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12 Delightful Shabby Chic DIY Craft Ideas

12 Delightful Shabby Chic DIY Craft Ideas



Its always nice to create something yourself to decorate your house with. Here are a few ideas on some of my favourite decorations I have found that you can create at home:

These lovely angel wing decorations can be created using old bits of lace and fabric. Create the angel wing shape out of some bendable wire, then cut the material to the same shape as the wire. Leaving enough fabric to wrap around the wire and sew into place. Finish with some lace for the handles and they are ready to be hung around your house.

These adorable DIY wooden letters which are really simple to create and would look lovely hung on the outside of each of your family members bedrooms. Or you could create a word out of the letters and give each one a unique design. You will need to pick up some large letters, then decorating can be however you want. Paint them different colours and add pretty designs using paint, or add different craft supplies to the letters. Just make sure you add some string so you can hang them up.

This magnificent shabby chic would look amazing in your bedroom, or even to create as a gift. Take a vintage look lamp, preferably one with a detailed base and paint it the proffered colour if it is needed. White is always a great option for the shabby chic style. Then for the top, you want to make sure you get a lampshade that is white and is a drum shape to give it that skirt effect. Then take some mesh fabric and wrap it around the lamp. They use white mesh in the photo, even other shades such as a light peachy pink would look great! To finish, add some white lace ribbon around the top, to secure the the mesh in place. Optionally add a detail to the top such as a rose or star for that extra additional touch.

Alovely little idea to add an extra touch to some old bottles, these would look great stood by the window to let the light reflect onto these beautiful bottles. To create these you will need to print your design on Slide decal paper, then spray the prints with varnish (car varnish is the best for this). Then you can dry them with a hairdryer. Cut out your design and soak each piece in water. Once they have soaked put your design onto the glass bottle (wet), then flatten it down really well and gently slide the paper off. For more information on how to do this check out my blog Summer in the Shabby Chic garden where I did this technique on some plant pots. There I have an in depth blog post on all the products you need and how to create prints easily.

This gorgeous tassel wall piece would look amazing hanging on the wall, maybe in the living room or above your bed. Defiantly a more time consuming DIY, but the results will look amazing! Start with a straight large bamboo stick (make sure you can find one long enough) and then add beads and tassels, wrapping the end of each part around the bamboo. Using white and brown has more of a bohemian look to it, but you could get creative with the design or even use multiple colours.

These vintage script wallpaper drawers would be an amazing addition for your office. Take your old raw organiser, cut out the paper to fit each section of the drawers and layer mod podge to stick the wallpaper on. I recommend putting a layer on the wood itself, then another layering on top of the paper once its stuck down. This will make sure its secured in place, but also protecting the paper. This gives a lovely vintage effect and looks a lot more expensive then it would cost to actually make. And of course you can decorate them with any wallpaper you desire.

These gorgeous peg boards have been made from old window shutters and then filled with mesh fencing wire, creating a perfect base for pegs to be hooked on. You could also use an old antique picture frame to create this DIY. This also could have been taken from an old chicken coop, painted and then roughed around the edges to give it that shabby effect. This is a lovely place to hang some cute DIY crafts, such as the name banners and flowers in this picture.

A very simple but effective DIY. If you have some old vintage wooden shelves, which you feel need a spruce up, add a coat of paint to bring the life back to them. Pastel colours look amazing, especially if your going for the shabby chic look.

These lovely vintage glass bottles would look great as an extra decoration on your vanity. Get creative with your designs. You just need a glass bottle and some craft supplies such as lace, chains, and even some old broaches you may have lying around the house. A very effective way of dressing up your old glass bottles which you may no longer use.

Agreat way to add some colour into your home is by painting your picture frames. Take your old vintage picture frames and then spray paint them to your favourite colours. Again, pastel shades are great for the shabby chic look. I recommend spraying on white primer beforehand to make sure the colours really pop!

Another stunning glass print design piece in an old vintage window. You could actually print this onto your windows around your house, it would look amazing if you have a shabby chic style window! Or use this window to put in front of the light to give some lovely coloured reflections. (Read above under “Floral glass bottles” to learn how to print the flowers). If your not sure if you could create an effective print, another option is to use window stickers, Or even paint the flowers on yourself with some glass paint. It may not have exactly the same effect, but it could look very similar.

A great way to spruce up your old cabinets is by adding some colour to them. Lining the back of your cabinet or shelf with a beautiful wallpaper gives them a stunning unique design but also adds a lovely pop of colour to your furniture. Of course if you’re not a fan of the bright shades then you can add something much more muted and still get a wonderful look to a cabinet. Even give the unit itself a lovely contrasting coat of paint to really make the wallpaper design pop!

All sources are linked in the titles of each photo posted on this blog.

There are always ways of sprucing up your old items around the house, or even creating new ones with vintage decorations. DIY craft ideas for decorating!




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