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▷ 1001 + Ideas for pallet garden furniture + tips for outdoor spaces

▷ 1001 + Ideas for pallet garden furniture + tips for outdoor spaces



The last few years have seen the emergence and very quickly develop of a decorative recovery trend: pallet garden furniture. We ended up making furniture out of pallets for the office! And this is not a big surprise, because the pallets give endless possibilities and you can create with this material furniture in extremely original shapes and colors. Pallets spark our creativity, that’s for sure! We are easily tempted to create custom furniture, personalized according to our specific needs. The idea of ​​recovering and recycling is very popular and we love the green side of pallet furniture. The first thing to do is to find this material during a walk or while passing by. We leave them in the street, it’s up to you to find these little treasures. If you want to create pallet garden furniture, be aware that you will need to impregnate them with products that protect them against bad weather and humidity. The easiest piece of furniture to put together, to start with, is the table. But then, you can also make a sofa, armchair or even a bar out of pallet. Below you will see some very clever models and tutorials that show you step by step the steps to follow for the realization of garden furniture in pallets.

Easy-to-make pallet garden furniture that has a great effect!

A two-seater sofa in yellow painted pallet

Mint green to accessorize this pallet garden furniture

In a vintage spirit, with painted wood to obtain an aged effect

Pallet garden furniture for a convivial corner

Garden accessories in radiant colors

Pallet furniture meets your specific needs

An outdoor bar that sets the mood

A pallet swing for the veranda

A swing by the lake, to fully enjoy the landscape

An idea for the play area in your garden

A very original table

Asuper cool stool

A simple realization

A garden furniture in two-tone pallets. White and pastel blue match harmoniously

You can color your pallet furniture in a spectacular way

A pallet garden furniture in a romantic shabby chic style

A welcoming entrance to your home, thanks to this pallet table

A movable bed for outdoor rest

Pallet garden furniture – a corner sofa with a coffee table

A two-seater armchair for the veranda

Details of a pallet sofa

An optimized garden area

A pallet pot for your plants

Aswing painted blue

A matching pallet garden table with gray metal chairs

You can decorate your garden with a beautiful well

A space dedicated to pleasant conversations

A stylish pallet light for the garden

A clever composition that combines a pallet bench with a table

A very comfortable armchair

Simple furniture accessorized in a successful way

A project in progress …

An elegant result

Furniture for an outdoor dining room

For a zone of total relaxation

An original piece of furniture: plant holder and armchair

Paint your patio furniture in cool color palettes, like here

An original sofa

A relaxation area for the terrace

A solution to optimize an angle in your garden

Find some more great ideas below:

An arch for a romantic decor

Two matching lounge chairs with two tables for drinks

Furniture for the beach bar

A table for drinks

A cocoon furniture

How to furnish your outdoor space with pallet garden furniture? Original and functional pieces, meeting your specific needs!



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