.

Vegetables, herbs or flowers will all look fantastic in this cascade raised bed.

via Growing The Home Garden

Raised Bed with Built-In Benches

Comfort must be considered even for gardening activities. This raised bed is not only quite large to accommodate many plants.

It is also very practical as it has a small bench at each side which can be used for sitting and as a one-stretch-of-the-hand assistant to store temporary tools for gardening.

This is a structure that will last long thoroughout the years so it is worthy doing it, following the instructions on the link below.

via Decor Home Ideas

Raised Pallet Garden Stand

Wood pallets impress us again! Reclaimed pieces of pallets can be used to make horizontal raised beds and also for trellis.

These structures are suitable for any garden- yard, rooftop or terrace of an apartment, and will make the garden look far more organized.

via Fox Folksy

Raised Planter Stand with Tub Inserts

This long raised garden bed is made of plastic drums cut in halves. The supports are quite high so gardening will be much fascilitated.

There are trellis inserted in different sections so you can easily grow a combination of vines and short vegetables and herbs.

via 1001 Gardens

Simple Cedar Raised Garden Boxes

Another idea for a simple to make yourself raised garden bed can be found on the link below.

The boxes are without bottoms so you must prepare the ground in advance so that it is friendly for the plants grown in there.

via 33 Shades Of Green

Simple Statement Raised Garden Box

Looking for a cheap raised garden box? Well, this is one of the most cost-friendly ones so make sure to get the materials needed and assemble as many boxes as you may need.

via Simple Easy DIY

Space Saving Raised Garden on a Budget

Upcycled materials can also be suitable to make or use as a raised garden bed.

These milk crates are stacked together and the top one serves as a planter. Its inside is covered with a liner to keep the soil in place.

via Tiny House Toronto

Space Saving Square Foot Garden with Crates

Another way to use crates is to arrange them next to each other to form a square foot raised garden.

You can add trellis as needed. The best of all is that these crates are mobile so once you feel that your plants need a change of the place, just grab the crate and place it somewhere else.

via Simplify Organize

Tiered Cedar Raised Garden Bed

The tiered raised bed is suitable to grow different types of plants in one place and at the same time in different box sections.

It is made out of 3 cedar lumber boxes of different width and then stacked up.

via Unknown

Vibrant Yellow Raised Garden

One large wooden box with smaller box inserted in- that’s the configuration of this incredible raised garden bed.

What makes it so attractive is the shiny vibrant yellow color so if you decide to make one for your herbs or succulents, you may want to copy the color as it makes a beautiful contrast with the green flowers planted in.

via Bald Man Mod Pad

How to make your own raised garden bed, tutorials, photos and step by step instructions of the best raised garden beds you can DIY.




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