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Woodworking Crafts For Kids

10 Incredibly Exciting Wood Projects for Kids

10 Incredibly Exciting Wood Projects for Kids



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Woodworking projects for kids can stimulate creativity and expand imagination. These types of projects can spark their minds and train it for more strategic and critical thinking. Furthermore, it creates opportunities for them to broaden their horizon.

Children nowadays are more exposed to gadgets that may sometimes limit them to do things physically. Easy wood projects for kids can help them get hands-on experience into making things from simple wood.

To get your kids interested, here are some incredibly exciting wood projects you can let them try:

1. Spider Web Woodworking Craft (All You Need is Yarn and Nails!)

Boys can enjoy doing a makeshift spider web with just nails attached to the wood with some yarn. It is also a good bonding experience between kids and their parents. You can also kindle creativity of children by choosing different yarn colors for the project.

Perfect for playtime or even for Halloween! Learn how to create it from Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

Letting them create their toys can minimize the amount you spend on buying. You can even get the materials from spares in your garage or kitchen.

2. Simple Woodentops (Quick and Easy – Plus Fun to Play)

Woodentops are classic toys of the past. Some kids today might not know how it looks like or how they can play it. With a sphere-shaped wood and a nice non-spikey stick, you can get from home centers; you can craft a simple wooden top.

You can also have it painted depending on your kid’s favorite color. It is something that your kids will enjoy playing.

Create one by following the steps by Kleas.

3. DIY Wooden Board Game – This Ones for Tic-Tac-Toe!

A board game might be quite expensive in a toy store, and sometimes, rules are hard to follow, too. Having a DIY wooden board game with your children can be extra exciting. You can create different rules and instructions as well as a customized look with their favorite characters.

For this type, you do not need to use nails or screws that might be dangerous while making it. Just an excellent wood glue or useful adhesive is fine. Learn how to create this simple board game from HGTV.

4. Wood Fall Wind Chimes (Your Kid Will Enjoy Working on This One!)

Chimes are lovely home decorations. Your kids may enjoy crafting it as colorful and fun as possible. They can display it around your patio, outside your home, or even have it as a gift for a dear friend during the Christmas season.

They can use sticks or flat stick-like wood and paint it with their favorite colors. The kids could also put some trinkets that can make a sound like bells, nails, and even coins. Create one with your kids today by following the steps from DIY & Crafts.

5. DIY Wooden Robot (This One’s Made for the Boys!)

Boys love robots. They may even cry hard about a robot toy they found in the toy store that could be too costly for you to purchase. If that’s the case, teach them how to make one made up of small wood and some strings. Follow the simple tutorial from Adventure in a Box.

A wooden robot is duly customizable. Children’s imagination can go wild when it comes to making things based on what they like. You will notice that they get to take good care of it more because they made it out of their own hands.

6. Picture Frame: Display Your Child’s Best Work

Creating a wooden picture frame might be the easiest and best for kids under five years old. It only requires a minimal pile of wood and an adhesive to attach. They can display their photos, awards, certificates, and even their artwork.

Place the picture frame on top or inside your display cabinet for exposure. Kids feel valued if something they did make it to the displays at home.

Find this easy and quick tutorial from 101 Pallets.

7. Wooden Coasters (Great for Tiny Hands at Work)

Another easy wooden project with your children is coasters. You do not need too much sawing to do it. Let them unleash their creativity through painting it with their favorite colors. They can also put on some dried flowers and cover it with varnish or glue.

Use the wooden coasters in your home, so they can see that what they did is something of value. You can also turn these coasters into gifts for friends or giveaways for parties.

Learn how to create these coasters by Dreaming in DIY.

8. Charming Bird House – Also Serves as Decoration for Your Backyard

Bring your kids closer to nature by letting them create a birdhouse for your garden. Allow them to paint or paste stickers on their crafted birdhouse. Find the complete tutorial at The DIY Farmer.

Help them throughout the process by sawing the need pieces of wood for the project. Extreme caution is needed because you wouldn’t want your kid sticking pieces of wood in his mouth while you’re working on parts of the birdhouse.

9. Play Tent: For Pretend Camping Parties and More!

Kids love having their own space hence a make-shift tent. If you have a wood bar and a used blanket as a cover, it quickly transforms into a tent. Let them decorate the area with their favorite ornaments, books, foams, and pillows. Learn how to create this teepee tent from Julie Blanner.

Children would love to see how their area is like. Having a nice play tent lets them discover and use their imagination.

10. Storage Box (This One Makes Use of an Old Crate!)

A storage box is handy for kids that have lots of toys and no proper storage. With pieces of plywood, glue, and some decorations, you and your kids can create a storage box of their preferred size. This way, you can help them have a personal space for their belongings.

Put this together by following the guide by Frugal Fun 4 Boys.


In doing these projects with your children, always ensure their safety. This way, they could enjoy without the worry of being hurt in the process. Let them bring out their creativity and allow them to decide what they think would be excellent for their work.

For children of young ages, make sure that you are supervising their work and how they do it to avoid accidents and dangers in their work area.

Encourage your kids to practice woodworking projects instead of always playing video games or going on social media. These projects can also be an excellent bonding time for the whole family.

Teaching children wood craft is one of the best skills you can share. Herein are some interesting and exciting woodworking projects for kids.



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