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#1 Artificial Living Wall | Artificial Green Wall UK – Evergreen Direct

#1 Artificial Living Wall | Artificial Green Wall UK – Evergreen Direct



Green Wall

Artificial Green Wall

At Evergreen Direct we specialise in providing a range of artificial green walls, we have a wealth of experience and are known for being experts in the artificial planting industry. We pride ourselves on the high quality green walls that we provide, when you choose Evergreen Direct you can trust that you’ve come to the right place, all of our artificial and fake wall products are produced to the highest standards and finest craftsmanship, we also offer the flexibility to customise your artificial wall to your exact specifications. As a leader in artificial planting, when it comes to the artificial green plant walls that we offer, no matter your budget or requirements, we will find the perfect planting solution for your needs.

Artificial green plant walls have become a popular option for both the indoors and outdoors in a range of environments. When it comes to the artificial walls that we provide, there’s no need to worry about maintenance, these products will last throughout the year, there’ll be no need to worry about deterioration. What’s more is that at Evergreen Direct our artificial and fake green wall coverings have been designed to be botanically accurate, so you can trust that you’ll receive a green wall that doesn’t only last the test of time, it’s also realistic looking. For more information on the green wall panels that we provide, feel free to contact the Evergreen Direct team today.

Living Wall

Should you be looking for living walls, look no further, you’re in the right place with Evergreen Direct. As experts in artificial planting and greenery, we stock a wide selection of artificial living walls and our range of products are great for outside your home in different rooms or in your garden. They provide a stunning visual appeal and are really unique statement pieces, living walls can enhance even the smallest of spaces without taking up too much room, as well as creating great decorative areas in the largest locations. At Evergreen Direct we’ve been providing our fake living walls for a number of years and are well established when it comes to the high quality products that we provide. What’s more is as experts, we are home to a large selection of faux living wall options to choose from, so whatever type of artificial green wall you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. View our living wall range online today.

Artificial Living Wall

At Evergreen Direct we only offer only high quality products to our customers and our artificial living wall products don’t just look realistic, they feel life like too, so should you be looking for the most natural alternative to real living walls for your home, garden or premises Evergreen Direct has got you covered. The professional materials and manufacturing processes that we use to produce our artificial living walls mean that they’re durable and will last the test of time, as well as in a range of weather conditions, this also covers a reduction in colour fading when exposed to sunlight. Fake living walls have become a very popular form of design and decoration in a number of ways, as well as well as using them in different rooms inside the home they also look great in shops, restaurants, corporate premises, offices and at events like parties and weddings. It’s no wonder that living walls are becoming more widespread across the world of interior and exterior design, they are now such a notable design trend. From the natural beauty of the outdoors along with the modern lines and convenience of indoor furnishing, artificial living walls are now a contemporary design staple.

Artificial Green Plant Wall

When it comes to the artificial green walls that we provide, our range of plant ways are a great solution for screening areas of your garden or covering dull walls and fences. Our artificial walls are made from durable materials that are also UV resistant, ensuring that your green wall lasts and looks great all year round. The faux walls are great for creating a botanical feature wall at your property or premises, what’s more is, they’re easy to install, so there’s no need to worry about mounting the wall.

As artificial planting specialists, at Evergreen Direct we stock a large range of artificial green walls, as well as a selection of affordable options. Our green plant and flower walls include tropical grass, floral green walls, forest fern, geranium, ivy, lavender and moss options, you’re bound to find something to suit your requirements. All of our green walls are highly realistic and have been designed alongside the real botanical versions, for more information, contact Evergreen Direct or browse our green walls online.

Artificial Green Wall Panels

As professional and experienced artificial plant suppliers, we understand that one of the concerns when buying artificial plants is whether or not they will look realistic, over the years we’ve worked with a number of manufacturers to find the highest quality and affordable faux living wall plants. We ensure high standards by quality checking the artificial planting walls against their real natural counterparts to ensure that they’re as natural looking as possible. When it comes to real greenery and plant walls, they’re high maintenance and will require a lot of work, they also won’t last all year round so you will have to replace plants seasonally. When you choose a botanical artificial living wall, it will include virtually no maintenance and long great all year round.

