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Garden Art

122 pictures for garden design – stylish garden ideas for you

122 pictures for garden design – stylish garden ideas for you



Garden design as the greatest challenge

For homeowners, landscaping is the greatest challenge of their lives. It is not enough to have beautiful, modern, designer furniture. It is not enough to have a lot of building space and extensive facilities. Without imagination, without creativity and creative thinking, your house & garden project will only be a building with flower beds and collections of plants scattered all around. By the way, what would come out of any project without general conception and enthusiasm? You have probably already thought about it when you have important plans. And what can be more important than being able to come into closer contact with nature ?! Think of the countless possibilities and combinations of colors, types of plants, garden coverings and decorations. Only one word comes to mind, and that is … a challenge.

Achieve beauty with imagination and creativity

Thinking about it, I have prepared 122 pictures and inspiring ideas for garden and patio decoration that really caught my eye and that are characterized by originality, uniqueness and true magic. Of course, in order for your garden to look beautiful and stylish, you first need to have a good plan and a good idea of ​​what exactly you want;

H. which shape, which style and basic idea your garden design should have. Here is a checklist for modern garden design as well as a few tips that are really useful:

How do colors affect your garden?

White makes the garden airier.

Blue and purple flowers give more freshness. They also have a calming effect.

Red and orange bring fire and have a sparkling effect.

Green makes the background suitable.

With the yellow color you bring spring into your garden

Beautify your oasis of calm with blue hydrangeas

Plan garden paths and don’t forget to illuminate them

The paths play an important role in garden planning. They ensure that no dirt and grime is carried into the house. You have to carefully find suitable lighting. If you want lights that are low on the ground, you have to provide several of them. If you only want to set up a few lamps, use tall standing lights. If you want to use paths in your garden in twilight or in the dark, you shouldn’t use solar lamps.

Use structure plants

Structural plants are well suited as dividing, structuring elements for garden beds, tubs and flower boxes. In addition, you can include this property of the plants for the entire garden area in the planning by planting them in places such as axes, centers or corners. Here I present you some types of structural plants:

Moth King

Holy flower

Curry herb




Ivy species

all kinds of thyme


Silver everlasting flower, silver head


High trunk

Summer cypress

New Zealand flax

Grass species




With fresh flowers and herbs from your own garden you can then decorate your house and table at any time.

The play of colors contributes to the magical look of the garden

To bring more clarity to my article, I will assign the images selected below into a few categories.

Do you feel inspired? I hope that my 122 selected garden design ideas will show you the many possibilities and will also help to ease and entertain you.

Colorful garden from Spain

Warm colors go great together

Flower boat from Italy

Play of colors in wonderful shapes

Garden design ideas in autumn

Also in autumn or especially in autumn our garden shines in wonderful warm colors. Red, yellow and orange enchant us in their wonderful interplay. Make your garden oasis even more fabulous with these garden design ideas for the coming autumn season.

Autumn landscape

Drink coffee under the flowers

Summer house with a sea view

Luxurious garden with a unique look

Magical garden with a wreath of climbing plants

Garden art

Garden decoration for a small corner

Flower beds in a splendid combination

Garden decoration with palm and purple wall

Small shining stars

Party lighting

Luminous border

Palm trees at night

Beautiful plant choices highlighted by matching, hidden lighting

Romance for two under the magnificent pendant chandelier

Lights fall from the sky

Lighting under the stairs

Illuminated trees

Lanterns always go well with garden lighting

Reading corner in wonderland

Wooden bench and pergola under the fresh nature

Bench for two in the summer garden

Cozy sitting area under the tree crown

Floating porch

Modern garden furniture in the night garden

Japanese style dream garden

Royal appearance

Wicker furniture in the bird tent

Wonderful outside area

Sit under the fragrant flowers

Small, fresh garden with seating area and sculptures

Comfortable seating area under the sun canopy

Enjoy fresh drink outdoors

Outdoor dinner

Fountain in the countryside with a stone border

Glass ball in the water

Small pond in the rock garden

Garden design with stone waterfalls and high plant beds

Original garden decoration

Small Japanese pond with a stone border

Water decoration in the garden

Pond under the trees

Lush pond with a wooden bridge and colorful plants

Round pools with wooden borders

Illuminated garden fountain

Bathroom in the garden

Play room on wooden surface for the children

Colorful painting palette

Under the flower vault

Exceptional garden furniture

Garden ideas for decoration

Playhouse in the backyard

Vertical garden

What beautiful wood & stone furniture

Evergreen plants with a beautiful design

Garden design in the Moorish style

Design with evergreen plant figures

Decorate the garden very creatively

Garden decoration with peacock from different types of plants

Stone painting

Undemanding fireplace with stone border

Fireplace made of stone paving and concrete slabs

Outdoor fireplace with hidden lighting

Planted arbor with fireplace

Modern fireplace design in the garden

Walkway made of wooden blocks and gravel

Mosaic painting

Don’t you really want such a garden covering?

Stepping stones in the lawn

Wooden stairs in two colors

Stone paving path in the lawn

Sandstone slabs modeled by grass figures

Walkway made of tree cross sections

Small lawn with concrete slabs and gravel

Garden covering made of granite mosaic and decoration with grass balls

Garden design in the English style

Oval elegance with a lawn and stone pavement border

Put together stone pavement and concrete slabs

Garden covering in two levels with lawn, stone paving and granite slabs

Simple lines made of lawn, concrete slabs and multi-shaped stones

Create undemanding garden covering

Focus on round lawn

Focus on round lawn area – second variant

Chessboard covering

Curved sidewalk in the family house garden

Make the garden in the country colorful

Very interesting garden design with pool on two levels

Romantic sitting area next to the pool

Rectangular pool in the small summer garden

For homeowners, landscaping is the greatest challenge of their lives. It is not enough to have beautiful, modern, designer furniture.



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