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Garden Design Ideas

▷ 1001+ garden decoration ideas that will inspire you

▷ 1001+ garden decoration ideas that will inspire you



The garden – a paradise on earth. Pure relaxation and peace. Regardless of whether your garden is small or large, you can easily create a nice and cozy space. A place where you can have fun with guests and friends or relax after a long and stressful day. In today’s article we will talk about garden decoration ideas. We have tried to choose many and inspiring ideas around this topic. But before you continue browsing, we want to share with you a few tips and tricks for garden decoration that may help you to design your garden better. As Cicero himself said: “If you have a garden and a library, you will want for nothing.”

Garden decoration ideas – tips, tricks and ideas for design

When it comes to planting, think vertically. Let yourself be inspired by the elements of the living wall. To make the most of an area, use vertical walls. The simple addition of horizontal pickets will turn the side of the shed into a decorative living wall. The limited space in the garden doesn’t mean you can’t dine outside. Invest in a compact dining solution, such as a table that fits directly against the wall. Fortunately, you can optically enlarge the space by zoning your garden. For example: put a decorative rug to define a seating and dining area. It acts as an anchor point so you can easily arrange furniture around it. Add extra seating. Invest in oversized pillows. If you have a lot of plants, consider installing vertical shelves to save more space. These shelves are a planting solution that creates additional space for plants and garden accessories. With a small garden it is advisable to use every inch. A corner sofa, for example, will not only make the most effective use of space, it will also hide the imposing walls. Create a place to relax – relaxation works wonderfully in a hammock. It also transforms your garden into a chill paradise that your guests will never want to leave. Also focus on the furniture. An economical option would be to decorate the garden with indoor accessories or use furniture that is normally used for indoor use. Place furniture at the end of your garden to create the illusion of more space. Plant large shrubs in strategic locations to partially obstruct the view. You will think there is more to see. Or use mirrors to visually enlarge the room. Create a nice area for the summer months. You can certainly create a Garden of Eden with the help of flower-filled pots and planters.

Now we finally come to our favorite DIY projects for garden decoration ideas. We hope you enjoy decorating!

Garden decoration ideas – Live your garden dreams

Upcycling ideas for the garden

Plants are a very important part of a garden. You can make out an entire garden. For many people, growing plants is something therapeutic and calming. But if you’re not a big fan of gardening, we’ve selected a very easy and pretty DIY project for you. Upcycling has become very popular lately and you can apply this trend in the garden as well.

For these beautiful plant pots made from old tea tins you need the following:

empty tea caddy

Tin snips

Masking tape



Hammer and Nail

Garden decoration ideas – you can do so many things yourself

And it’s that simple:

Apply a piece of masking tape to the top of the tea caddy to protect the surface of the can from scratches while removing the ceiling. Take the tin snips and cut away the top side. This step will help you repot the plant later. It might help to cut the top in sections. If you can cleanly remove the top, try doing that. Otherwise, leave about 1 cm free from the top of the can. Take the pliers and fold that top edge down. When all of the edges are folded, sand the inside with the file. Turn the can over and drill a couple of holes on the bottom side with the hammer and nail. Now add the desired plant to the can and you have made a wonderful decoration for your garden yourself.

So easy and quick

A new house for your plants

Homemade garden decorations – quick and easy

This DIY idea couldn’t be easier. The motto of the upcycling movement is – reduce, reuse, recycle. With this project you can give a new life to an old copper bowl.

All you need is:

Copper bowl

white leather cord


Guests will envy you

It’s that easy:

Drill three holes in the shell. Pull the string (of equal lengths) through each hole and tie it in the middle. Hang the bowl from the ceiling and that’s all. Ah yes, don’t forget the plant.

All you really need is that

Whoops and you’re done

Make garden decorations out of natural materials – even more upcycling garden ideas that are amazing

Has it occurred to you that you can also upcycle eggshells? Yeah, it might sound weird, but it’s fantastic. With a little care and patience, you will create a small garden for your yard.

For this eco-friendly idea you need:


Egg carton


Potting soil

small spoon

spray bottle

Awl or broad sharp needle

Upcycling eggshells made easy

Here’s how you can do it:

Crack the eggshells in the upper part of the egg (the narrower end) with a sharp knife and carefully remove the egg from the shell. Rinse the bowls well with water (inside and out). Just to make sure that any remains are removed from the egg, you could boil it for a few minutes. Then rinse the shells again and let them dry in the egg carton. After that, carefully cut any rough edges to the desired opening size. Take the awl or a wide sharp needle and pierce a hole in the lower part of the shell. Your plant pot will therefore have a water drainage hole. One option is to poke the hole against a thin kitchen towel from the inside and then reinforce it through the back end. You may need to remove some of the egg’s thin membrane. Put the eggs back in the bowl and sprinkle them with water. Use a small spoon to fill the bowls with soil. Gently shake the eggs to level the bottom. Then add the seeds by following the directions. Carefully rinse them again with water. It is recommended to place the bowls in a well-lit room. Once the sprouts are large enough to be transplanted, plant them directly in the ground or in a larger plant pot after carefully cracking the eggshells. The roots grow beyond the eggshell into the soil, the shell continues to supply the plant and the surrounding soil with food and is eventually biodegraded.

You can make something delicious from the egg

This step requires a lot of attention

Privacy garden idea to do it yourself

If you have a garden, you want to enjoy the beautiful weather undisturbed in the spring and summer months. Incorporating privacy is the perfect way to upgrade your garden. That is why it occurred to us to introduce you to a privacy screen garden ideas to make yourself.

An easier way, compared to building something yourself, is to use large potted plants or other large plants (lianas are perfect for this). These plants will give you the privacy you want. Another good option and a good upcycling idea for the garden is to make privacy screens out of old blinds. You can install these in the desired place without much effort. It gets a bit trickier when you want a living wall for your privacy. Not impossible, so don’t give up. A bamboo privacy screen is a great idea because it will keep prying eyes far away. You can either buy it or make it yourself. A DIY slat wall is not difficult to make yourself and is also not that expensive. You can also hang pots on it and grow plants vertically. The wooden privacy screen will undoubtedly liven up your garden.

Keep browsing our gallery and let yourself be inspired by our wonderful garden decoration ideas.

The privacy screen should not be missing in a garden

You can also decorate it with beautiful plants

Garden with style

Perfect for the summer days

Can it be even nicer?

Plants are the perfect privacy screen

Nice minimalist garden

Children can have a lot of fun here too

Gardens are styled nature

Isn’t that the cutest bird house?

Yes, don’t forget about birds either

Another nice idea for a bird house

Flowers in the morning, drive away grief and worry

You can also copy this plant pot very easily

Step by step

Homemade is well done

So the new house of your plants is ready

This succulent will freshen up your garden

You can also reuse old blinds

A beautiful garden wipes the dust of everyday life from your soul

The concrete ideas for the garden can also look beautiful

Concrete table? Why not?

Decoration ideas garden with cozy pillows

Bohemian Rhapsody in the garden

Simple and elegant

Plants – medicine from nature

Gardening can also have therapeutic effects

The perfect place to relax

Make gardening ideas yourself

The party can begin

Decoration ideas garden – upcycling old ladder

A cozy evening by the fireplace

The hammock is the perfect decoration for the garden and terrace

Party in the garden

The coolest party car

Spring should come sooner

We dream of such a garden

Decoration ideas with stones in the garden

Plants also need privacy screens

pure romance

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

Fairy lights can add a mysterious tone to a garden

In this article we want to give you inspiration for garden decoration ideas that will turn it into a little paradise.



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