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▷ 1001+ inspiring privacy screen garden ideas and pictures

▷ 1001+ inspiring privacy screen garden ideas and pictures



Relaxing in the garden or on the terrace with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening sounds wonderful. All of this would be even more pleasant if you didn’t have to go to the neighbors’ trash cans or see him in his pajamas. We should all be good neighbors, but sometimes we want some privacy. Many of you may live in smaller apartments or have smaller gardens so you live far too close to the house next door than you might wish. Fortunately, there is a wonderful solution – privacy protection garden ideas or terrace ideas. Depending on what your personal preferences are, you can choose between fences or plants as privacy screens from your neighbors.

Plants as a privacy screen from the neighbor – which species are suitable for this?

People grow plants for a variety of reasons. Some want to beautify the garden, others want to better protect their privacy. Perhaps the neighbor can see into your garden too easily or you finally want to plant some plants. You can very easily create a small garden oasis by adding some hedge plants. But which plants are suitable as privacy screens? Depending on the landscape, you should first decide how tall and wide you want your plants to be. This decision, in turn, will determine the type of hedge plant. In this article we want to introduce you to the 5 best fast growing hedge plants.

Privacy screen for terrace with plants:

Leyland Cypress – This is a fast growing conifer that is great as a privacy screen. It has a very dense growth and can reach a size of 5 m in 10 years and grow to more than 15 m. However, it doesn’t go quite well with smaller gardens unless you have time to keep it smaller. Syzygium smithii (Lilly Pilly) – This plant is a summer bloomer and is also popular for its glossy green leaves. The buds are a beautiful pink color and the plant even produces maroon edible berries. It grows between 3-5 m tall. You can also cut it to the height you want. Medlars – This plant is perfect as a living hedge or privacy screen. Their new foliage varies between fiery red and bronze and becomes a unique feature. It grows medium fast and reaches a height of 1-3 m and a width of up to 1-2 m. Orange-rue – This plant has glossy green foliage with dense growth and white fragrant flowers. It is ideal as a small hedge or as a privacy screen. The orange-rue can reach a height of up to 3 m and a width of up to 1-2 m. This plant blooms in spring and summer. Bamboo – The Alfons Karr variety is a non-invasive variety and is a great option as a privacy screen. The pink shoots become yellow stalks with green stripes. It can reach a height of 5-8 m.

Privacy garden ideas – The Garden of Eden

Garden privacy protection ideas – keep curious glances away

If you don’t want as many plants as privacy screens, you can also use concrete or wood fences. They are solid and durable, can withstand most weather conditions, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Walls and fences are functional options, but they can be expensive to build. The result is often a dull, rough facade, which can, however, be embellished with bright, living plants. You can liven up fences, for example, with climbing plants or with a beautiful color. If you continue browsing through our gallery, you will notice that garden fences made of bamboo are very popular. Although it cannot withstand any major force, it has a wonderfully natural look and lets some light through.

Ideas for modern garden design

An idea that we really liked during our research is the privacy protection garden idea with curtains. What particularly impressed us is the romantic and elegant touch that the curtains give the garden. The mobility of the curtains allows you to move them as you wish. When we talk about privacy screens, we should definitely not forget the parasol. It is a perfect addition to privacy screens for the terrace and so you can enjoy a nice day undisturbed, far from the prying eyes of the neighbors and protected from the sun. Keep browsing for even more inspiration for privacy screens for the garden and terrace.

Garden privacy protection ideas – modern inspiration

A paradise on earth

Cozy and simple

Rest and relaxation

Privacy screen to the neighbor ideas

Aren’t curtains romantic?

Modern ideas for privacy protection

The ideal place to relax

Privacy screen for the garden

Beautiful plants as privacy screens

Terrace design with privacy screens

Nobody should disturb you here

fun with friends

Fence ideas with bamboo

Keep curious glances away

Recovery is certain here

Even more fence ideas with bamboo

Minimalistic and simple

Garden privacy screen made of wood

Cinema in the garden

Green privacy screen garden ideas

Romantic and elegant

Plants are a natural solution

Privacy protection for the terrace – ideas and inspiration

Every garden should always be equipped with different privacy protection elements. On the other hand, there is always the risk that the privacy of the garden owner is not effectively protected. If you also feel like relaxing in the garden and feeling completely unobserved, you should simply build a privacy screen yourself for this purpose. Below we show you some great garden privacy screen ideas and useful tips on how you could build your own beautiful privacy screen elements yourself. Because such fences are not only very useful against prying eyes – they could also be transformed into unique and decorative garden design. So your beautiful garden has new decorative elements that are characterized by their uniqueness. Another advantage of the garden fences that we show below is that they are very easy to combine with the other garden elements.

