16 Stunning Summer Wedding Flowers to Embrace in June, July and August. #Part One – Bitcoin Value
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16 Stunning Summer Wedding Flowers to Embrace in June, July and August. #Part One

16 Stunning Summer Wedding Flowers to Embrace in June, July and August. #Part One



One of the best parts of having a summer wedding? It seems that beautiful blooms are popping up all through this season.

From freesia to hydrangea, sunflower to peony, you’ll find so many choices to fit your vision.

But pay attention in picking color palettes, shapes and sizes so that to pair with your wedding theme.

Narrow down your decision with our list of 16 popular and common wedding flowers. Today let’s begin with the first 8 ones.

1. Craspedia

Recognized as petite size and adorable appearance, craspedias are usually used as boutonnieres or complements to bouquets or centerpieces.

2. Daisy

The innocence and cheer white petals help pick up the golden tones of a daisy’s center. Go with baby breath to brighten up the mood and bring a merry feel!

3. Dahlia

Colors of summer dahlias always come with lighter pinks, reds, peaches, purples, as well as lemons, creams and whites. One large, oversized stem can be the focal point of your bouquet while smaller dahlias simply add pretty pops of texture and color.

4. Delphinium

Delphinium flowers come in all shades of blue from powder to cobalt and navy. As being long and voluminous, they are widely used in wedding decorations and tablescapes.

5. Cornflower

Gorgeous blue shades, cornflowers snap cool and visual cheer into the warmer summertime. They indicate prosperity and friendship—two things everyone hopes to follow after their wedding day.

6. Freesia

With softer tones and mini size, they can match in any bouquet, giving it a more detailed and interesting look.

7. Hydrangea

These fluffy blossoms are summer staples that come in a wide variety of pretty colors. Because of the hydrangea’s voluminous and full blooms, you can use one or two sparingly as part of bouquet, or turn just a few into a centerpiece.

8. Sunflower

This classic is the poster child of summer, but we love how they add a pop of bright yellow to any bouquet.

Pinning down wedding flowers is as important as deciding what to wear at your wedding. Luckily, summertime offers unlimited potential of options—just translate them to gorgeous and unforgettable events!

P.S. Next time, we will unfold the other 8 summer flowers. Remember to come back and see what the next are.

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