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Garden Landscaping

111 design garden paths examples – 7 great materials for the soil in the garden!

111 design garden paths examples – 7 great materials for the soil in the garden!



Designing garden paths – ideas for the garden floor

In the large and small garden you need a suitable floor covering so that you feel good there and enjoy spending a lot of time. The selection of floor coverings for outdoor use is very large and there are many aesthetically pleasing and practical variants. Today we’re going to show you new materials for garden soil that work well. We leave the choice up to you. We just point out that if you want to make the right decision, you have to be guided by the general house design and specific circumstances.

Design garden paths and create a stylish path to the front door

Designing garden paths – choosing the right flooring for the outside area

A perfect combination of paving slabs and plants

Colored concrete

Colored concrete is a material with very great endurance. It can also be adapted to many different designs. If you choose this color, choose a shade darker than the one you want. In time it will lighten up anyway. In principle, this is a cheap choice. It can get expensive if you buy very small quantities or want a special shade.

Concrete flooring is a great solution for the garden

Creative design of the garden floor makes your neighbors jealous


If you want to go for a traditional solution in your garden, then the bricks are very suitable. They give the ambience a feeling of warmth and comfort. They are also suitable if you have low temperatures in your garden. With these you can make different configurations and figures. The price of the material and its installation is relatively high, but sustainability ensures that it all pays off quickly.

A brick path gives your garden a rustic look

Bricks and pebbles – a fitting solution for the garden path

Plant flowers by the garden path

Stone tiles

This is still a sustainable and easy-care material. It can also be found in many different shapes and colors. It gives the exterior design a pleasant rustic look. The prices are different and that depends on the quality of the material itself.

Create a beautiful garden path by letting your creativity run free

Design the backyard with stones

The garden path could have a romantic look

Combine stones of different colors


Pebble is a flooring that is super easy to install and that makes for an informal but very charming look. You are very flexible if you want to cover different shapes and surfaces. Pebbles greatly reduce the risk of erosion. The downside is cleaning. It is quite complicated because of the many small ponds, especially in winter. Regularly remove pieces of wood, leaves and other objects that get naturally inside.

Integrate pebbles into the backyard design

Gravel gives the outside area a natural appearance

Lots of plants and gravel are a nice combination if you want to make the outdoor area look fresh

Decorate with flower pots

Flow concrete

Flow concrete can take various interesting forms. It can also be patterned to give it an interesting look. The flowing concrete is available in gray as well as in another color. The price of flow concrete is medium high, but if you choose to spice it up with patterns, it can cost a lot more.

Floor made from pieces of wood

The pieces of wood are also a popular variant for flooring in the garden. This is a very good idea, especially for our environmentally conscious readers. The wood provides a soft, comfortable feeling that many people would like to see in their outdoor area. However, you have to know very clearly that many insects and animals develop between and in the pieces of wood, the presence of which in your garden could become a bit annoying in the long run.

Design the garden floor with wood

Amaze everyone by such a garden path

Garden tiles

The tiles are a universal solution for the garden too. You can use it to ensure correspondence with the interior. They also make for interesting colored patterns and shapes. Their laying out is a bit complex. You also need a material that is sustainable enough in outdoor conditions. The garden tiles are also usually more expensive. Ceramic tiles are quite sustainable, which is surprising to many people. They also have an attractive appearance. So, they have a lot of advantages and maybe because of that they are quite expensive. But if you can afford the ceramic tiles, they will serve you for a long time!

Consider floor tiles for the garden

Dark gray floor tiles and stone wall look great together

Choose stylish floor tiles

In our opinion, these are the most practical variants for flooring in the garden. They’re pretty common too, which helps ensure that you’ll have plenty of role models in mind. This makes it easier for you to find inspiration for an individual but very practical solution.

Exciting garden path to the garden bench makes a nice impression

Divide the garden into areas through different floor designs

Creative garden ideas

Combine garden tiles with the right furniture

Make the right decision for the garden soil

Stylish solution for the flooring in the garden

Paving stones are a fresh choice for outdoors

Bring a rustic touch to the garden

Create a garden path that inspires fascination when viewed from above

Are you wondering how you design the garden paths? Colored concrete is a material that has a lot of endurance and can be used in many different designs




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