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15 Vibrant Cottage Garden Layouts To Enchant You

15 Vibrant Cottage Garden Layouts To Enchant You



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Nowadays, the cottage garden has been seen as a heavenly tradition that packs a big personality into compact spaces.

The British people invented the cottage garden, probably in the 1500s when even the poorest pieces of land were pressed into service to produce food for families.

Every inch of earth was planted with herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers jammed close together. Aside from being functional, the effect was stunning.

The contemporary cottage garden looks just as beautiful—a splash of color as edible and ornamental plants mingle and flop over the edge of a walkway.

I would like to share these 15 vibrant cottage garden layouts to enchant you. Enjoy! 😎

1.So idyllic!

Photo: Credit

A small picture-perfect cottage surrounded by a colorful garden…Enchanting beauty! Climbing roses supported by simple trellises cover the roof and add visual interest, scent, and personality.

Plenty of old-fashioned flowers in vibrant colors add so much charm. Diversity reigns in this space with a truly picturesque look…

2. Pure Beauty

Photo: Credit

A charming house surrounded by lush vegetation… Definitely a feast for the senses! Climbing plants cover the façade, a front yard garden offers a myriad of colors and textures.

Trees and bushes add height and some extra visual interest. A dream-come-true space!

3. Heavenly beautiful!

Photo: Credit

Climbing plants covering a brick façade, beds with flowers in vibrant colors, white windows…

So delightful! A large raised container and a blue-painted front door add some extra color and visual interest. Definitely a spectacular, enchanting cottage-style garden!

4. Charming, isn’t it?

Photo: Credit

Birdbaths are a common feature of cottage gardens. They can add uniqueness and charm to your backyard.

You can plan your garden so that it could allow you to place fountains, ponds, birdbaths and flower beds.

Just be careful not to overdo it as it could have come too cluttered.

5. Delightful Organized Chaos

Photo: Credit

A birdhouse adds personality to this captivating front yard perennial garden.

The energetic mix of dark purple petunias, Columbine, iris, and some shrubs sprawls beside the tiny lodging create a lovely unpretentious cottage garden layout design.

6. Charm and beauty…

Photo: Credit

Combining beautiful colorful flowers with lawn is one of the most commonly used techniques for creating cottage garden layouts.

The best part is that you’ve got the freedom to make something outstanding and unique so the whole neighborhood would envy you. 😉

7. Dream Cottage Garden Layout

Photo: Credit

Some of you might say that sameness is boring.

However, I don’t agree with this statement… and this English cottage garden layout is a proof!

The blushing garden with only redish flowers in front of a fairy-tale cottage…Simply stunning!

8. Garden Shed

Photo: Credit

This simple vintage garden cottage shed amidst tall messy bushes and old-fashioned flowers in a whole spectrum of colors… Beautiful, isn’t it?

9. Tiny Cottage In The Garden

Photo: Credit

This dreamy pathway meandering through a cottage garden leads to a simple wood shed.

The dense vegetation doesn’t only create a charming cottage garden border layout but also brings a fairy-tale vibe.

10. Magnificent!

Photo: Credit

Here are some of the most suitable and commonly used cottage-garden perennials, including Black-eyed Susans, Purple Emperors, and Larkspurs, that build a lively bound around a carefully tended lawn.

11. The Kingdom Of The Roses

Photo: Credit

The roses, in different colors, are a mandatory element of every cottage garden design.

It is very important to limit the palette to two or three colors (in this case, pink and purple) in order to keep the cottage garden harmonious.

12. Inviting Front Door Garden

Photo: Credit

Climbing roses add volume, extra visual interest, scent, and appeal to this charming front yard cottage garden.

The wildflowers, such as Poppy and African Daisy, bring some additional daringness to the landscaping.

13. Dreamy space!

Photo: Credit

I bet this will become one of your favorite cottage garden layout ideas.

Flowers in every color in the rainbow stand out against the white background of the fence and arbor.

The delicate cottage garden layouts have been shaped by using plants and decorative fences with various heights.

14. My Garden Cottage Is A Rose Heaven


Painted in white, the wood fence and the arbor offer an exquisite backdrop that highlights the lovely pink rose flowers and the purple flowers of a petunia hanging in a pot.

I would say this is a typical English cottage garden.

15. Upping The Cottage Garden Charm


Baby pink climbing roses and other leafy plants scramble up the house exterior, while the cute wooden bench in front of it is inviting you to have a rest for a moment.

Definitely one of my favorite cottage garden ideas!

Vibrant, fragrant, informal, romantic, enchanting…With their fairy-tale look, cottage gardens are definitely a feast for the senses!




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