105 Ridiculously Easy Crafts to Make & Sell for Money (Tutorials Included) – Bitcoin Value
Woodworking Crafts To Sell

105 Ridiculously Easy Crafts to Make & Sell for Money (Tutorials Included)

105 Ridiculously Easy Crafts to Make & Sell for Money (Tutorials Included)




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Do you need a little inspiration for an Etsy store? Here is a huge list of unique craft tutorials and DIY ideas to get you inspired. If you are interested in a side hustle you can truly enjoy and make a bit of money, you should try your hand at these projects. Some of these can be sourced wholesale, from a dollar store, or custom made to order.

All you ever need is spare time and the right skill. But people come to me with a thousand questions on how to deal with Etsy in terms of competition, especially among digital products.

As a person who has had a few Etsy stores before and made sales, I learned the administrative part is hard. Etsy SEO is hard. Figuring out the details of Etsy rules and terms were annoying as well as the taxes.

Do you know what I actually did? I quit!

Awee little too soon. Instead of pursuing a very GOOD and clever Etsy idea, I closed up shop after less than 1 year without the guidance I didn’t know I needed! Even though my store was gaining slow traction every day.

MY product was great (these were based on the numerous wonderful reviews I received on Etsy). Despite having lower sales than I expected because I didn’t work on the business side of Etsy.

I basically told myself, “I don’t have the right ideas, I don’t have the confidence to do it, I don’t think I have the time to do it” etc. Wrong!

The Etsy platform is big enough to make an investment into it, especially with the expertise of digital products taught in the Gold City Venture Etsy Printable course.

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1.Unique rainbow fluorite pendant with wire wrapped gemstone crystal necklace makes for a beautiful gift.

2. Adorable little element jars for sun, moon, earth, and sky. These make great necklaces or keychains.

3. This cactus ring holder makes great use to store your jewelry on.

4. DIY lightweight gold gilded leaf jewelry to make and sell super easily.

5. Make your own tassel necklace and accessorize your outfit or flip for extra money.

6. 3 different styles of sophisticated leather bracelets for men that are easy to make and make for easy shipping.

7. Perfect for beginners: a classic, timeless DIY jade necklace to make and sell without much startup cost.

8. Fun, braided, hippie style bracelets and anklets for the summer.

9. Creative beaded slip knot bracelets to accessorize any person or any outfit. Tons of celebrities wear them because slip knot bracelets suit any style.

Easy crafts and unique project ideas for DIYer to make and sell on Etsy for extra income with little startup cost. Homemade jewelry, no sewing crafts, and fun for kids, tutorials included.




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