Garden design ideas

An inseparable part of every garden is the composter (our team has already shown you how you can build such a garden yourself). The composter ensures an ecologically beneficial disposal of garden waste. If you build a larger composter yourself, it can be combined with other garden elements and thus also serve as protection from the prying eyes of the neighbors. However, some of the garden waste could also be used for other purposes. The branches of the trees and bushes could of course simply be composted. Even so, we recommend that you use them for braiding fences. Our team has put together a list for you of various plants that are particularly suitable for weaving such privacy fences:

Fir, birch, linden – if you have such trees in your garden, you could use some of their parts to create opaque privacy screens. These trees are characterized, for example, by their pliable bark, which is particularly suitable for weaving a beautiful garden fence.

Hazel, ash, willow – the fences made from their braided branches also look very nice and fit into every garden.

Spruce, pine, fir – these trees create a cozy atmosphere in the garden and also have flexible tree roots from which you could weave great privacy screens.

Take a look at these video instructions – we will show you how to use the raised beds as wind or privacy protection for the terrace and garden

Garden privacy protection ideas – pure relaxation

The gabion walls are also an inexpensive alternative that protect you from prying eyes. The gabions have many advantages. They could be filled with various opaque natural stones – such as with granite, basalt and sand-lime bricks and they are also easy to care for. The gabions are particularly suitable as privacy screens for garden showers, for example. They are also windproof and could be decorated and embellished with various climbing plants such as ivy. If you are looking for a privacy screen for your garden that is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly, we recommend that you opt for a gabion wall made of sand-lime bricks.

The reason for this is that the sand-lime bricks offer the small insects an optimal habitat. And for the construction of such a wall, which can serve as a privacy screen, you primarily need natural materials. So you will also protect the whole environment! As already mentioned above, the gabions are particularly suitable as privacy protection elements for outdoor showers. Because they are made of natural stones. And these natural stones are able to store the sun’s heat and release it into the environment.

Build a gabion yourself – another idea for an inexpensive garden fence that can protect you from prying eyes

Garden fence ideas design

Wood – the classic among the privacy protection elements in the garden. For example, you could use wooden trellises for this purpose. To better integrate the trellis into the garden, you could decorate them with some types of plants of different heights. Clematis, ivy and various roses adorn your trellis and transform them into great decorative elements of the garden. The hedge is still a beautiful and easy-care plant that is often used as a privacy screen in the garden due to its height. With a dense planting with hedge you give your garden an enchanted atmosphere.

Privacy protection garden plants

Invite your friends to a garden party and enjoy every minute in the garden together – unobserved and undisturbed! But keep in mind: if you build privacy screens from plants yourself and you always want to be protected from the prying eyes of people, you need evergreen plant species for this purpose that do not become transparent when leaves are shed in autumn. Such evergreen plants are, for example:


Yew trees

Spruce trees

Cherry laurel

Plants as privacy screens for the terrace

Self-climbing virgin vine (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) – also known as wild wine. A very beautiful plant that is not only beautiful to look at (its leaves are particularly attractive in autumn). Wild wine is one of the fast-growing climbing plants and for this reason it is very often planted as a privacy screen. This plant has spectacular autumn colors and reaches a height of several meters. A disadvantage of this variant is that it is summer green. In autumn it quickly loses its leaves and then your garden does not have an opaque privacy screen.

Privacy protection garden ideas – wild wine keeps the unpleasant looks away and is one of the most beautiful privacy protection plants

The fire bean (Phaseolus coccineus) is also a beautiful, fast-growing plant that is very useful as a privacy screen. The firebeans are able to climb up to 7 m. They have dense foliage and of course they need some objects to hold on to. The shoots of your firebeans could, for example, wind around your garden fence, around the gabion walls or simply around the trellis, creating a private atmosphere in your garden!

The fire bean (Phaseolus coccineus)

With the right planting, you could ensure that you feel unobserved within your garden. Because such privacy screen elements made of plants ensure the desired demarcation from the neighboring properties!

Below you will find some privacy protection garden ideas on how you can protect yourself from prying eyes!

Here is an example of a nice wooden garden fence and various green privacy screens

Does your garden have a swimming pool? In this case it should be equipped with privacy screens

Wood – this material is very often used in the construction of the privacy screen elements, because it can be easily combined with the other garden elements

Modern garden with wooden fence privacy screen

If you choose to use plant privacy screens, you will need evergreen plant species for this purpose

With such privacy protection plants you feel connected to nature

Privacy protection Plants that beautify the entire garden and protect you and your guests from prying eyes

Enjoy your swimming pool in the garden – undisturbed and in peace!

Another beautiful garden with privacy protection plants

A few more privacy protection garden ideas from which you can draw inspiration

Wooden fence privacy screen

Privacy screen from different elements

The raised beds could also be used as privacy screens

Build gabion screens yourself

Enjoy the beauty of the climbing plant wild wine in autumn – a plant that can beautify your garden fence and serve as a privacy screen

Privacy screens made of bamboo sticks – an inexpensive alternative

Gabion privacy protection – the gabion walls are opaque and windproof. They are easy to care for and tough

Wild Wine

Firebeans as privacy protection plants

Gabions privacy screen in the garden

Privacy garden ideas

Some more inspiring garden privacy protection ideas

We will show you a lot of privacy protection garden ideas, how you can protect yourself from the stranger’s eyes of your neighbors very quickly and easily!



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