Fake green walls are a great alternative to natural hedging and come without the maintenance that’s required, they’re also good for adding privacy to your home, or sectioning areas of your commercial space. Maybe you’re looking to hide something unsightly in your garden, like the wheelie bin or you’d like to create a stunning feature wall and photo opportunity in your premises, the artificial green walls that we provide at Evergreen Direct are durable and a great visually appealing solution.

Fake Living Wall

The fake living walls that we supply have become very popular over the years and are suited to a number of individuals who are looking for low maintenance alternatives to real living walls. Faux living walls are now seen as the perfect alternative option, should you be sprucing up the exterior of your home in the garden, or your business premises or maybe you’d like a statement piece for a room in your home. Living walls are now the top design trends, also known as green walls, they are known for being a useful decoration in visual merchandising for a number of businesses. Fake living walls encompass the natural beauty of the outdoors along with a modern feel, living walls are the pinnacle of contemporary design. Living walls are a great feature piece and will help to draw attention to your brand. So if you are looking for artificial living walls, check out the selection at Evergreen Direct today, our living wall panels come in different shapes, sizes and styles and we can provide a range of solutions to suit all requirements.

The Benefits of Artificial Plant Walls

Artificial living walls are replicas of green living walls, we provide artificial wall greenery and plants that are produced to compliment specific indoor and outdoor areas. Artificial plant walls can be tailored to fit specific areas, as well as match the colour of your space or brand. Green walls make a striking statement to any space, the maintenance of a living wall tends to be a lot of work. If you’re a busy or inexperienced with plants, when considering the plant care, you may want to consider an artificial green wall. At Evergreen Direct we offer artificial green walls that can easily mimic real living walls, this will provide you with a breathtaking feature without having to worry about any aftercare of maintenance.

Why choose Evergreen Direct?

At Evergreen Direct we’ve been designing, manufacturing and importing artificial planting and greenery walls for over 20 years. We’re known for the realistic and finest quality artificial walls that we provide. All of our artificial plant products are assembled from our base in Yorkshire by a highly skilled and talented team. When it comes to the range of artificial greenery walls that we provide they are to the highest standards, as well as walls we also provide a variety of trees, plants and flowers available, we can also offer you a customised service and create bespoke products that meet your style, shape and budget.

Living Walls Indoor

Artificial living walls inside your home or premises can look great, using real living walls comes with a number of issues, from high maintenance to the expense. At Evergreen Direct we specialise in living walls that are artificial so are suitable for a number of areas, especially those where plants wouldn’t usually grow and thrive. All of our faux living walls are of the best quality and very simple to maintain, what’s more is, as experts in all things artificial, we have a wealth of experience in the field and can provide you with an artificial living wall that replicates the real thing. Whether it’s a statement piece in your hallway, or a way to bring nature into your dining room, our living walls will ensure that your property looks brilliant.

Living Walls Garden

Some gardens and exterior environments don’t tend to be the best places for fresh plants to survive, these environments can be dark and not an ideal climate for living walls. You will also need to make sure that you have plenty of time to water and prune your living wall. By using artificial living walls in your garden, there’ll be no requirement for maintenance, which will free up your time, meaning you use your time to enjoy your living wall. When you choose Evergreen Direct all of our artificial living walls are of the highest quality so they look and feel as fresh as the real thing. Our team of experts can also provide advice when it comes to choosing custom faux living wall panels for your garden.

Living Walls UK from Evergreen Direct

Here at Evergreen Direct, we know full well that when it comes to having an artificial living wall it is the most cost-effective way over having a real living walla and will ensure its beauty all year round. What’s more is, this is all without the need of wasting your money on pesticides, water and your precious time. Busy working schedules and daily duties tend to get in the way of maintaining the appearance and upkeep of plants and living walls. So when choosing artificial green walls from Evergreen Direct we will guarantee quality and that you will receive a garden that looks and feels amazing. There are many different reasons why you should consider artificial green walls, all of our products come with a realistic appearance, made from premium materials and are botanically accurate. So should you be looking to add a special touch to your home, garden, or your premises, our fake living walls are perfect, what’s more is at Evergreen Direct, we don’t compromise on quality, we put our customers and their requirements first.

