▷ 100+ ideas for fascinating wooden decorations – jewelry from nature – Bitcoin Value
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▷ 100+ ideas for fascinating wooden decorations – jewelry from nature

▷ 100+ ideas for fascinating wooden decorations – jewelry from nature



Do you also like the DIY projects? In this article, our team has selected more than 100 ideas for homemade wooden decorations and presented them in a structured way for you. Take a look and you would surely discover something suitable for your own home or for the garden. You can use the wood in so many different ways – for a practical purpose as well as just an artistic ornament! Many people particularly like the rustic and natural look of the wooden material … and why not? It is one of the most wonderful gifts that nature has given us!

A doormat made from small wooden pieces says “Welcome!”

With simple elements made of wood you can create fascinating decorations. This is a unique art that you can create with your own hands at home or in the garden. The shabby pieces of wood serve as stylish home accessories. By reusing old elements as modern and inexpensive DIY decorations made of wood, you can add a fresh, natural touch to your own home.

Herb stand – realize creative ideas with a light hand

Whatever you want – to save money or to personalize the apartment – the ideas presented here give great instructions on how to shape the apartment according to your choice. Our suggestions here vary from cute artistic candle holders to comfortable tables and chairs. There are so many ideas to try out! With the help of branches or boards, you can make clothes hangers, saucers for glasses, wall decorations, book or wine shelves and much more. Take some time to browse through our picture gallery with creative designs. We are sure you will find something that will pique your interest.

Decorate the wall with wooden decorations – beautiful mosaic

Decoration made of wood – 40 ideas in less than 4 minutes

Wooden furnishings and decoration are required in the wine cellar

Decorative wall decorations made of wood – trendy in 2017

Mirror with a wooden frame is suitable for every apartment

Another model for frames made from pieces of wood

Instructions in pictures

Decoration made of wood – 5 ideas

Stool, coffee table or simply a shelf for the freshly picked flowers from the garden

This way the flowers have closer contact with nature

Wooden shelves are not only practical, but also beautiful and bring a natural flair to the apartment

Wine rack – the essence of wine is an art and needs appropriate shelves for storage

All kinds of wooden decorations are part of the modern country house style

Decoration made of wood for the kitchen

Further ideas

Nice wooden vases and bowl of fruit

Unique table made from tree trunks

Unique design for door wreath

Shabby picture frame

Subtle ocean ambience in your living room

Exercise your creativity and artistic talent

Bathroom accessories – ideas for sorting and organizing

Decorative wooden wall complements the furniture to give the apartment a natural look

Wooden wall decoration for the home

Country style

An authentic wall design for the vase

Diversity of creative decoration ideas

A rustic bedroom

Decoration for the apartment or for the garden

Simple but so beautiful decoration

Sea motifs on the wall

Picture frame idea

Collect stones and twigs while on holiday by the sea and make works of art out of them – the children will be really happy!

Decorative lamp

Fascinating execution

A piece of romance

More creative ideas

candle holder

Country house decoration made of wood

Creative design for coat hooks

Wall decoration idea – works of art made of wood

Pot or candlestick

Colorful coasters for glasses

Wooden heart

Wooden clocks

Hanging wall decoration ideas for the apartment

Wine rack with drawers – interesting design

Wooden toys decorate the home

Table decoration with branches and flowers

Use wooden jewelry stands as wall decorations

Cut decorative trees in wood – black wall decoration

Creative bookshelf

Simple design made from old pieces of wood

Simple living design

3D picture made of wood

Wooden lantern – an idea that is suitable for the Saint Martin parades

Practical decoration made of wood – shoe cabinet

Decoration made of wood for Christmas – then the festive atmosphere is created by the jewelry

Decoration for Christmas – environmentally friendly Christmas tree

A sweet surprise

Making decorations from wood yourself is an easy and amusing task that both adults and children like to deal with. Get inspired!




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