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10 inspiring decor accounts on Instagram

10 inspiring decor accounts on Instagram



The desire to redecorate can sometimes (or even often) take hold of us when we consult decoration projects. In order to be inspired, we usually turn to web platforms like Pinterest, but Instagram has now become a gold mine in terms of inspiration! Whether it is through aesthetically perfect publications, explanatory stories or motivating before / after, there are a host of decoration accounts that will awaken the interior decorator in you and make you want to get your hands dirty!

Would you like to know some of our favorite decoration accounts? Here are the 10 most inspiring Instagram decor accounts!

1. Structube

Structube Instagram account

Did you know? Structube is a Quebec boutique that has existed since 1974! There are now more than 70 boutiques across the province, all of them full of magnificent contemporary furniture and decorative accessories. What we love most about Structube is above all their affordable items! Not only can you go to their instagram account to get inspired, you can then easily get the products, without breaking the bank! WE love!

2. I Spy DIY

Ispydiy’s Instagram account

” I Spy DIY ” is a decoration blog created by Jenni Yolo. A decoration enthusiast for many years, she founded her blog in 2010 and is now revamping dingy homes full time with the help of her husband. Always making the rounds of flea markets, Jenni makes many unique finds, which adds a lot of cachet to all her projects. She also puts forward several DIY projects and explains how to achieve them in her Instagram stories! Entertaining, endearing and extremely talented, Jenni will make you want to get your hands dirty!

3. Vintage Revivals

Vintage Revivals Instagram account

A little in the same vein as ” I Spy DIY ”, ” Vintage Revivals ” is a blog created by Mandi Gubler where she exhibits all her decoration projects! Passionate about DIY, she likes to renovate (with the help of her husband) and small and large spaces. Her blog took off when she published the transformation of the infamous ” Nugget ” an adorably colorful little trailer. We love Vintage Revivals for its Boho-style style, colorful projects and very funny Instagram stories!

4. House on 77th

Houseon77th instagram account

House on 77th is above all a decoration blog created by Jess Hupf, a fan of DIY projects who is also a mother of 4 children. Despite her busy life, she and her husband are embarking on ambitious renovation and decorating projects and telling you how you can achieve it too via their instagram account. We like the rather traditional look of their projects, which give the interiors a little rustic and country touch. Go take a look at them!

5. Magnolia

Magnolia Instagram Account

You’ve probably heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines, the star couple of the Fixer Upper series in the United States? Passionate about decoration and renovation, they specialize in the ” flip ” of houses and their projects are more inspiring than the others! Magnolia is an inspiring platform where you can consult their multiple projects, shop for items and learn more about their design process! If you have an affectation for rustic, timeless and a bit country decor, Magnolia’s instagram account is sure to inspire you!

6. Hello Trader

Hello Trader Instagram account

Hello trader is a paradise for furniture and decorative elements in an exotic style. This is an American boutique on the west coast that is full of imported rugs, wicker furniture and bohemian-style accessories. If you have a weakness for this type of decoration, take a look at their Instagram account, just to dream a little! Warning! The urge to travel may take hold of you!

7. Design Milk

Design Milk Instagram account

Design Milk’s signature phrase is: ” Get your daily dose of vitamin D! ” And by vitamin D we mean the word: Design! Design Milk is actually a virtual magazine that touches on interior design, art, architecture, fashion and even technology. Here you will find the hottest design topics, the latest trends and the latest gadgets. If you’re still looking for a way to find out ‘what’s to come’ in decorating, Design Milk is definitely an Instagram account to check out!

8. Apartment Therapy

Apartment therapy instagram account

Apartment therapy is above all a website dedicated to interior design and its primary goal is to inspire happiness at home. The site was launched in 2001 as ‘The Apartment Therapist’ by interior designer Maxwell Ryan. Today, Apartment Therapy is a very well known name in the decoration world and their Instagram account has over 2 million subscribers. What do we like the most about this site? Their more sensitive approach to people’s budgets as well as their inspiring articles and reports in relation to decoration. If you want to be inspired without being pressured to spend ‘too much’, this is definitely an account to follow!

9. MUST Company

Must societe instagram account

You probably already know the chain “Maison Corbeil” but do you know the MUST division? It is in fact a new kind of all-home department store that brings together furniture and decorative accessories under one roof. Their selection of items is breathtaking and a visit to their Instagram account is enough to make us want to redecorate everything! Fans of contemporary and minimalist style, take a look at MUST!

10. Houzz

Houzz Instagram account

Houzz is not only an inspiring decoration platform, it is above all a network that brings together a multitude of professionals in the field of decoration and renovation! Their Instagram account highlights the work of many specialists in order to inspire followers but also to promote the work of collaborators in order to help them expand their network! A brilliant concept and some more inspiring projects than the last!

Here are 10 Instagram accounts that you absolutely must follow if you like decoration!



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