For Artificial Green Living Walls, Contact Evergreen Direct Today

For artificial green walls, Evergreen Direct has got you covered, we offer a wide selection of faux green walls and are home to a wide range of options, whether it’s for your home or commercial space, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for when you choose Evergreen Direct. We aim to provide faux wall products that are 100% botanically accurate and that are of the highest quality, what’s more is that we also ensure that our wall plants are priced competitively. So, should you have any questions regarding any of our products, simply get in touch with our team of professionals today.


How many panels do I need for an artificial living wall?

This will depend on the size of the wall that you want to install, we offer a large selection of artificial living wall panels in different sizes. The panel sizing depends on the type and style of the artificial living wall. You can choose the type of artificial living wall that you’d like, then work out how many panels you’re going to need based on the area where you are going to put the fake green wall. For more information on measuring for your living wall, feel free to contact the team at Evergreen Direct, we are experts and have supplied installed artificial living walls to a number of properties across the UK including homes and businesses.

How much does an artificial living wall cost?

The cost will depend on a number of factors including the project size, complexity, site access, and panel sizes to name but a few. If necessary, estimates can be provided based on plans, our range of artificial living wall panels start at £59.95 and go up to £380. When you choose Evergreen Direct for artificial living walls, you can trust that you’re in the right hands and that you will receive a value for money produced. We are experts when it comes to artificial plants and offer a range of realistic, high quality artificial living walls, all of our faux living walls are life-like and botanically accurate. Having been providing artificial green walls across the UK for a number of years, we’re known for the high quality artificial wall products that we provide for outside and inside areas. All of our artificial living walls have been manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that they’re durable and that they last, and as well as excellent products, we also aim to ensure exceptional customer service. For more information on our artificial living walls, feel free to contact our friendly team today.

How long do artificial green living walls last for?

This will all depend on the type of artificial living wall panels that you use, as well as where it’s going to be placed. For example artificial green walls placed outside may be affected by weather conditions such as rain and UV rays from the sun, this will mean that they may not last as long as artificial walls that are placed inside or in weather sheltered areas. Something else that will affect artificial living walls’ lasting ability also covers how often the artificial living wall is maintained, cleaned and looked after etc. When you choose Evergreen Direct for your artificial living walls, we will make sure that we provide you with artificial products that have been created to the best standards and are highly durable to ensure their long lasting ability.

How do I maintain an artificial living wall?

When it comes to maintaining your artificial living wall, there’s a number of things you can do to maintain its quality and appeal. A tell tale sign of false greenery tends to be a layer of dust, soft brushes are perfect for brushing over your faux green wall every so often. You can also use a damp cloth to help remove any further stubborn grime or dirt, however, if your living wall includes silk elements, it’s important that you try not to get these parts too wet. One of the biggest issues for fake living walls is UV rays from the sun, they can cause fading and make them look tired before their time, it’s always a good idea to consider where you’re going to put your artificial wall if it is outdoors. Try to keep it out of sunspots, or you could consider pastel colours, whites and creams as the fading will be much less noticeable and you’ll get longer out of your artificial living wall.

How do you install an artificial green wall?

Before you order your green wall, you will need to measure your wall area to make sure that you have enough panels to cover it. When it comes to artificial living walls, no structural work is required before installation, the panels are very light, however one point to takeaway before ordering is that you consider the different surfaces that the panels can attach too, as well as what is recommended for each surface. Once you have received your order, make sure that the plants are all facing upwards when you hold them up against the wall, we also advise that you paint your wall black for the best finish. Start from the top left or right corner and work your way across, use a spirit level to mark a line for fixing the points across the top of the wall. Fix the first panel in place using the fixing holes on the back of the panel, then place your next panel and screen the top using your guideline to keep level. Next lock the two panels together using the clips on the sides of the panel, repeat this process until the top row is complete, you can use three screws for the top of the panel to ensure that it is fixed completely flat to the wall. Once the first row is locked in place and fixed to the wall on the top and bottom, you can then move on to the second row. Use the clips on the edges of the panels to lock the next row in place and once it’s been clipped you can screw the panels to the wall to secure it. Repeat this step until finished.

Tropical themed artificial green wall foliage panels




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